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  1. point is you make it an option, by default "off", becomes something maybe under the difficulty levels, and perhaps applied differently to planets further out - further from Kerbin and you know less without going there, maybe have an observatory you can upgrade to find a bit more, and allow for some science experiments that don't provide 'science!' they provide information - e.g. observe a planet for a while and find the upper edge of its atmosphere and density information I do incidentally love the idea of a planet based on the "Venus" from something like the early Sci-Fi novels, obscuring cloud cover (good target for a radar sat scanner!), mix of oceans, dense jungle terrain thats dangerous to land in and similar, a world thats a challenge less because its actively trying to kill you and more because there are not that many good/safe landing spots, but could perhaps benefit water craft and aircraft
  2. option in settings to "Randomise system parameters", and a slider for the amount from 0 to maybe +/-15% - changing planetary gravity, atmospheric density, upper limit of atmosphere, orbital radius, maybe science return and similar point - you now need to go somewhere to explore, not just use what you remembered/looked up last time, and its optional. parameter changes occur when you initiate the save, and don't vary further
  3. Kerbal Alarm Clock - why this isn't stock is beyond me MechJeb - for times when I have done something a dozen times already Docking Port Alignment Indicator - not entirely sure why but its nice Chatterer - just because no parts mods as yet
  4. got the Jool lightning orbit, on the third try, probe twice the mass with nuclear engines over the smaller Xeon ones, less DV overall but better launch and intercept. next contract - enter the atmosphere of Jool, had been meaning to try aerocapture anyway, small probe, it worked experimenting is fun
  5. few bits today finished a contract for rendezvous and crew transfer in Ike orbit, craft refuelled (docking target is a fuel processing station/lander/miner), they then landed, did SCIENCE! and are in Duna orbit waiting to return. mission success so far first Jool probe failed its mission, got there, orbited but lacked the fuel to get the mission target orbit, still did SCIENCE! so not a total wash, will fly a second one and just keep the first as a comms relay
  6. finished with Gilly for the time being, three crewed flights there and back - there is a refuelling/processing station in Gilly orbit for "next time" onwards to Duna, contract to stick a base with 6,000 units of liquid fuel on Ike.. well, I was sending a fuel processing plant anyway so its basically free money - V1 landed.. slightly nose down, blew up the payload bay with the probe core - so its now just sitting there, with the probe core next to it, as debris.. V2 has a back up probe core near the middle just in case, currently in LKO. these are basically the Gilly refinery, with twice the engine power and the nuclear transfer engines integrated and more fuel tankage. send it, land it, let it fill up, collect the cash, will also fill the monoprop tansk and liquid oxygen tank space it has, some 6,000m/s when its fuelled, though TWR on Ike is about 1.3 when fully loaded, workable. prep for the first out & back mission, same crew flight vehicle as used for Gilly - this mission won't be landing, a pure science flight for contracts, so the flight profile is easily in budget
  7. still not found the password to upload images to my hosting. not looked that hard to be honest.. yesterday saw the return to Kerbin of two of the three intrepid and at least partly willing visitors to Gilly, mixed bag of a mission. sent a base, for a contract, to which I added fuel processing kit etc. mission plan was: launch base, launch resource scan sat, launch crew flight (with return capability) at Eve dock crew module to base (contract) and stick the science crew aboard, process whatever they can in the lab the contract required scan Gilly, land the base and start munching fuel once fuelled, with ore bays also full, return to orbit - when science load is finished transmit - while this is going on the crew craft & pilot land in another biome, then return to orbit - dock again, refuel, transfer science and repeat. eventually the base is left in orbit, fuelled for the next mission - the crew fly home. what actually happened step one was fine step two was fine scanned Gilly, the base failed to enter Gilly orbit (thrust too low to capture), then lacked the fuel to try again - crew unit picked up the full crew, and landed, did science and flew back, docked, churned science for a bit, robbed what fuel was left and headed home realised one scientist had managed to sneak back to the lab module, still don't know how - realised after the Kerbin return burn was finished.. crew ship flew back safely, two Kerbals & science recovered. today saw a replacement base unit (as the contract is still incomplete), with a higher thrust and more fuel, plus a second crew flight - two on board stuck in Kerbin orbit waiting for the next window - their job is to finish the mission of the first... also stuck a probe in Duna orbit, and a test Xeon powered one is headed to Dres. never been to Dres, even on console mind you never had Kerbals outside the SoI of Kerbin and managed to bring them home again[/.i] on console.
  8. failed to get a throw away surface base to Eve - aerobraking altitude a bit too high, never entered orbit failed to get a probe into Eve orbit, flipping thing lost control link to KSP a few seconds before the orbital capture burn needed to start and couldn't align it properly both were cheap missions though, a third is in orbit, but the wrong orbit, again waiting for Kerbin to get close enough to re-establish comms
  9. that many of the 'problems' can be solved by reading on line - would be nice to have an option as a bit of a randomiser, variable, just stuff like change the gravity of a planet by say +/-5%, maybe where the atmosphere ends a little - provide a reason to go places to find this stuff out in advance of larger missions - without the ability to just look it up. maybe vary the orbital radius of planets and moons a little as well in the same way
  10. I tend to go Mun first, because the contracts for it come up first, I have a 'standard' mun lander I tend to use, its horribly over-engineered (as in the actual ascent stage typically isn't actually needed unless going for the poles or something) - by the time the minmus contracts come up I tend to just use the same thing
  11. 16MB of ram... the 486 I had could only dream of that much, 8 I think it had.. and the 16Mhz Atari Falcon sitting next to it blew the things socks off when it came to doing most things this machines not bad, just a refurbished office one
  12. unlocked a bit more science so a pair of sub orbital flights, the first for science low & high in atmosphere, the second for low space & the landing zone, then started to grind tourist sub orbital and orbit contracts to get funds to upgrade the tracking station for the next stages around Mun worked out how to take screen shots, installed GIMP to be able to do a bit of sensible re-sizing, just need to remember my ftp passwords to start uploading the exploits in some, for here, laughably basic rockets
  13. I suspect more tissue is required, and possibly a mop & bucket...
  14. now I'm back on stream with the PC version installed and running I thought I may as well have a game and get used to flying with a keyboard. 1st flight: 'lawn dart' to gather some science 2nd flight: sub orbital hop 3rd flight: orbital (failed, no casualties, gravity turn incorrect & failed to make orbit) 4th flight: orbit 5th flight: high sub orbital for science 6th flight: Mun flyby at least stuff works the way I remember. ended the day with 147k funding & 92 science to spend, outstanding contracts for mun orbit and some science from LKO. need to grind a bit to upgrade the KSC before heading for mun orbit I think