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  1. I... don't understand. What's stopping you from building unKerbaled rovers even in stock?
  2. Hmm... curious. I'll have to try the usual things to see if it goes away. Thanks for testing it! edit: ohoho, 8 files failed to validate and will be reacquired... hope that was it edit 2: no it wasn't, servos still broken -- only one of the pair works ... ugh, debugging is my day job, not up to dealing with this right now
  3. I'm trying to build a VTOL with servos that rotate the engine nacelles. It's not working like it used to. Either setting the rotation angle does nothing or it rotates only one of the pair. Anyone else seeing this problem? They worked fine in 1.7.3, this is a new phenomenon in 1.8.1.
  4. My main issue with them is that they really make me want a better way to script them than the KAL. Even so I love them.
  5. Yup, that's entirely correct. You'll be drifting slightly off target because both you an the target aren't actually stationary, both of you are in ever so slightly different orbits. So your target retrograde burns are, in fact, equalising them. In case you aren't already doing it, note that docking is tons easier if you periodically skip to the other ship to line up its docking port with yours. Select "Control from here" on the docking port on both craft and line up the target markers on each of them, and they will magically click every time.
  6. That's a lot of drag. Are you sure the parts in your stacks are snapped to the attach node rather than inadvertently surface attached? If you surface attach the aero model will see every part's flat front. I'm asking because I see a lot of drag vectors there, and if your stack was built as a stack, I'd expect to see far fewer of them. -- In this situation I would rebuild the craft from scratch, making sure each part in the stack snaps to the attach node. Use the alt key to make sure of this.
  7. 1.8 borked my KALs too. I have craft that use them to set prop blades and at least on one of them it now sets authority limiter rather than deploy limit, i.e. it now does nothing.
  8. Ask and ye shall receive. Stationary, so you can see that all the rotors are contra-rotating: In flight: I built the plane normally, then removed one of the engine assemblies, switched off symmetry, and placed one at each wing separately. Then I switched the blade variants to the mirror image on one of the pods, changed the motor rotation direction, and inverted the deploy direction.
  9. Can confirm. Only solution I've discovered is to switch off symmetry when assembling the craft, and place each engine assembly individually. Works fine that way but it's fiddly to build.
  10. Seconded. I would also very much like a reason to explore oceans -- biomes, surface features, rich ore concentrations, something!
  11. Since you asked, I prefer the big heads.
  12. Don't use the torque limiter to control hover, use blade pitch. You may need to use the RPM limiter to prevent Bad Things from happening in Eve's lower atmosphere. I haven't attempted an Eve SSTO but did build a theoretically reusable Eve launcher.
  13. Oof, bleeping bugs and churn. I decided to check if a favourite of mine, the Kerbules, would work on Laythe. I discovered that 1.8 broke it. The KAL controller now sets the authority limiter on the prop blades, when it's supposed to set the deployment angle. I.e. it now does nothing. Not up to reprogramming it ATM.
  14. Surveyed Laythe. The plane transfers to and from polar orbit were much more expensive than I thought -- probably should've bounced off Tylo -- so I ended up having to do a refueling mission to Vall afterwards. But got it done. I still don't have my launch profile from Vall sorted, I went low again and had to take some manoeuvring losses. Still made it to the station with 150 m/s to spare.