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  1. How does an experiment replace a greenhouse function? For your amusement, How I envision the IVAs: Greenhouse: Rather than 2 floors and their stepped, concentric platters, this one has just one floor and has a two "curtains" of growing area flowing down the wall. From the ladder, halfway to the window (either clockwise or anti-) would be the "curtains." The remaining wall area would have some lamps angled down to encourage the plants to grow upward (per vertical layout, toward the ship's nose, not per horizontal layout as in an aircraft). Example: Algae farm, Bioreactor: This would continue to have platters (sealed with glass covers so they can't spill out in microgravity) like in the large size parts, but several short ones mounted to the walls, and not a few large concentric ones dividied by and supported by/bolted down to 2 floors.
  2. It doesn't. I would remember for sure if there was one. I originally didn't want to go below 2.5m but you and @linuxgurugamer gave enough reason. I will not do any smaller as they (well, greenhouses specifically) would make no sense under Kerbalism. Here's my draft for this size.
  3. That's easy enough. Probably everything from the GameData folder in the download. RationalResources (the core folder. For resource placement) RationalResourcesCompanion (this is essential to ISRU part mod integration) RationalResourcesKerbalism RationalResourcesKerbalismRF (Kerbalism + RealFuels) RationalResourcesParts (you should only need this for the boxed heater and freezer converters for when some resources change between gas form and liquid form)
  4. If you did this already then be sure to delete GameData/ModuleManager.ConfigCache so KSP can properly regenerate it and properly read from it. Sometimes it fails to update when you change mods.
  5. I have a config on GitHub which takes care of Angel-125's mods. It's not too well play-tested but it worked out as far as I tested. The first part, "Castillo," is setup as a university and a theater. The Buffalo Long Passenger Cab, DSEV Tranquility Mk2 Habitat, and Airships Passenger Gondola are just theaters. The first two don't include the recruitment module (which was intentional at the time but might be bad). This is due to the Airship parts being very large which make them suitable for having the "space" for recruitment, I guess. The DSEV centrifuges are setup as just universities. All given parts have at least the housing module unless there's an exception (see below). My criteria for choosing and classifying parts are basically: Unless there's a good cause for exception the part must always be a basic cabin. Other parts like command, crewed greenhouse, science lab, workshop don't make sense. The housing module allows the part to be used for hanky panky and the delivery room. I made an exception: I used the Airships science lab as a university since it's a very large part and Angel's mods mostly aren't about long-term habitation (but mostly are about traveling in style). Note that it lacks the housing module for obvious reasons. If the part has lots of crew capacity it's considerable for use as a theater and recruitment center, or a university. If it's cramped or otherwise just gets a passing grade as a hab (like the Mk3 airplane cabin + some imagination) then make it a theater. If it gets a high grade as a hab (spacious like a dome, or is a centrifuge) then make it a university and maybe also a theater.
  6. You should have GameData/OPT/ not GameData/Somethingelse/OPT/ and not GameData/Somethingelse/<has OPT files in it>. Part configs tend to expect the models to be in a fixed location, so a folder rename or bad folder location can easily break a mod. User error can always happen somewhere, or maybe CKAN happened to downloaded OPT incorrectly. Refresh your CKAN and try again. (You can use CKAN to install it. Go to Settings -> Compatible game versions -> tick the checkboxes as far back as 1.8. It's pretty safe to go that far. )
  7. @tilliepops I don't expect such a mod to still be functional after all that's changed where Kopernicus is concerned, but I wish you well.
  8. Powering through with making Sterling engines (doing work in large chunks), or cleaning up (and learning as I go) the textures after getting them in game, I gave myself another burnout. Except for Waterfall configs, I'm finally pretty close to being finished making the engines so my attention is turning towards parts in other categories, especially the radiator (or less specifically, the thermal bulk) suite. These [drafts] are inline heat sinks (left) and thermal batteries (right). 2.5m and 1.25m shown. 3.75m and possibly 5m will happen. Heat sinks These are basically radiators but they're poor at actually radiating, but they purposely hold far more heat without melting and are a buffer to the radiators. They will serve very nicely as a visually and functionally fitting mount for that nuclear rocket that you really like, except when it wants to melt off the nearest girder or tank during a long burn. Thermal Batteries These are the same as the heat sinks but are not meant to radiate at all, and will convert waste heat from an engine into usable ThermalPower resource, useful for conversion to ElectricCharge or to feed into thermal nozzle engines.
  9. This may be the exact mod (it's on CKAN). The second mod is discussed and compared in its thread. A closely related mod. Not on CKAN. You might like it:
  10. @planeticegaming Sea Quest got shoved far down as I'm still quite scatter-brained about the parts and there's too much scope creep with mandatory "shared parts" that I want to accompany it. Rover stuff is cancelled since wheel modules are fussy and I'm still missing vital knowledge which might just be mindblowing or is complicated and even black magic.
  11. The 2.5m greenhouse is equal in performance to the Kerbalism one. (I didn't account for differences in size/volume of the parts.) After that the throughputs are scaled by the value of the refPower key that you'll find in the part configs. The 3.75m greenhouse has 2.25x values. That key exists because 2 more parts and their different sizes will come.
  12. Ah. Well that's a bit of a stretch, but the more you know... Still, you'll be satisfied with what's in the spoiler.
  13. Release 1.2 Added USI life support. Added Kerbalism support. Hey @HebaruSan! Support for Snacks, USI LS and Kerbalism need to be added to the netkan. The zip for this now also contains GameData/MoldaviteMachinesKerbalism/ which requires Moldavite Machines & Kerbalism and needs its own netkan. Thanks very much.
  14. Actually I believe this color is used by the stock resource scanner planetary overlay. Note that the Ore config has color = 1,0,1 which is purple, which is the color of the Ore overlay.
  15. @tilliepops Habitability can be quite subjective. How generous you can rate a planet depends on how you approach it and with what mods (what tech level your in-game agency is at) and how sensitive you are to the lore of a planet (when its description says it's full of poisonous or explosive gas, or it's a lava world etc). Habitability is far more than just "Can I take helmets off and use the stock jets here?" (This is basically how it goes @linuxgurugamer so you know.) It also consists of: Atmosphere pressure; Atmosphere toxicity; Surface gravity; Ambient temperature. Your tech level affects your tolerance for these. Since you're willing to use mods to make planets habitable I'd like to presume you can be convinced to use nuclear jet engines if you like planes, and the superior cryogenic or atomic rockets for rocketry on the whole. You'll far more easily find good mods for these than a mod for modifying planets.
  16. If Starship is built such that you can do that, go ahead. But afaik, Starship is not built like that. Also, Mars colonization plans usually go: Send your habitation first; Have drones set it up; Have it produce fuel while you wait for the next Mars-bound transfer window; Send your crewed ship when that window comes; Land the ship by the base; Withdraw from the fuel cache immediately.
  17. It's pretty straightforward. You're going to send some kind of habitation to Duna first, and send your Starship to land beside it, right? Use a bioreactor from this mod in your habitation design.
  18. Actual angry flare stars? That would be legit. On the subject of cosmic radiation based dangers, that would potentially make whole regions of star systems possibly unplayable... but you could look at it from the angle of how you could (try to) engineer around it, survive or make a noble sacrifice, get special science and even bragging rights. KSP1 sorely lacks in celestial hazard dynamics. I hope KSP2 doesn't.
  19. What I believe @Master39 means is that these suggestions have far greater impact on gameplay than the suggester thinks. They don't see beyond the first point that gets them interested. Random solar flares bricking your ship goes under Part Failure. What more does a proper Part Failure gameplay dynamic consist of? At least these: Planning your launches further ahead and budgeting time to testing and improving reliability. A progression dynamic concerning said integration. Launching the same craft several times and expecting them to fail. Designing your craft with redundant parts to resist being crippled or bricked when a failure event happens. Packing a repair resource or replacement parts and minding their taxation of your dV. The risk of losing kerbals on the affected ship due to systems failure (in BARIS, you can have engines randomly explode or the throttle jams. Your kerbals could get stranded or uncontrollably flown into the ground or the Kuiper Belt). Finally, there has to be some kind of clear reward to work your way up to after all of the previous points, and it probably shouldn't be perfect/infinite.
  20. If it was once, it always will be. There would never be a valid case to drop compatibility with a tech tree.
  21. Release 1.1 Added Snacks support. Made Ore the default resource input; Made CO2 and Water input into optional patch or default when TAC LS is installed. Reduced part masses. They were excessive. Yes.
  22. @theJesuit Part mass fix is in. They're now 2.15 tons and 7.2 tons. I've also made sure that input resources default to Ore (to help folks to do Math for their LS which runs on Ore anyway, or just not be forced by using CO2 and H2O in such cases as: USI LS and your Simplex mods have no business with these). CO2 and H2O will still kick in when TAC is installed or someone installs the Extras/ config for it.
  23. @theJesuit Actually how I envision the IVA is that you're basically encircled by racks of platters of the growing machines and the planets in there, and there's really only room in the center for 1 kerbal, a ladder or stairwell, and for the kerbal to put down their basket of tools or fresh picks. We can also possibly say there are robotic arms in the ceiling that can pick from any hard to reach places. (So maybe these should unlock later or cost more to unlock/launch than they already do). I chose the cupola IVA at random. I wanted to use the black void IVA but couldn't be bothered to dig through my Github for parts that use it (so I spell/remember its name value correctly). The inline hatches do work. You can leave and board through them (if left exposed) but I don't like the idea of side hatches. The airlock internal space would take a good chunk out of usable volume. I know they should be lighter but I erroneously thought it would weigh a lot more because of the machinery inside (and I forgot the Mk2 crew cabin, which I often use for scale, weighs only 2 tons, not 4). I'll fix that. I'm not bothering to check vs SSPXr parts anytime soon. But I will when I get around to the next two parts.
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