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  1. You're supposed to only have the option of mining it, and sometime ago (with the Flying Saucers mod) you could deposit mined Graviolium into a treasury under the KSC (like Nertea's Antimatter plugin provides) but that is long gone. In case you ever need to cheat (such as to troubleshoot something) Graviolium tanks have an actual cheat button on them to allow you to pre-fill them. There is some compatibility with Nertea's mods. Graviolium is added to FFT's harvester parts and to Space Dust exosphere bands. And WBI fustion reactors stop requiring FusionPellets and start requiring LqdDeuterium (used by FFT). There's no conflict.
  2. DaMichel's cargo bays provides 2.5m (and 3.75m) circular cargo bays. I rather like them but their texture is really dated. There are several mods that add fuel switching to stock tanks but none I can think of that add IntakeAtm as no mod uses IntakeAtm like OPT does.........Well, you can try Interstellar Fuel Switch or Configurable Containers and find out.
  3. @Savitar I get the impression that your ship is short on gravitic displacement generators. These are very different from fusion reactors. These consume Graviolium and produce GravityWaves which is what the warp drive runs on. If GravityWaves production is insufficient to get the ship going then the warp drive considers itself powerless and won't even try. These generators come standalone and as a component of "Warp sustainers" and warp cores/ warp engines themselves. Feel free to add some and maybe a few warp coil/nacelle pieces.
  4. It's completely ok to put such questions here. Answers: I seem to have this recurring trend of re-tuning the engines, then releasing an update, then finding the tuning sucked or was somehow undone or messed up. So I'm in the proces of re-tuning engines again! I have some serious recurring PEBKAC going on. MARGE and SAGE run on IntakeAtm. If you see IntakeAir then you don't have CRP installed. If you do have CRP you'll see the intakeAtm option on nearly all OPT tanks. Their open cycle mode is inefficient, loosely like a plasma engine, and with low demand on EC, good for high thrust and running indefinitely in atmosphere. The closed cycle is highly efficient and much more like an ion engine, requiring little air but a lot more EC. The EC requirements of engines might change again due to this next tuning round. I'm glad you're enjoying!
  5. @SciMan Heh. You're welcome. It's rather surprising when a mod comes out and players only learn at that point how much they needed it. About Rational Resources, I just looked and found that the options patch for the RCS is broken. You should already have access to the various RR-like fuel options so that will be fixed. About the "round" NTRs, am I to assume you mean these? About feature requests: I can provide larger thrust options but my advisor on these things told me that 100kN is far too high. Realistically the inner workings of such powerful thrusters can't be done without breaking physics or equipping an ungodly large heat conversion system for the thrusters. Sorry, the "diamond" RCS indeed has a pitch angle of 15deg for its nozzles except the outward one. I really wanted to avoid that happening. I designed my thrusters with (to some degree) this kind of request in mind, though it wouldn't be optimal, texture-wise to actually do it. I've always wondered why people are interested in the T-shape (...and Y-shape) 3-nozzle layout . I think I have a good idea...but do enlighten me to why you are interested. As I mentioned earlier, you should have the various RR-alike fuel options available but there's an error in the mod detection patch for this. You should have access to Hydrogen, Methane, Water, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide. I've created 3-way nozzle options. You're satisfied with this, right?
  6. Hi there. I just updated the Aquaculture to produce Minerals. I was quite on the fence about it since the SETI Greenhouse mod had nothing going with aquaculture and that Minerals comes very easy in the presence of a few other mods.
  7. I took a shot at deriving from a flying wing in Star Citizen, and making it a capable Blueshift warp ship. It doesn't intend to be a perfect replica, however it maximizes "blended wing body" and is 2.5m thick and just over 30m long at the root. The lack of elevons and the open wing holes are very major problems in the eyes of anyone who knows and cares about proper aviation, but deep space MMORPG don't give one fat sewer rat about those.
  8. I had KSP open for ...nearly 21 hours! I spent the better part of that time designing a flashy base that modularly builds out through EL, and designing the several modules, bootstrap landers, ...and getting acquainted with Keridian Dynamics and Angel-125's SandCastle and EVA Repairs (lightweight part failure). Random moment during testing and learning the NFE interface on JNSQ Vall.
  9. You're asking for MM documentation regarding +PART and @PART. Since I created OPT Reconfig, OPT's MFT configs were phased out. There is instead revised/improved support for RealFuels and for Allista's Configurable Containers.
  10. Kerbal Atomics covers fission fuel/ thermal rocket progression (excluding what falls under FFT of course) which can stretch across contemporary and near future™ time frames. Not everyone who installs Nertea's mods is to be expected to have FFT be their end-game engine pack. Maybe Kerbal Atomics is at the end of tech progression for some, just as warp drives and not FFT can be at the end of progression for others, and BDB can be the beginning and the end for some players who only play historical. Your play style determines your progression path, then the real questions are: Does this mod fit on that path? Where along that path? Everyone who wants to have a lot of technology (and therefore, mod parts/ parts mods) to go through in a progression game has to ask the same question. It's up to you, with respect to your play style, to find out. There could very easily be a use case where an end-game engine will be too costly, too overpowered, or in some other way miserable for one mission or another. Example: Pulsed engines: You can't do fine course corrections with those, right? So you need to have a lesser engine of some sort and your choice could be one of the very best from Kerbal Atomics. Or You may want to launch a new ship with FFT vacuum engines from the surface of a planet with atmosphere. The lifter could have Kerbal Atomics LANTR for its main engines. Make parts.
  11. @grisby_2133 You were using System Heat on 1.3.1? Yeah you're voiding your warranty especially hard. That mod doesn't go that far back.
  12. They're for USI LS but probably are in USI WOLF (new, separate USI mod).
  13. If you open GameData/OPT_Reconfig/Resources/DarkDriveOption_01.cfg you should see this line at the very top which prevents the B9 module existing that has the System Heat problem: @PART[engine_darkDrive]:HAS[#FeatureBiasA[0]]:NEEDS[B9PartSwitch,!SystemHeatConverters] If you indeed have this then I must assume that you install mod updates by dragging the new folder in and not deleting the old folder, which means you may have obsolete config files which should no longer exist. There is the source of your problem. If that is not the case, and something very foreign really is going on then save this anywhere in GameData: @PART[engine_darkDrive]:AFTER[SystemHeatConverters] { @MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch] { @SUBTYPE,* { @MODULE { @IDENTIFIER[ModuleResourceConverter] { @name = ModuleSystemHeatConverter } } } } } As for this, you should see your option at the end of the selection for any OPT wings that have fuel switching. If it does not appear then the patch is running before the B9 module exists, so do this: // change this @PART:HAS[#manufacturer[OPT*Division],@MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch],#TankTag[OPT*]]:NEEDS[B9PartSwitch,KarbonitePlus] // to this @PART:HAS[#manufacturer[OPT*Division],@MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch],#TankTag[OPT*]]:NEEDS[B9PartSwitch,KarbonitePlus]:AFTER[OPT_Reconfig]
  14. Your installed OPT Reconfig must be older than v3.3 (released in April) because that conflict is gone.
  15. True. They might have been assumed to require that module. You don't exactly hear of Microsoft exces using Apple products or vice versa so I haven't exactly been out there trying out my rival's mod (yes, you @Gordon Fecyk ) and helping him make his mod better. If he asks for advice I'll give as far as I know, though.
  16. You use that for the case where a part needs a separate visible animation for revealing or concealing the harvest or convert module(s). On the stock drills, ModuleAnimationGroup provides for the stock drills' deploy/retract while any active harvest module links to the drill bits spinning and dirt particles rising.
  17. That's a known bug with launchsites placed increasingly far from Kerbin. Someone forked KK and fixed it but that fix hasn't yet made it to the official release(s) of KK.
  18. On the subject of OPT and RealFuels compatibility: The RO Cryoengines patch will be updated to detect RealFuels and not just RealismOverhaul. Some engines will also get to choose between Hydrolox and Methalox. Currently only the aerospikes are in mind. The ARI engines too, possibly. If any air-breathing engines qualify, let me know.
  19. And that is because OPT Reconfig is a very small download containing only configs and which affects the two OPT parts packs. It's easier and more sensible to post updates to Reconfig without the weight of the parts packs.
  20. Something is broken but not OPT. The fact that there is only one PAW button (and that button is from a mod, is not stock) on the tank makes that clear. Experience tells me to suspect funky patches in KSPIE whenever it's installed and bad things happen. OPT has supported RealFuels as long as OPT Reconfig has existed.
  21. BOOM! A shockwave rocks your starbase. See above post. My attention is turning toward atomic jets now. I will provide just 3 engines and their associated intakes, and this will be a true sample run for Sterling Engines.
  22. I think it's about time I let Impulse Party into the wild. Now that I've gotten the S3 rocket to behave and the Mk0 nacelles are basically done. DOWNLOAD V 0.4 Hard requirement on B9PS for impulse engines' plume switching! Textures are still largely WIP and some parts are yet to come but all systems are go. Impulse Rockets will behave like antigravity drives only when Kerbal Flying Saucers is installed. Warp nacelles and 1.25m warp core should only appear when Blueshift is installed. Mk2 capacitors are readily available in part selection in the editors (for now) regardless of whether NFE or KSPIE are present. Complete module configs included for them and may need inspection by KSPIE users. This mod's warp coils will require mantenance and Repair Kits just like the Blueshift bundled ones. Includes extras: A harvester patch which unties their animations from needing to have their harvester module running. A hard mode balancing config for the impulse rockets (Makes them feel like Nertea tuned them... They no longer work in atmosphere). Default engine behavior may be subject to change a lot and this patch may become irrelevant. B9-powered upgrade system for warp cores and warp coils. (PAW options don't update their stats in real-time. Save and reload your craft after choosing options.) Most things upgraded to Intermediate quality in-game. Default stats in the Snip window. Don't upgrade your warp core and not your warp coils. For reasons I don't quite grasp yet, you will see a performance loss. Remaining parts to make are the radial impulse drive and a scoop for it (for tiny shuttles), and shield emitter parts (3).
  23. I got comfortable with procedural wings. The main wings on each plane are 4 wing pieces and 3 elevons each. This airliner's vertical wing is also procedural. Saving them as subassemblies works so I can drag and drop them onto new planes with ease. The vertical wings on this one are not procedural and were later replaced by procedural ones like them. The replacements perform far better and were used as the main wings of a short Mk2 hypersonic test plane.
  24. If you have the time to wait on an answer (and the time to play KSP while you wait) you should test for yourself. Consider this golden advice. That said, I don't think there's ever a time where B9PS breaks.
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