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  1. It would require some coding for sure but it's not all that complicated, certainly simpler than stuff like brachistochrone trajectory planning and three-body physics for Rask/Rusk, which are already on the roadmap. For example you could give them a simple autopilot and have them warp forward on that path without simulating physics. As simple as "plant a marker on the map, have them fly to that at current altitude and speed, keeping track of consumables if used" would get the job done most of the time.
  2. I would love aerostats of all descriptions. Would be a terrific idea for an expansion for KSP1, even...
  3. Yeah this is one of the decisions I just don’t understand. Stock aero is just weird, and gets incomprehensibly weird if you try to do certain somewhat complex things, like shielding things from the airflow using anything other than a fairing or a cargo bay. I found FAR much more intuitive in every way — it’s just about as easy to do easy things (pointy, nose-heavy rockets, simple aeroplanes), and while harder things like hypersonic aircraft are still hard, they’re hard in a logical way. I think the difficulty with a more realistic aero model is that it doesn’t mesh all that well with the
  4. Ouais j'imagine que ça doit être le(s) mod(s). Ils sont des fois un peu pénibles. Quand je jouais avec des installations très "modées" je faisais toujours une copie de sauvegarde avant la mise à jour, pour le jeu de base comme pour les mods. Si ça ne marchait plus pour une raison ou autre, je pouvais faire une roll-back. Malheureusement il fallait souvent attendre assez longtemps que les mods se synchronisent avec le jeu de base et d'autres mods, mais il n'y a pas grand chose qu'on peut faire avec ça. (En en fait c'est pour cette raison que je n'emploie plus que des mods cosmétiques ou ge
  5. Bonjour, Autant que je sache KSP n'a jamais complètement enlevé une pièce officielle. Elles sont seulement cachées, c'est à dire en principe les vaisseaux devraient continuer à être opérables. Ça arrive des fois avec des mods; là alors il faut toujours faire attention au compatibilité, avec le jeu de base et les autres mods. CKAN aide beaucoup avec ça. Avez-vous une exemple plus spécifique? Quelle pièce(s), de quel mod, mise a jour de quelle version à quelle version? Avez-vous vérifié les fichiers du jeu? Si c'est une installation Steam cela se fait par l'interface là-bas; sin
  6. A former colleague used to work for Roskosmos, testing spaceship parts. The first time a rocket exploded on her she was extremely upset. An older colleague reassured her, “Don’t be sad, it is in the nature of rockets to explode sometimes.”
  7. Yep, exactly. Maintaining something for any platform demands resources, and Linux bugs are neglected because there are so few Linux players compared to Windows or probably even Mac players. It would be very cool if cross-platform compatibility really worked perfectly but there it is, it doesn't. (The Mac version BTW performs much worse than the Windows version. I used to have an iMac running BootCamp, and the performance difference between the two versions running on the same hardware was... stark.)
  8. I hope there will be Linux support and I think the odds are better than for almost any other game out there. I'm fairly certain that Linux is a fairly small fraction of the player base, even for KSP, and that maintaining a Linux version of the game costs more than the profits they bring in directly (and no, it's not as simple as "push button to compile Linux binary" even on Unity, as the significant number of unaddressed Linux-specific bugs shows). However, KSP is a little bit special in that it owes its longevity to mods – and many of the most important, most motivated, and most knowled
  9. The thing with Easter eggs is that devs add them just for fun when they have a bit of slack for whatever reason. If they're designed in to please the fans they aren't Easter eggs anymore, they're just fanservice. So if the devs have enough slack to add some Easter eggs they feel are funny I'm all for it. But I think asking for them or speculating about them goes against the whole notion, so I'm also all for not having them if they don't feel like it. It's not like devs have lots of opportunities to hang loose and relax a bit to start with. Putting pressure on them in the one area whe
  10. Water would make perfect sense as an update/DLC for KSP1 too!
  11. A rover test track would be rad but I also don't think they'd need a whole new building. I'm quite keen to see all the improvements to construction that they're doing, the little things we've seen so far are tantalising...
  12. I've putzed around with SimpleRockets 2 a bit and while I have tremendous respect for what they're attempting, the faceless astronauts just don't do it for me. It's irrational, but then playing games is irrational, so there it is. So I would most likely quickly lose interest in KSP if it didn't have kerbals, or some functional equivalent -- even if I've happily flown pretty long probes-only careers. Every game needs a focus, a point, something to seize the imagination, a hook to hang thoughts on. In KSP, kerbals are it. Kerbals are also really successful at it -- if you replaced them with
  13. Roll your own, that's what the Sepratron is for. A Sepratron variant without the mounts would be nice though...
  14. Truth told most likely you're right and there won't be landscaping either. From where I'm standing it's squarely in the "nice to have" category, and it might be tricky depending on how they're implementing surfaces. And even if it's technically feasible it would need a whole set of technologies, UIs, and other features that would be pretty labour-intensive to implement. So most likely it's a no-go and we'll just get platforms instead. Even so, landscaping if properly implemented could be a very nice tool in the box for working your way around the terrain -- and AFAIK they haven't explicit
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