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  1. Will this new DLC include new Xbox/PS4 achievements? Will consoles get the improved planet textures and Moar Boosters at some point?
  2. Awesome! I am really looking forward to more console content!
  3. I am going to go a little off topic here, but I need to say something that I hope will help you. KSP is a very CPU bound game. The first generation Xbox One (the big square brick) uses the AMD Jaguar cpu running at a very low 1.75ghz base clock speed. If you build or assemble a large part count spacecraft, the framerate will suffer to the point where the game will pop back to dashboard when you enter physics range. What I suggest, if you can afford it, is to buy yourself a Xbox One X (or Ps4 Pro). Your experience with KSP:EE will be vastly improved using the better console hardware. KSP on the One-X is very stable, and allows far bigger spacecraft and much faster load times. I have a 300+ parts Minmus surface base that lags the Xbox One X, but the game still works. The exact same game loaded on my old Xbox One crashes to dashboard almost everytime. PC players running 600 parts spacecraft are using very high end cpu's (maybe overclocked) with multiple video cards. I would love to get my hands on that type of hardware, but my credit card limit says otherwise. Back on topic, I will be buying the new KSP:EE dlc on first day of release! I hope the new dlc adds more achievements, and I am really looking forward to using all the very cool new parts and new Kerbal spacesuits! A big shout out, and thanks to Squad for giving those of us on console this new update.
  4. Thanks Badie! Please forward best regards to the team who placed console screenshots and achievement updates in the weekly update thread. The effort is being noticed.
  5. Welcome to the forums jon! To place a manuver node, you need to first be in map mode, then depress the left gamepad stick to enable/disable the mouse cursor. When you see the mouse cursor, place it over the spacecraft's orbit and hit the A button. A choice dialogue box should come up that allows you to warp ahead or place a manuver node. The interface a little glitchy, and it takes some practice to get used to. The key point to remember is how to enable/disable the mouse cursor. (this function works anywhere in the game) I hope this helps, if you have any more questions feel free to ask.
  6. @Red Iron Crown - The current Xbox One version is The version at release on the Xbox One was Looking at Scott Manley's PS4 youtube videos, I assume the PS4 is currently at (Videos are a little fuzzy) Hope this helps.
  7. @chimpbone - I'm able to trigger the "rollback" game save issue at will now. I believe it's the SAS within the 1.1.0 codebase causing the trouble. The autosave isn't supposed to work when the ship is under acceleration. Depending on parts used, and when using a non pilot in career mode I can cause a hardware reset crash on Xbox One. This is just a guess on my part, but I believe the save system tries to save at an illegal moment causing the troubles players are having. It's possible to cause a rollback on sandbox games too, but it's very much random. Until the console version upgrades to 1.2.0, I don't believe it's possible to fix the problems we see now.
  8. @Goitah - My old gamesave vanished much the same way as what erikinthebakery described. I didn't lose anything important, as I was only messing around with sandbox games. The updated gamesave system has worked great for myself so far. I hit the gamesave limit, which popped up a dialogue box asking me to delete saves to make space. Worked perfectly with no corruption. Thanks for your hard work and effort getting this fixed for us!
  9. @Homedawgian I've noticed your cool Jool system screenshots on the xbox gamehub. Amazing flights! I'm in the planning phase for Jool system mission. Hopefully I don't strand any more Kerbals. LOL!
  10. I had this same problem (Xbox One) when I first started landing on the Mun. The best work around I found was to build the base of the lander as wide as possible, and use the heaviest landing gear. I also try to land my ships in such a way that a ridge or bowl shape on the surface blocks the ship from sliding any further. Going to 4x timewarp and wiggling the roll controls also helps when trying to find a spot where the ship stops sliding. Hope this helps!
  11. Hi Rocketeer. I play KSP on the Xbox One console. I have no experience with the PC version of the game. What's enjoyable about KSP on console? That's a tough question to answer. Playing KSP is like reading a good book. The game plays out on the screen, but takes it's true form within the imagination of the person playing the game. When I made my first complete Kerbin orbit, I stopped and just sat back in awe looking over the surface of the planet below. Then much to my shock and dismay, I noticed my batteries were running down and I had to make a de-orbit burn ASAP. From calm to panic in a heartbeat! One of the most enjoyable moments I've had while playing console KSP, is of course my first landing and takeoff from the Mun. The mixture of planning, apprehension, relief and ultimate triumph is something anyone who has looked up to the Moon at night needs to do for themselves. It's one of those epic gaming moments that my words just can't do proper justice. Unfortunately, it was during my Mun landings where the game save issues first hit me hard. Just as I got a taste of victory, the unfinished state of the game stole my breath away. So frustrating, and also so totally helpless. The console version does not include a debug mode, and we cannot edit our save files at all. On a game console, loss of a save is a total loss of the game. Enough of that, you did ask for positive feedback after all. The controls on XB1 KSP are difficult at first, but quite good once you get some practice at it. Don't listen to anyone who hasn't actually played the console version of the game when it comes to how well the game works gamepad only. In no way did this control method harm my experience playing KSP. There are of course, some improvements that need to made in the future for console KSP. There is a shocking lack of custom user control settings, such as invert Y axis. The Xbox One version does not take any advantage of the expensive but excellent "Elite Wireless Controller" made by Microsoft. The paddle buttons on the EWC just duplicate the normal controller buttons. I wish Squad/FlyingTiger would allow custom player settings for these paddles, such as "switch to target" when trying to dock ships. Another controller option that the XB1 KSP version does not fully support is the Microsoft ChatPad. The Chatpad is a inexpensive controller add on that clips neatly to the XB1 game controller. It is a micro backlit QWERTY keyboard. Any negative thoughts on the console control method could be easily put to rest if this was fully supported. Overall, I am very impressed with Kerbal Space Program as a console game. It still needs development however. The "stock" game which the console version is, requires planet surface activity expansion. Also, there is no readout for orbit information or delta V requirements such as what PC players get when they run MechJeb or KerbalEngineer mods. And then of course, there's the little issue of a console release that was no where near retail ready. I remain hopeful the upcoming Xbox One patch will solve many of the outstanding issues the game now suffers from. Version 1.2 on the PC sounds amazing, good things are coming to Kerbal Space Program. Well, that's enough from me. I hope this is the type of information you were looking for Rocketeer. (below are two KSP screenshot links taken on my Xbox One and stored on One Drive. Not sure if it will work or not.) https://1drv.ms/i/s!AouxxBbZdgMJgSCwgRy_1E2U-itC https://1drv.ms/i/s!AouxxBbZdgMJdKDYhh8rGqyLk8Y
  12. If you start a new Science or Career game, you'll see under the difficulty button the option to allow stock vessels. (Xbox One Version) Sandbox does not have this option. I hope this helps!
  13. p1t1o : The game as it is now on Ps4/Xb1 is frankly unplayable. It's possible to muck around in sandbox provided you don't save any ship designs. But that's about it. Never mind the hardware reset crashes, glitched achievements or UI problems. Like being chained to corpse in the desert, all we console costomers can do is hope that help is coming. KSP is a great game, don't get me wrong. It should never have been placed on PSN/XBLIVE in it's current state, and should be suspended from further sale until at least basic functions are made to work. I don't think that's an unreasonable request.
  14. Thanks for the update Nestor. Please continue to keep the community updated. I've been playing KSP on the XB1 since July 15th, and holding out hope that a fix is in the works.