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  1. a game shouldn't be collecting anything to violate personal privacy, it shouldn't need to know enough to do that in order to run, I highly doubt this install of KSP knows for example my real name, because I've never told it that information. its also worth noting my original point was an observation, thats what I was doing on that day, watching mechjeb crash things even I could get to orbit, indeed I only use it to automate things I know works - its currently acting up, so I'm not using it as much. to dat no Kerbals have been lost, due to the craft having suitable abort
  2. Or, I could just play the game, if people want logging and bug reporting from normal game players its easy build the logging and reporting into the damned game. I have no idea where the log files would be, how to extract the appropriate bits etc either - nor do I fancy creating yet another log in for an online bug reporting tool for the main game - just add it, the ability to open a menu and say "report bug", screen shot with maybe a very basic tool for annotations, a box to enter some text and away you go. you want bug reports, make reporting them easy
  3. today I haz been mostly.. watching Mechjeb fail to reach orbit, several times, in a craft even I can get to orbit, not had a problem in 1.10 so suspect is just one of them things. also watched mechjeb tell me I was orbiting Eve when orbiting Kerbin and refuse to plot a transfer node, then when it did plot one it utterly failed to execute it properly (as in Pe ended up near the orbit of Moho failed) after that I thought "meah" and put the same craft into Eve orbit myself manually, it lacks the fuel to get back but thats a muck up on my part
  4. I tend to use basic, but overengineered launchers, I like elegant ones, I end up with clumsy ones
  5. restarted with 1.11 a few weeks back not that long after it came out, have to say I'm liking it for giving something to actually do when you get somewhere, and once you have a cluster of ground bits, a reason to go back and add more since they actually do stuff - and do stuff a probe cannot yet do. note tried the on orbit assembly stuff as yet, but can see it being useful to upgrade older craft at a lower cost than sending a whole new module
  6. pondering, inhtegrate the bug tracker into the game - won't catch crashes (though a watchdog crash reporter could), but will make saving instant game state, mods, versions etc easier - with a screen grabber and maybe simple highlighting tool?
  7. visited Dres a few times, its the furthest out I have taken a Kerbal and returned them safely, its not exactly exciting but then most of the places you can go to are a bit the same - go, tick the same SCIENCE! boxes, return game needs more randomisation of whats actually at various places, and a few more reasons to actually go to some of them, rare resources or something thats actually useful
  8. i like the idea of resupply missions, but also that you, the player, are at the cutting edge - get to the point where you have flown that refuelling tug a few times and then able to "automate" it and forget about it, the game not doing things you can't for you, but allowing you to automate the bits you have done. I like mechjeb in career mode, by the time you have it you can do what it does reasonably, its then just helping - something similar where say when you have plotted a few transfers to other worlds yourself you get to automate them, but only about as efficiently as you did yoursel
  9. only once have I had a Kerbal "get out and push", first Duna lander than managed to land upright enough to take off, that is to say on its side but pointing up a hill, it was just sub orbital with tanks and RCS tanks dry.. Kerbal got it to a few metres above the atmosphere so they could await rescue. that being the rescue mission for the previous lander that fell over harder after landing at less than 1m/s and bouncing skywards in a truely silly way
  10. hopefully an actual purpose for space stations would be nice, more modules for them to have, more contracts related to them - even if a lot of it is "add a module containing the following parts" stuff
  11. had watched a few on line demos so had a reasonable idea what to at least try, in career mode so thankfully limited range of catastrophes to try out flea, three fins, single crew capsule, parachute, staging correct, no science stuff on the first flight - this on the XBox flew, splashed down safely, now my standard career mode "first flight", the "Mk1. Lawn Dart"
  12. I'd like it, but switchable as a difficulty setting - plus then options for re-supply missions
  13. point is you make it an option, by default "off", becomes something maybe under the difficulty levels, and perhaps applied differently to planets further out - further from Kerbin and you know less without going there, maybe have an observatory you can upgrade to find a bit more, and allow for some science experiments that don't provide 'science!' they provide information - e.g. observe a planet for a while and find the upper edge of its atmosphere and density information I do incidentally love the idea of a planet based on the "Venus" from something like the early Sci-Fi novels, obscuring
  14. option in settings to "Randomise system parameters", and a slider for the amount from 0 to maybe +/-15% - changing planetary gravity, atmospheric density, upper limit of atmosphere, orbital radius, maybe science return and similar point - you now need to go somewhere to explore, not just use what you remembered/looked up last time, and its optional. parameter changes occur when you initiate the save, and don't vary further
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