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  1. I think the main hurdle preventing modders from doing it in KSP1 is the physics bubble. Once you switched focus away from the base, it would be Missing, Presumed Crashed. Maybe modders an weigh in on this but I've understood that this isn't a limitation that would be easy to remove, e.g. by just freezing the base in place when defocused or when it drifts outside the physics bubble, instead of having it start falling and then getting removed.
  2. Not a fan of sci-fi, I take it?
  3. Fusion. Plenty of fuel floating around.
  4. I don’t think a stock OPM – however well executed – would have been enough to differentiate KSP2 in the market, especially given the huge variety of mods. It needs a sufficiently spectacular hook. If not interstellar then what?
  5. Denmark just closed its borders. Nobody gets in or out without a good reason.
  6. Dumb boss. Bet he micromanages too. Does he have a spreadsheet with people, tasks, and time slots? It is true that telecommuting needs practice, both individually and for the company, and I have a sneaky suspicion that not everybody is temperamentally well suited for it. On the other hand, many people are temperamentally well suited for it, especially introvert programmer types who get easily immersed in what they're doing; a typical open-plan office is utter murder on their productivity.
  7. Had an info session from my workplace today. Everybody must work from home for the next 14 days unless it's absolutely necessary to come to the office, which requires special approval. Everybody already has a laptop but keyboards and monitors may also be taken home if necessary. Also all scheduled company events have been deferred until further notice, if they cannot be held online. I'm already telecommuting so no change for me, but still, good job, workplace.
  8. Needless to say I'm flattered. I built this craft because I needed it, and used it in a career game for a quite a few operations with a fairly wide variety of payloads. I came up with the design because I got fed up tweaking balance, packaging, and aerodynamics on HTOL SSTOs with underslung payloads. This one goes up like a rocket and has drag at the back so it's quite straightforward to fly out, and it's always the same on the return trip so once I got that figured out, it was pretty simple to bring back too. I don't find it particularly hard to fly, the main issue is that it is big and fragile and somewhat draggy when empty, which means you need a light touch when bringing it down.
  9. Went to buy my groceries. Chatted a bit with the cashier. She said yesterday was completely nuts with the hoarding, but we agreed that we'll figure this out. The practical outcome for me was that I had to buy pears instead of bananas and shallots instead of onions, because they were out. "Shortage" is a highly relative concept.
  10. Pressure and temperature would not be a problem. You'd want to use a hot-air balloon because the atmosphere is 90% hydrogen. The volume, temperature, and mass determine the altitude at which it floats. You could easily make one that floats at 1 atm pressure, with whatever temperature is at that altitude. According to this graph (from Wikimedia), the temperature in Jupiter's atmosphere at 100 kPa (~1 atm) is about 180 K. That's on the chilly side, so if you prefer a more congenial 300 K, you'll have to go down where the pressure is about 1 MPa (10 atm), or equivalent to diving to 100 m depth on Earth. I have no idea what the atmospheric conditions are there otherwise, for example is there too much wind turbulence for balloons to survive. Even so I think it'd be very cool and even if the science had to be bent a bit I would like to have them in KSP2.
  11. We're talking about KSP2 here. I have no doubt whatsoever that if they want to make balloon bases feasible, they can do it. I have no doubt it would be hard to mod them into KSP1, what with the physics bubble, auto-cleanup of craft that are in the atmosphere and so on.
  12. Depends on the company culture. It's totally possible to cooperate extremely closely while telecommuting. I do it all the time, in fact I'm in a different country than most of my colleagues. It does need a company culture where everybody knows how it works, as well as infrastructure to support it. The good news is that collaborative software development infrastructure already has a lot of it built in, and a lot of it is generally available. We use the Atlassian tool set (Bitbucket, Confluence, Jira, Bamboo), Slack for IM, and Google Docs and Hangouts for general stuff.
  13. Link? I would love floating Jool outposts and am sad if somebody's discovered it's a bad idea. Why not?
  14. They are, but presumably you would only need them in exceptional circumstances. (Can't think when, TBH.)