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  1. Gotcha - I was only doing that to lose altitude and speed safely while maintaining roughly the same distance from the KSC. S-turns are overrated! Didn't realize it was still technically a barrel roll while descending as I would've called it a corkscrew (and a poor one at that) but thanks for noticing!
  2. The crewed EEV was done a little out of necessity as I have yet to set up a lunar comsat system on this save, but the EEV and base are both oversized for their rated crew capacity for extra comfort, plus he was well stocked with snacks! If you noticed the mission name the EEV was supposed to launch last with all the crew but since it was the heaviest component with the least mobility I thought it would be prudent to send it to the Mun first The staging broke when I attached it to the shuttle - it was perfectly fine in testing! Darn those engineers that assembled it. If you're referring
  3. @Mathrilord I find that with some practice I can fly a plane as well as with an autopilot once it's trimmed out properly, and with SSTs you kinda have to fly on trim anyway so that's not a big deal. If you were to submit an SST I can review it, no problem. I also have Pilot assistant installed for my giant planes and when the games runs at single digit FPS so I can use that as well, though it's a very rudimentary system and I consider it an add-on to SAS rather than a true autopilot.
  4. So I found out that I'm less stupid than I made myself out to be and I actually made proper quicksaves. If any of the videos feel jarring in the middle that would be why. Same modlist as before, aka all utilities, visual, and with the DLC - this time the only DLC part I used is the very broken and OP Wolfhound engine for that sweet sweet vacuum ISP. Viscount III w/ DLC parts: https://kerbalx.com/NightshineRecorralis/Viscount-III Viscount III-M w/o DLC parts: https://kerbalx.com/NightshineRecorralis/Viscount-III-M Once again I believe all of these qualify as Commander but again i
  5. So perhaps I should rephrase - I originally intended to switch out the nosecone for a heatshield as I discovered this issue in test flights, but went with a nosecone for aEsThEtIcS and it's biting me in the rear now that I've flown all the Mun missions and realized that it probably wouldn't be allowed. Also, if I were to come in any higher I would not be able to aerocapture effectively... and with later payloads pushing the shuttle to its limits in terms of delta-v I think I'm looking at a complete redesign if I were to add more wing or airbrakes...possibly. I just think it's a shame that
  6. Hey @sturmhauke, how strict are you going to be with losing parts on reentry? One of the nosecones on my shuttle keeps overheating and it's frankly the only nosecone that looks good on the Mk.3 cockpit so I'd much rather keep it.
  7. @sturmhauke So I just tried this with this thingy And guess what? Snapped at the same spot. Oh well, I think I'll just have to live with the fact that this fuel pod forced me to become a better pilot
  8. My in the works Mun shuttle is designed with a much higher ground clearance, is smaller, has higher rated gear, and has more wing area - I'll be sure to test the fuel pod in that thing. I think my main issue with the Commodore is that it was designed primarily for large item lifting and not landing - but off camera I figured out that as long as I touch down with less than 1m/s of vertical speed it would survive, like, 90% of the time. In these cases it makes me believe that the problem is due to my design but not in the way you described. I can't quite figure out why, but something about a lar
  9. What I think is happening is that under a lateral load, the joint between the ore tank and the fuel tank just likes to snap - as evidenced since I can pull 15Gs in flight but anything above 2Gs on landing breaks it. Of course someone with a better grasp of the game's mechanics might correct me but that's the most obvious solution.
  10. Well, can't say I was surprised that you're electing to be strict! I reflew these mission and hopefully they should be up to par now STS-1b: Done with the new fuel pod - didn't realize the old one was out of date x_x STS-2b: The fuel pod doesn't seem to like landings... but after a few tries I got it settled XD STS-3: This time put in the proper orbit and with upgraded MMUs! And youtube links apparently are broken for me now... sorry. Oh! And in response to your comment on my station - everything is symmetrical with the
  11. This is probably going to be a mess... but in short I decided to bang out STS 1 thru 8 in one sitting with the same craft (as you are no doubt intended to do XD) so apologies in advance for the trouble! I'm no whiz with video editing and my PC struggled to run KSP while recording so I switched to picture proof starting with STS-5. Hopefully I've documented enough of each flight to get credit for all the badges! Here's the list of mods that I've used in these flights - though I've got more installed I guess you'll just have to take my word that I didn't use any of them. Craft file included
  12. Test Pilot Review: @espartanlast1's Spartan Industries SRJ-10SP/SRJ-15SP Figures as Tested: SRJ-10SP Price: 40,487,000 from factory; 40,478,000 as tested Fuel: 2300 kallons Cruising speed: 280m/s Cruising altitude: 4000m Fuel burn rate: 0.17kal/s Passengers Carried: 0/0/40 Range: 3400+km Figures as Tested: SRJ-15SP Price: 43,871,000 from factory; 43,862,000 as tested Fuel: 2700 kallons Cruising speed: 280m/s Cruising altitude: 4000m Fuel burn rate: 0.21kal/s Passengers Carried: 0/0/60 Range: 330
  13. https://kerbalx.com/NightshineRecorralis/Mini-Relay This was harder than I expected, so I just kept adding boosters until it worked XD Apologies for the abrupt ending and poor audio. Timestamps for various events are in the YT description. I think I pretty much just built a rocket with wings and not really a spaceplane, though
  14. Test Pilot Review: @Bob_Saget54's SAI-480 Gigant Figures as Tested: Price: 750,093,000 configured from the factory; 749,973,000 as tested Fuel: 21,560 kallons Cruising speed: 210m/s Cruising altitude: 5000m Fuel burn rate: 1.135kal/s Passengers Carried: 480/0/0 as tested Range: 3700+km Review Notes: New day, new plane that needs reviewing. This time there was no unveiling ceremony as the plane we were supposed to review was simply to large for any cloth to cover! The SAI-480 Gigant is the largest aircraft we have had the pleasure of
  15. Habu Industries proudly presents: The Saturn SST https://kerbalx.com/NightshineRecorralis/Saturn Marketing Blah Blah Blah: Habu Industries offers the forefront in SST technology: Want a long haul, mid capacity, high speed transport with STOL characteristics? The Saturn seats 48 business class and 64 economy class and will transport passengers that have a need for speed with unparalleled speed and efficiency anywhere across the world. With enough range to circumnavigate Kerbin, any time-sensitive route can be conquered with speed and comfort. The Saturn is the successor to t
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