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  1. I was doing some stuff at the desert runway and i returned to the space center. was pleasantly surprised to find my self at the runway but upon moving the camera the textures glitched out also the only thing i could highlight to enter was the tracking center. But its overall a great mod
  2. great mod I've been looking for a mod like it for awhile now. just one question could we get a refueling port like the one on the f 15?
  3. @Krakatoa Ok I found the issue I had accidentally installed two copies of the jsi folder one in a copy of the game data folder so that's how I missed it.
  4. whenever I start my game I get a message that the rpm.dll is in the wrong location but I checked and it's in the correct one and because of this the mod doesn't work any suggestions
  5. @blackheart612 nice funny how just after I built the thing there's an update for a part made exactly for it thanks.
  6. Would it be possible to make a cockpit where two Kerbals sit side by side like on the subject 34
  7. thank you for this mod it made my su-37 look beautiful with some help from procedural wings and kerbal foundries the mk2h parts where just what I needed
  8. the mod developer is currently on leave and as far as I'm aware spanner monkey is just maintaining it and fixing issues, also what you want those bombs to do is not supported by bd armory so it would require a lot more work, there cool textures and could probably fit in a futuristic pack but they can't do exactly what you want
  9. good to see you back I needed Russian missiles and bombs for my planes just on question do you plan to add aircraft guns to pew 2like a Russian 30x165 gsh 30.
  10. getting the 404 as well and I have cleared my browser history still nothing
  11. so the gsh 301 is a bit under powered for the gun it is I find that I have to use it like a Vulcan to get a kill in the real world 30X165 guns take one or two shots to kill. also, can we get a radial mounted version of it. I'm making Russian fighters and I don't like using Vulcans and using part clipping and cubic octagonal struts looks bad and it's time-consuming.
  12. thanks that will help
  13. i love this but probe and drogue doesn't work well i had a fighter modification using kas docking ports it didn't go well the port kept flipping out edit yes i just realized kas doesn't add docking ports. but for fighters the clampatron jr is to big. I need smaller docking ports.