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  1. Kinda missed the Space Center because I deorbited too early, it is a completely new design, so I'm still getting used to its flying characteristics. My submission for STS-1a and 1b Stock parts, modded build I swear I only used KER and FMRS
  2. Can airbrakes be used as propellers?

    I think this is a thread worthy of @Azimech's help Basically, the concept of self-contained rotating bodies is to create a joint of some sort around your vessel, which can freely rotate but is still kept contained by something structural around said joint. Really bad explanation, I know.
  3. CPU or GPU bound?

    I play KSP on 2 different PCs, one with an i3-7100, GTX 970, and 8GB of RAM; the other with an i5-6600K (OC), GTX 960, and 32GB of RAM. Is there really any performance difference between getting a better CPU (3.9Ghz vs 4.7Ghz) or a better GPU? Assuming everything is stock.
  4. The Mastery of One

    @Cunjo Carl that looks and flies amazingly! You completed an excellent mission. Once I make a "leaderboard" you'll be on it ^^
  5. When did you "get it" with KSP?

    I suppose for me it was when I hit 200 hours and realized how much I learned from this game. I started without even knowing how to pronounce rendezvous or the physics of orbital mechanics. Now I'm 2100hrs in, and I still have much to learn. Going into orbit, then to a moon, is the easy part. Going interplanetary takes a lot more. I've held it off by specializing in SSTO building once I figured out it was possible, but each of these steps signifies another "got it" moment rather than one giant one.
  6. The Mastery of One

    I saw a challenge like this some time ago, but couldn't find it, so... Simple challenge, simple rules: Your task is to construct a vehicle in Kerbal Space Program that utilizes no more than one of each part. This means engines, fuel tanks, struts, you name it! Only one of each allowed. The goal of this challenge is to see what you can come up with under these restrictions. Will you be able to create a space station? A Comms system? Or maybe you'll visit Jool, or Eve, or (God forbid) Dres? It can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, we won't judge. Let your creativity flow and see what obscure craft you can create! Post it here, and let us see your creation. Pictures and Videos aren't required but very welcome, especially if you wish to claim a feat. 1. No Cheats - The broadest rule here, anything that alters the game unfairly or ruins the spirit of a challenge will be regarded as a cheat. Mods will be allowed, but only if they are visual/don't alter game mechanics. 2. Upload to KerbalX - This is mainly for validity, but also for those wishing to get into this madness as well! 3. No Spaghetti/Abusing Kerbals - While this doesn't have to be manned, please don't abuse the infinite EVA propellant if you do happen to have a Kerbal onboard. 4. Anything else I forgot to mention, edits pending. Those were the basics! Now, if you decide you want a challenge, feel free to make your own or challenge others. Land on Tylo, Visit Eeloo, whatever pleases you. The point is to have fun. Here's my old craft for reference: Proof that a simple design goes a long way (Eeloo & Jool, Woo!) I'll post a updated craft sooner or later ^^
  7. Economy Challenge 1.2 (Reboot)

    RMFS is updated for 1.2 (I think, I use it and it works fine ^^)
  8. Economy Challenge 1.2 (Reboot)

    @Abastro Lol, I put two photos of a different SSTO in that imgur album. It's just 2 Rapier engines.
  9. Economy Challenge 1.2 (Reboot)

    Here's an Ore Transporter I built, it has a cost to orbit of ~160 funds/ton. Here's the horribly out of order album: 7 tons to orbit, cost of fuel = 1115 funds. cost per ton: 159 funds.
  10. Tips for max CPU/GPU utilization?

    None of the cores/threads are over 75% GPU is @100, but it is massively underclocked. Been there, done that. Doesn't really help.
  11. Tips for max CPU/GPU utilization?

    So I was playing and testing some SSTOs today, and I happened to have task manager out beside KSP. I noticed that my CPU wasn't really going past 70%, but it seemed like my framerates were dropping due to lack of processing/graphical power. I'm sorta confused as to why that is happening. In my current config, it should be my CPU bottlenecking and not the GPU, but neither are close to 100% utilization. Should I prioritize KSP in task manager? Will that help? i3-7100 GTX960 8GB DDR4
  12. Consistent Black Screen when loading, pls help

    okay, I'll try malwarebytes first. Thanks for the tip ^^
  13. Consistent Black Screen when loading, pls help

    Should I use a program like bluescreenview or something? I will try running a different gpu and see what happens. So far I have tried a GTX970 and intel integrated, and both have failed one way or another. I will also see if any ram sticks are the issue. I am uncertain software wise, however, so any tips would be appreciated ^^ Okay, I am back with the invalid_work_queue BSOD, it is caused by discache.sys, which is very disturbing. Perhaps the KSP root files are corrupted?
  14. Consistent Black Screen when loading, pls help

    my intel drivers are up to date as of yesterday, and I'm running a memory test at the moment, not sure if those are the issues.
  15. Consistent Black Screen when loading, pls help

    ok, I have removed the graphics card and the game runs fine. I can launch it from steam or through the folder, I can launch rockets again! But wait! 2 minutes into a flight and my computer BSODs, I caught a glimpse of invalid_work_error, but I don't know what that means.