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  1. @Veronika Kerman You want to use the Anthraquinone Process. That is Kerbalism's built-in Oxidizer production process. But Oxidizer is treated as HTP so it requires Hydrogen and Oxygen, not Ore. The RR boxed compressor and decompressor have processes for (un)freezing gas form resources. Adding a process is easy but I'll have to create a sample config for just one process, and some helpful comments.
  2. @Hira By chance do you still have an empty FerramAerospaceResearch folder? Or do you have a config somewhere (in some other mod) that contains :FOR[FerramAerospaceResearch] ? If either is true then MM thinks that FAR is still installed. It might help to delete GameData/ModuleManager.ConfigCache as sometimes this cache can be poisoned or can fail to update after some mods are added or removed.
  3. @AtomicRocketBooster Moved but not removed. RationalResourcesParts (which contains them) used to contain what is now RationalResourcesCompanion, but now is only the parts and is not vital to RR's functionality. In case you install RR via CKAN, CKAN didn't insist to install it, hence the parts are "missing."
  4. I'd rather you did not, as some tank switch providers that OPT is compatible with, are themselves not compatible with Tweakscale (as far as I know). @planeticegaming Your question is inside the quote. Made me think your post was empty. Ignoring that... the wheels are Restocked.
  5. @Veronika Kerman Hi there. The issue is that RR currently conditionally defines MetalOre and Metal if EL is not present, that means the use of MM operations. Kerbalism watches for resource definitions before MM is loaded --> before the conditional definitions are read (which means that without EL, these resources don't exist yet). Kerbalism has already made up its mind on whether resources exist or not so it complains before it gets to see RR's conditional definitions executed. I've decided to remove these conditions (the :NEEDS) -- RR will define them regardless of whether EL is already present (in which case, EL defines them first if present) and will trade the big issue of resources being undefined for the harmless issue of duplicate definition, which MM will handle. I'm taking this action firstly to resolve edge cases with B9PS, SSPXr and SimpleConstruction, where somehow, these resources are still undefined and B9PS (instead of Kerbalism) gives a fatal error. This action should secondarily resolve the Kerbalism issue. Not everyone who uses EL or SimpleConstruction will have CRP in their install-- they may be very lightly modded. It would be a good idea to provide a Metal to Metals conversion (maybe within Ore tanks). This seems the lower effort thing to do. Its one small drawback would be adding a background process. The better yet potentially troublesome idea would be to produce a modlet that changes EL to use CRP resources, for CRP users, and have RR (and zer0kerbal's mods) bundle or depend on this. I don't mind creating and managing this modlet, but I'm not nerd enough to give the right numbers if I mess with EL's smelter formulas and change resources there. Speaking of which, Global Construction and MKS should have something like this already. But their patch also changes EL to output MaterialKits and possibly SpecializedParts. I don't use those mods so I'm personally not interested in those resources, neither the possible headache of conflicting with MKS' preferences and bothering RoverDude again. @zer0Kerbal would need to get in on this, being the owner of SimpleConstruction (and Keridian Dynamics). For him this means adding a hard dependency on CRP (which many mods have anyway). TL;DR I'm feeling in favor of going the way of having either a Metal to Metals converter in Ore tanks (easy mode). But there's the (not-too-hard mode, comprehensive) option of creating an optional modlet that changes EL to use CRP MetallicOre and Metals, and having mine and zer0kerbal's mods be updated in kind, and dealing with potential support requests. (Example: causing a B9 tank type to no longer exist, as in your PR, will raise some eyebrows.)
  6. @flart CryoTanks became defensive about its LH2 producing modules and RR. RR gets patched out, and RR now tries to not provide LH2 features when CryoTanks is present. Regardless, you should see a converter option named "Hydrolox" if it exists, and RR's own demands Water, not Ore. RR only provides this one option, with DumpExcess = True applied to the Oxidizer output, which means if Oxidizer is full or unavailable, the converter won't stop producing LH2. This removes the need for a separate option for producing only LH2. Stock could have done this with its LFO option, and skipped the redundant LiquidFuel option. @eberkain Thanks for noticing. That's an easy fix. I didn't anticipate duplicate subtype issue happening with Structural type. Open RationalResourcesCompanion/CRP/TankTypes.cfg and do this: // at line 132, replace SUBTYPE { name = Structural title = Structural } // with %SUBTYPE[Structural] { %title = Structural } Let me know if the issue stops.
  7. The nav dishes are basically done. They still need some tuning and troubleshooting. Testing the heatshield capacity. (50m hemisphere projection) Currently, I have no good news about this...only that the shared ablation feature works and that protects the cockpit and nose cone.
  8. B A L L I N ' c: 22nd century kerbal engineers doing what they know not to, for shiggles (earlier screenshot)
  9. @Randazzo Latest Unity editor (well, I have 2019.4.16f1 to be exact) and latest Part Tools works fine (but delete Part Tools' Autolight.cginc file after import...or uncheck this before/during import if possible). The Blender version limit for the .mu importer is 2.7.0. That's all I know, sadly (I don't use Blender for most things...only for unwrap and for importing .mu), but I'm fine.
  10. I've met the GravityWaves issue actually, and I'm not sure how to, if I resolved that (aside from using infinte fuel cheat). Perhaps it's a fault of the resource mode function of the generator module. Perhaps this is how the module responds to Propellium being undefined because you have only this mod installed and it won't have Propellium's resource definition. Install WildBlueTools. Then you will have access to the WBI Buckboards parts (KIS-ish boxes with OmniStorage) which can be set to Propellium (and nearly anything else that you want). Be mindful of their stock inventory ratio slider. You'll have no fuel space if you leave it at the default (all space is inventory). They don't have a set category so you must use the search bar to get to them.
  11. I must confess that my motivation for Sterling Engines has been fading. I've been quite saturated for the last few months in the themes of Colonization; Power Generation; Interstellar/Otherwise grand ship design, so my interest has been moving away. Sorry to all who have been expecting it and who have advised me on it. I may still produce some of the many engines within this plan, but please don't hold your breath...I'm much more likely to produce exotic late-game engines. My interest is now mainly in electrics and base building, and I assure you, you will see equally amazing things coming from this direction as I promised with the Sterling Engines plan. Revisiting Impulse Party, I've finally settled the look for, and begun working on the nav dishes. These are Deus Ex Machina. They are much-needed interstellar class antenna, and a branch evolution to my old mod Thor Tech's "Shieldnir." As thermal control devices, they will produce a generously large spherical (or hemispherical) translucent solid which should greatly add to the life expectancy of Sun-diving ships, but will punish your power supply during transmit, shield charge-up and while under thermal stress. They will not share their ablative power with most parts (whereas Thor Tech patches an ablator module into every part). The odd bulkhead profile is nearly Mk1 size but also a downscaled B9 HX profile (HX0) and influenced by Pathfinder class (Star Trek Online) nav deflector. Its purpose for building Intrepid class (Star Trek Voyager) impulse assemblies. With these and other undersized-HX0 parts to complete the Intrepid class profile I'd like to call Impulse Party fully release ready.
  12. Comma (or & ) is AND, Exclamation point is NOT. Pipe character "|" is OR.
  13. Yes. It contains the patch that changes the stock drills to be able to produce any/all local resources.
  14. I shall burst into this new year with... science parts! These experiment parts don't run on the stock module but on Wild Blue Tools. (Anyone who has used Station Science or WBI MOLE/LDEF parts will understand.) The models won't be fancy, but the intention, experiment functions and the direction I'm going with this will very much make up for it.
  15. KAS+KIS are still a dependency, but ceased to be a hard one since stock inventory and stock EVA Construction happened. KIS works just fine in 1.12.x. Happy New Year to you as well!
  16. It's a fuel switch method. It lets you choose any and many resources to put into a tank at a given time. It even handles stock inventory capacity and KIS capacity, all at once. *Curiosity roves again*
  17. @Ooglak Kerman If you have Wild Blue Tools (and you should), you'll have access to the Buckboards which are KIS type boxes with OmniStorage. If ever you're going to launch something that costs Equipment to reconfigure, be sure to bring some with you in the first place. Pathfinder is a must-have because it has several inflatable parts and the purpose of many of them is to be OmniStorage and attached on-site with KIS+KAS.
  18. Accordingly to @bcink about me, he's finally free to mod again, concerning what finally launched on Christmas Day. :U
  19. Waterfall configs could be made but they will require the FTL plugin to be modified to provide something akin to a throttle and spool behavior or animation timing, which can be used as a controller in Waterfall.
  20. You'll have to change the default orientation of the part, which means you have to take an extra step or 2 to orient it when you place it, but that will help with node-attaching things after. Rotate it so that the face that it attaches with is toward the ceiling, and the normally visible V faces are to the floor. That is, if its orientation is X+, change it to Z+/-. This might be all that you need to do.
  21. I suppose so. But consider the people who play Eve Space Program and Duna Space Program. One of whom made their own mod for air-breathing engines that work where and when the stock airplane engines should but no longer can. (The homeworld will need to count as a hydrocarbon world, though, to make sense lore-wise for this parts mod.) And I have an answer to high-end aircraft propulsion for when you reach the atomic spaceplane phase. So you're not really missing out (not in engine progression anyway) unless you're really dependent on IntakeAir for some reason.
  22. @Stone Blue @Gordon Dry So I... Fixed the TGA format issue. It's all DDS now. Partially fixed the normals problem. I remade the textures but the material seems bugged. The parts will need their material re-done and re-exported. Did Localization. Added stock inventory volumes. Raised costs and EC ratings so that they're not all the same value and not inferior to stock (mainly since the full size panel has more surface area than the stock circular panel). Replaced hard dependency on Firespitter with soft dependency on B9 Part Switch. Added a partupgrade requirement for the black color since black solar cells are a later and better tech than blue cells. (Simply delete the cfg file for this if you don't want to go though that extra hoop to get to that option.) Optionally kept the black cells texture as the default since that's what @therealcrow999 preferred, but also raised the default tech requirement, costs and EC ratings (when B9 Part Switch isn't installed) since black solar cells are a later and better tech than blue cells. However, black cells default (with B9PS at least. Not sure if without also counts, but I expect it to) is somehow causing the normals to mess up worse so I've made this into a separate zip for troubleshooting. Either way, this makes the normals issue more concerning. I'm tempted to assume the color tex is somehow being used for the normals. Addressed other config issues. Most importantly: they were all missing the } from PART{} which can cause serious problems. If anyone is able and willing to redo the material, that'd be great. Here is my rework so far. Otherwise, skip the black default variant and go ahead and publish the blue default variant. Included in the zips are the PSD I used to remake the normal map, spec map, and make the cell colors.
  23. The implied intake there may have no business with combustion (those inlets have no distance ahead of the core that they can lead into the core and be useful for combustion), or the intake value may be too low to be useful by itself. If anything, the intake feature there is concerned with either exhaust compression (which helps with thrust) or passive cooling.
  24. It's not standard practice for me to make FAR configs. From a quick glance at FAR's GitHub, I must assume that my Mk2 parts still have their stock lift surface module, and this is the source of your problems. If that is the case, save this config and let me know if it makes a difference: @PART[kare_eng_ntj_mk2|kare_int_ram_mk2|kare_int_shock_mk2]:NEEDS[FerramAerospaceResearch] { @minimum_drag = 0 @maximum_drag = 0 @angularDrag = 0 !MODULE[ModuleLiftingSurface] {} }
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