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  1. Brikoleur

    What did you do in KSP today?

    These Soviet parts make everything look better. Here's my first recoverable booster. Somehow it manages to look like it was designed by Tupolev. On the way up... ...and down... No landing gear so it has to ditch. My first attempt wasn't 100% successful, some bits came off when I hit the water, but I did get all the expensive stuff back so I'm still counting it a win.
  2. Brikoleur

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Thanks! This Pea variant has a bit over 2000 m/s on it. I had about 450 left when I hit Duna orbit, and my retro burn had brought it just a hair below 2000. So there was plenty left to RV with the fuel tank. Trickiest bit was docking with it as the lander has no RCS and the fuel tank had no control; luckily it's rather nimble so just spinning it around and tooting with the jet to get it into position was pretty easy. If you go with the Onion (only one crew) it has much more legs on it, over 3000 I think; it would no doubt work well for biome-hopping on the Mun.
  3. Brikoleur

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Greetings Kerbonauts, the Brikoleur is back. I started a new career after a bit of a hiatus. I don't know how far I'm going to take this but at least for now I'm having fun again. The new Soviet-inspired parts are fun. They make things a lot easier too, so much so that if I was new to this I'd probably miss the design challenges needed to work around the limitations of the base parts. For example, the Pomegranate pod is a built-in rescue ship: before, it was a significant engineering challenge to make a ship that does that at that tech level. I also took Valentina and Haddas the engineer to Duna. A round trip vessel was much easier with the new parts. I took my Onion-based Mun lander, upgraded it to a Pea, and added a Docking Port Jr and a couple of radial chutes to the top, with a matching docking port on my hauler module which is really just a couple of tanks and an engine (no control at all). With the 'chutes, Duna landing was virtually free; Haddas repacked the 'chutes for reuse when returning to Kerbin, and I RV'ed with the fuel tank left in orbit to refuel for the trip home. It's a fully self-contained mission with no need for recovery, refueling, or other support launches. These Soviet-style parts also look very cool. Here's a shot of my young pioneers on the Red Planet. And here's the vessel a bit earlier, upon arrival in Duna orbit, before the lander separated. Finally, a glamour shot of the lander about to land. Terminal velocity on Duna was about 14 m/s so it only needed a puff of retro for a soft landing.
  4. Brikoleur

    A real Tail Fin

    It shouldn't do that. Pictures? (Building rudders and tailplanes out of wing segments and elevons is standard procedure though.)
  5. Brikoleur

    What’s the point of rovers?

    Depends on where you go. I collected five biomes on a 20 km drive from Eve's highlands to the sea.
  6. Brikoleur

    What’s the point of rovers?

    I'll just leave this here.
  7. They always do that. I believe it's to stop planes from accidentally materialising partly underground which would be worse. If it explodes when you drop it, your landing gear isn't strong enough to support it. It would never be able to roll down the runway in a straight line even if it did survive the drop. I.e. make a smaller plane, or wait until you can get at least the basic retractable landing gear. The first-tier landing gear is weak and finicky and it will only work on very light planes.
  8. Brikoleur

    Why isn't delta-v exposed in Stock (yet)?

    (sorry, mispost)
  9. Brikoleur

    Brainlord’s Petition to Change the EULA

    EULAs aren't worth the paper they're not printed on. Ping me if they actually do add spyware, microtransactions, or DRM, or start hassling modders for no good reason. Until then, yawn.
  10. Normally right-clicking somewhere else closes them, but there's a bug that sometimes leaves windows dangling. Switching to the map view and back ought to clear it. If that's not helping, there's probably something wrong with your installation. Uninstall any mods you may have installed and verify your local game files with Steam.
  11. Brikoleur

    Why isn't delta-v exposed in Stock (yet)?

    I wonder why they went with such odd units? Wouldn't it have been simpler to list any of them in kg? (Or if they want to get really weird, some entirely different units. Anyone up for a hogshead of Ox?)
  12. Brikoleur

    Why isn't delta-v exposed in Stock (yet)?

    check check check check check Exactly. I can unequivocally and without hesitation state that my early KSP experience would have been much better had there been a dV indicator in the game. I'm constitutionally suspicious of mods, especially ones that change gameplay, and it took me much too long to discover the wonderland that is modded KSP. I'm quite sure there are many more like me out there. Of these features, the only one that I still feel is genuinely indispensable is dV display. It's definitely tons easier to plan suicide burns with KER, but it's not that hard to eyeball reasonably efficient landings if you have reasonable TWR. It's not that hard to get to Duna or Eve by eyeballing the phase angle. It's not hard -- although tedious! -- to manage multiple missions by warping manually and keeping an eye on the time-to-manoeuvre display in the tracking station. It's not that hard to find ships even if there are a lot of them (although it too gets tedious). But srsly SQUAD, dV. Not having it may have made a kind of sense when KSP was just about getting to the Mun. But with everything from Moho to Eeloo on the menu, the game needs it.
  13. Brikoleur

    Why isn't delta-v exposed in Stock (yet)?

    Maybe a little less simple, but still not that complicated. With an engine mix of different ISPs you need to know the propellant flow rate for each engine and calculate a weighted average ISP, then use that. With boosters that have a separate fuel supply the math is a bit more complicated as you have to account for the change in mass of the main craft they're boosting. If the craft is at rest, you'd assume that everything is firing at full throttle; if it's flying, you plug in the fuel flow at the current setting. If you want to account for the effect of atmosphere, you need to adjust the ISP on the fly. All this does make the math a bit more complex, but there's no unreliability or ambiguity about it.
  14. Brikoleur

    Why isn't delta-v exposed in Stock (yet)?

    The dV readout is not unreliable at all. It's a simple equation. All you need to know is engine ISP, payload mass, and propellant mass. This is much more straightforward than, say, patched conics, and the game has indicators for those. Any "unreliability" you might get comes from staging and fuel feed settings, and they're perfectly straightforward too: start a fuel feed, and the propellant in the tank you're feeding from gets switched from payload mass to propellant mass; lock a tank and it goes the other way.
  15. Brikoleur

    Why isn't delta-v exposed in Stock (yet)?

    Hear hear. Nobody cares how many kilograms of fuel / oxidant they have left. They care about how many m/s they have left. It's a simple equation. Not having the information displayed in stock instead of or in addition to the regular fuel gauges is just boneheaded, especially as dV is happily used everywhere else.