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  1. @Atlas Gaming I forgot to change the real plume compatibility config. You can fix it by opening >Hephaistos\Compatibility\Real Plume\RealPlume.cfg< then copy everything in the spoiler and overwrite the whole document. @OrbitalManeuvers 1. I don't plan to officially put it in this mod, but you can add it in yourself. Just put the little code snippet inside >Hephaistos\Parts\Structural\vulcanBiAdaptor.cfg< Put this underneath line 16 (after node_stack_bottom02) node_stack_bottom03 = 0.0, -1.30208, 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0, 2 It's currently configured to sit at the bottom of the engine mount, if you want an offset you need to change the -1.30208 to something more negative. 2. I don't use Engine Ignitor, but you could make one yourself or ask the developer of that mod to make it compatible.
  2. There has never been an attachment point for a MLP, so I'm not sure why this is an issue. Could it be that you have another mod installed for MLP's that adds compatibility for this mod?
  3. Version 1.1 There are multiple new textures for the main tank, install them from the extra's folder (Thanks to @Drakenex) Fixed some bugs The parafoil behaves like a parachute now (The ballute is missing, because it created an off centre force. I hope this will be fixed for the next update)
  4. In that case I'm not sure what's wrong and I probably can't fix that. Do you know though that the ACES/Centaur V engine mount has a built in probe core, so you don't necessarily need an extra probe core. That looks great! That thing must be capable of some Eeloo missions. That would be great, thanks for your effort. Just tell me when it's finished so I can put it in the main post.
  5. I might add a guide later on, but for now we also included craft files which can give you an impression on how to assemble the rocket. And like most KSP mods this mod is made like with customisation in mind, so no configuration is wrong. (Would love to see a three core Vulcan from someone ) The flight profile for the Vulcan is just like any other rocket, the nice thing about S.M.A.R.T. reuse is that they don't need to keep fuel in the booster after stage separation, the engines will re-enter into the atmosphere and will then be picked up by a helicopter. Since that last step is a little hard to do in KSP, you can just land it in the ocean. Using different fuels in the tanks is in the works! Most mods don't have a hard dependency, just make sure to back-up before you try though. This mod will probably work on 1.8, but there's no way to know for sure if you don't try it out yourself. I haven't seen this problem before, can you send me a list with all the mods you have installed? Maybe there's a mod that's interfering with this mod. And a clean install of KSP also never hurts.
  6. It turns out that it was already on CKAN, one of the dependencies is for KSP 1.9 only though. It works fine, but that means that you also need to enable KSP 1.9 in CKAN.
  7. A few days ago I released a new mod and checked the 'add to CKAN' box while uploading it to SpaceDock, however, I still can't see the mod in the CKAN library. While looking at the NetKAN Status page I saw that there's an error for my mod: $vref absent, version file present I never added a mod to CKAN, so I'm not sure what to do, someone help me with this? The mod: ULA Vulcan / Hephaistos Spacedock Forum
  8. The Vulcan flag is a bit hard to get it to look nice with the rest of the rocket, but it might be added in the next update for people that like to fly with that paint job.
  9. Hi, can this thread be closed? I created an updated mod so this thread is no longer necessary.
  10. Not sure if there's still some people that follow this thread, but for those who do: I created a new mod with the Vulcan that looks much better and has more features. I'll ask to close this thread, as this mod will not be updated anymore.
  11. Hephaistos V1.1 Hephaistos adds the ULA Vulcan rocket to KSP This mod is a stand-alone expansion to Bluedog Design Bureau, so this mod can be used without BDB ALBUM CONFIGURATIONS Features: S.M.A.R.T. Reuse Centaur V ACES Included in the Download: .craft files of all Vulcan configurations Simple Adjustable Fairings (Blowfish) Community Resource Pack (Roverdude) B9 Part Switch (Blowfish) Recommended mods: Realplume (Zorg) Bluedog Design Bureau (Cobaltwolf) Downloads: SpaceDock Curse CKAN (Some dependencies are only for KSP 1.9, here is a tutorial on how to make the mod visible) Here is a guide by @Friznit for more information on Vulcan Thanks: @CobaltWolf For BDB and his patience of learning me how to texture @Drakenex For the two additional textures and all the config and balancing work This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  12. Nice to hear that someone likes it. New Shepherd is currently not planned for the near future because I'm revamping my Vulcan mod to make it more stockalike. I might eventually make it but I'm not sure.
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