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  1. bought this when it first came out, how 'patient' do I need to be to get a copy of it that, you know, works?
  2. updates would be less of a problem if the last one hadn't caused as many bugs as it solved, heck even just a bug fix with no new features would be nice. if I could get a refund here I would, this is currently a game that has a lot of potential, but is ruined by the apparent lack of testing to leave trivial bugs in the game, and since its a console you have no choice to hold off on updating for a bit either
  3. Leopard

    Tutorials broken

    The fact you can find other ways of getting to Mun doesn't exactly absolve Squad & Co from actually having a game that works, surely _someone_ tested this, presumably they found the problems, marked them as "not critical" or whatever then shipped it anyway
  4. Leopard

    The most angry youve gotten in KSP

    I bought the console version... /thread
  5. Had this game since the first Xbox release who knows, maybe someday if will effing work, though frankly I doubt it at this point given the number of issues that occur fast enough you wonder if anyone tried to play it when testing if I had the option of a refund I’d take it, this could be one of the best games going... if it worked
  6. I suspect its less a case of this and more how many are invited to the wake at the moment
  7. It’s probably being worked on by “top men”
  8. Specifically does KSP even have a future on consoles? Seems the PC version is running into the distance, from a higher starting point, while the console version appears to have been phoned in on a day the QC guys were on holiday. is this under active development? or is it essentially "finished" as far as T2 are concerned, a few bug fixes if you are lucky and thats your lot?
  9. If a company is expecting high quality bug reports from the public they are barking up the wrong rocket. Software testing is a skill, not a common one either, compiling high quality reports is part of this
  10. Leopard

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Following the safe return of Duna-5, it was noted the contract hadn't completed as the crew came home in another vessel. Duna-6 was launched to learn and correct this, the lander lost a bit of mass, the orbital transfers were to be better optimised, and for safety the on orbit tank from the crashed Duna-4 could be robbed to excess fuel, all systems go. obtained Duna orbit with more fuel than the previous mission remaining following a better transfer as planned, lander de-orbit burn was successful... you can see the "but" coming can't you? lander bounced slightly on touchdown, its intact, by with a 90 degree rotational offset from the desired position... This leaves two stranded Kerbals now (Duna-4 & Duna-6) needing a more elaborate rescue. Duna-7 is planned, same craft slightly stripped as this one is going to Ike for some contracts, hoping to free funds to upgrade the launch pad to level 3 (will take a few more missions) then the second phase of Duna exploration can begin, Duna-8 will be a repeat of Duna-6 as the last of the first generation missions as the land & return contract has too many funds to give up on, plus the experience will feed into the second generation of craft we have a Duna orbital station mission - this is planned to end around Ike as Ike-Highport to act as an on orbit fuel station. Learning a lot, much of it what not to do, but small steps and all that, the two of them are alive and will be rescued.
  11. Leopard

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Not posted in a while, still don't have eggbox gold for taking screen shots. anyway, contract for a Duna flyby kicked off the Duna exploration programme in this save Duna-1: flyby mission, large antenna to act as a relay, managed flyby on first flight - as hoped this provided the "orbit" mission so the same craft then braked to orbit. Mission: Success Duna-2: science return mission.. a new one for me, never brought anything back from Duna so interesting. Went with a nuclear bus and a small probe on top able to returning to Kerbins surface. stuck the whole lot on my usual mun-lifter, got to Duna, entered a stable but high orbit, SCIENCE!, then came home.. it worked, space dV as well. Mission: Success Duna-3: "enter the atmosphere" mission, went with a small probe, and gave the same bus used before a larger second relay satellite. reached Duna, entered a sub orbital profile from far out, idea was to release the atmosphere probe, aimed to skin the upper atmosphere (only) do SCIENCE, then using its onboard engine stables into some for of orbit to beam the science back. the decoupler force put the little probe onto a surface collision orbit, which I didn't notice until too late. Mission: Partial Success (the relay sat is in orbit) Duna-4a: "science from the surface", "flag on Duna" and a science recovery mission combined, this was to be a manned land & return. the previous bus vehicle was considered capable, a light lander based on my early mun-landers was added. For $reasons the lander launchers eyeballs out - first launch failed to make orbit, the pilot and capsule survived (poor launch profile) Duna-4b, second attempt, made orbit then the controls went banananannnanans with a constant end over end leading to structural failure (suspect a trim problem but couldn't reset it), pilot survived reentry Duna-4c, third attempt, successful flight to Duna, landers engine destroyed upon landing, Bill is sitting next to it on Duna awaiting eventual rescue. Duna-5: second mission to cover the science return elements, lander adjusted to put greater ground clearance in, safe launch, transit and landing. Ascent successful (this is the bit I was worried about), had minimal fuel in orbit but brought the bus closer, docked and came home - poor return profile used too much fuel so nearly got to high Kerbin orbit, but failed - recovery mission launched to bring the luckless Kerbal home, pick up in solar orbit (first time for that as well), landed safely back at home... net result was burning a lot of cash to upgrade the tracking station to level three ahead of when I wanted to, but got there - think Duna-6 will be changed slightly (dropping the landing heatshield to be a lot thinner mostly) and trying to time the return better which should provide the dV to get home. but for the first time ever I've had a Kerbal walk on Duna and get home to live to tell the tail
  12. Went with "cursor" mode specifically because of this sort of not terribly well thought through issue
  13. Leopard

    Aircraft to rubble, dust to dust

    nice to see the team responsible for the "extensive" console testing have been retained
  14. Leopard

    Part Action Window not opening

    Thats hard a "fix", more of a work around to a bug in the games controls
  15. Leopard

    Part Action Window not opening

    have had this a few times, typically you can click any button you wish on the appropriate part and the game ignores it. seems generally to be fixed by going back to KSC and back (which you cannot do in a plane in flight of course), sometimes going to the map and back can sort it