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  1. because then it could be added to a very long list of things to be ignored in the next revision sorry, if Squad want paying customers to act as bug testers they should stick some sort of reporting thing within the game itself, I'm playing on a console, and generally accessing here on a phone, I did look at the bug forum, and then gave up, given it seems to require registration and so on. whats the point of having a forum like this if no one is going to check it for problem reports? why not use the same log in system that is used here?
  2. Curious to know why, having not bought the expansion I'm still offered in game contracts to test the parts I don't have access to
  3. didn't have many, wasn't expecting this update, and it being a console you get zero choice to delay installing it
  4. TBH have tried manual and fiddling with the sliders (a PITA on a console) or Automatic, didn't seem to make a lot of difference and usually anything that was going to flip has done so before you can adjust it. would be better if the default was "behaive exactly as before", then the ability to tweak when that wasn't enough as is stuff that was built, flown and landed pre-update now bounces merrily to destruction
  5. on console here, so very little control over version numbers etc, since the last update small craft have got very bouncy, had a rover that essentially never stoped bouncing until it flipped and exploded, several small landers have landed then wobbled for a while, swapping back to them (mun, minmus, ike, duna so far) causes them to bounce into the air, usually flipping over
  6. four flights over the last few days, the first an attempt at a manned Duna landing, well its there, on its side after bouncing on landing, all alive awaiting the rescue flight. it did however end up with nearly dry tanks landing so not sending a repeat. back to basics.. single crew pod to Duna orbit and back, got back with 3 units of fuel left, but that was orbit to orbit, next flight I got the alignments better and used aero braking on the return, result, a whole FL-200 unused. third flight dropped most of the science and put a single crew lander, no docking gear, pure EVA transfer, veeeerrry crude, but got it to Ike and the Kerbal back to Kerbin. small steps
  7. IIRC called "Bobcat" usually stuff you don't have when its in a contract becomes available until the contract is closed to let you complete it, this one popped up, was curious so selected it but no sign of the engine required so guess it will have to be left to time out. seems a curious omission with the contract thingy not checking parts are installed, makes me wonder if they actually _are_ installed and the DLC makes them visible (would explain the contract system looking for installed engines, finding one and presenting it)
  8. Had a contract pop up to test an engine at the launch pad, seems to be a part in the DLC pack as it’s not present in the game I have, even in sandbox mode. anyone else had this?
  9. had similar, guessing its to do with the new part skins having changed some internal identified, the contract is looking for the old part
  10. personally I don't get why not just support a flipping mouse, have the controller as well but allow a mouse to move the cursor at all times if one is connected
  11. may be the aero of various parts, its nothing unflyable, just different, indeed from a game perspective better as it makes blunt end first something that needs more controlling
  12. has the atmospheric model changed? used to launching pretty un-aerodynamic rockets before the fairings are available and while not that efficient they work, except now the same designs flip over a lot more easily
  13. today noticed a new one, first time its happened so hopefully not too serious. at KSC, noticed I had half a dozen messages so clicked to open them, window came up, but couldn't get the control buttons at the bottom to appear, and couldn't close the window or interact with anything else. could left & right button through the messages but not dismiss them. Also is it just me or does this now lag like a laggy thing? 70-80 part rocket and the clock is yellow which it didn't used to be and looks like the frame rate has seriously dropped
  14. downloaded it last night, installed and fired up. not spent much time with it as yet or gotten far enough to find the previous bugs however one point of note so far, the controls feel more responsive, guessing this may be the change to Unity not being as CPU heavy, regardless if its that or just general code optimisation the game feels better. the lag when you send a craft to the launch pad before the physics engine kicks in seem sot have essentially gone as well which is nice.
  15. the few I've done tend to things that grow, I have a rough idea what the station is for but the 'core' tends to be a common module, the mk1 passenger cabin as a 'neck', a bit of mk1 structural stuff with a docking port on the end, and four radial ones. then the cone shaped adapter to the hitchhicker module, with another port behind it. the neck will have the little storage module with a probe core and some batteries inside it, and usually a reaction wheel. for deployable solar panels on the hitchhcker and done. thats the core, usually ends up with the launch stage still stuck to the back as a fuel tank and engine since there is usually fuel left in it. front ports end up as whatever else is needed. core gets an antenna and usually a thermometer for the "science around" contracts. "lab module" will be the science lab, plus more solar panels and a lot more batteries. used to go with a "tug" to position the secondary modules, but these days I just give them a probe core and RCS rig, tends to provide a bit of RCS fuel storage on the station. they look ugly, but functional