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    space and crap also i have had ksp for 2 years i just havent got my forum account until now ._.

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  1. Ok nvm i fixed the helicopter part issue.. but now it wont let me edit the heli rotors! EDIT: Nvm im just stupid
  2. In 1.3 the Most of the parts wont show up! (in SPH Or VAB) HELP ME!
  3. I don't like T.R.P... and you had to add to merge it in the code Unless there's a way to disable it and I'm just stupid. (aren't I always stupid? How do you people not hate me?!?)
  4. Change The sun dynamics back please, or at least make it an option! I don't like the fact that the shadows and sun just Jerk around (Look like they move at 2 fps) In time warp! I Like it the old way, when it was smooth!
  5. which ones are nuclear? because i need to remove those
  6. Btw NKD, a required mod for Blue hawk In. Doesn't Work for 1.3 which, is what Im using... Unless, of course You magically recompiled it.
  7. Does this require any other mods? Does it work with 1.3 too? (Im stupid)
  8. Basically When I time warp, but slowly like x10 or x50 sometimes 100x the shadows or the Sun will suddenly, well I don't know how to describe it, but I'll try: They move at like 2 fps.... I have some mods, but Idk how to take a picture of the list. (Im stupid. ) EDIT: I'm using 1.3 btw all the mods are compatible, I checked myself!
  9. No... It does not work for 1.3, but if it does it might be one of the expansions I got for it which are: NAS, North Kerbin dynamics, CAL, Aviator arsenal. Tell me which one doesn't work if that's the case!
  10. Well I finally downloaded the mod with KIS 1.3 But the props don't show up!
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