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  1. Nice to hear that someone likes it. New Shepherd is currently not planned for the near future because I'm revamping my Vulcan mod to make it more stockalike. I might eventually make it but I'm not sure.
  2. Can you be a bit more specific? So which ksp version are you using and what other mods do you use.
  3. @RoverDude I have a question about the parafoil since you have probably made that one. Is it possible to make a parafoil that is able to steer? So just with a config.
  4. @ReventonHawx @mrtagnan Thanks guys for tracing it back! @mrtagnan is your problem solved if you update TRR to the newest version (0.5.4) like ReventonHawx said?
  5. I thought it was gone I haven't found the problem as of now so you'll have to do it with some simple solutions. The problem probably has to do something with mod conflict because it works for me. But first a question: do you have B9partswitch installed? If not you'll have to install it. When it is installed you have a few solutions: First of all delete B9partswitch (do not do this when other mods require this mod) Secondly if the first solution is not working delete the second texture so not the flag but the orange texture. If that's not working delete the b9textureswitch module inside the config, that'll definitely help. Just one question: can you give me your mod list? Than I can look for the problem and hopefully solve it for once and for all.
  6. Nice to hear that you like it. To jump straight in I did want to make a 3 stage NewGlenn but there weren't that many details about the third stage (which engine mostly). And they stopped developing the fairing I believe because they thought that there was a bigger market for large satellites. So I don't know if I'll make a 2.5m fairing for the NewGlenn, and I'm not sure about the third stage, maybe with some additional information and time.
  7. So unfortunately the electron in this mod isn't 1.2m in diameter, and some people may want to put a probe on the mun because that's a real payload for the electron. That's why the electron in this mod is made to be able to put a small probe on the mun. And I don't know why you only want to be able to put the "Not-Rockomax Micronode" into orbit which weighs 150kg.
  8. Update V1.3 B9PartSwitch is included in the download, this should fix the tank switching
  9. That one is on the list!, I heard of the concept but didn't see any pictures. I'll first revamp my existing parts and than work on my list
  10. @Tukan_ ^^ ... Btw: you can always make them yourself if you really want them.
  11. Thanks! No promises on a Long March(currently making some stockalike textures), but I would like to make one
  12. Oh I'm sorry, I only mean that TRR is not supported anymore, because it was overriding Textures unlimited, and TU is much nicer than TRR. So it doesn't do anything with TRR. (Changed it to supported)
  13. Thanks. I will not make a BFR, the BFR in Tundra Exploration is almost finished and that one is looking good.
  14. Update V0.5 Electron added TextureReplacerReplaced not supported anymore TexturesUnlimited support (Included)
  15. I'm making the Electron rocket from Rocket Lab now, the engines are almost finished: @gmiddlemass I will have a look into that, it looks complex