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  1. Hi Matchlight, You have mentioned something about snow on Kerbin and Laythe. Maybe I am asking stupidly, but is there any way to have snow falling from the sky? It would look so amazing.
  2. Well, I tried overwriting new clouds from the older AVP but with the same framerate, so i guess the problem is somewhere else. Yes, I have pretty old laptop, but in older versions of KSP (like 0.90 etc.) it never dropped bellow 15fps... So, backing back to the newer clouds, the prettier clouds... (Also sorry for my english if you find something wierd, it's not my main language... )
  3. Can I let's say change clouds to different resolution somehow, like in older of astronomer's visual pack? Becouse on my "gaming" laptop it's very laggy... It's completly excrements for today standards...