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  1. ManeTI

    KSP Wiki Down

    Oh yeah thanks @Pvt. KASA , btw math formulas are working again.
  2. ManeTI

    KSP Wiki Down

    Hmmm, I just uploaded the 2 newest files on this list: didnt had any error uploading, one was uploaded using my regular user and the other one with a newly created user without special permissions. Not sure what can be wrong, what type of file were you trying to upload?
  3. ManeTI

    KSP Wiki Down

    Hi guys, Im going to take a look.
  4. @linuxgurugamer Try clearing the cache in your browser please?
  5. Sorry for the inconvenience guys, the cause of this behavior was a know issue of the forums software that its corrected clearing some cached files, anyway it should be working now, have a good day.
  6. ManeTI

    KSP Wiki

    Hi guys, it seems like its fixed, probably you will have to accept it one more time and that's it, please let me know if it is still happening.
  7. ManeTI

    KSP Wiki

    Hi guys, I have reported this issue, lets see what can be done.
  8. ManeTI

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Hi guys seems like the SMTP settings of the forums got busted somehow and emails were not being send, I have set the correct ones and it seems to be working again.
  9. ManeTI

    Updated Terms Notice & Privacy Policy

  10. ManeTI

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Hello guys @Just Jim @Vanamonde @Dman979,nothing has changed in the forum settings, Im going to take a look anyways and if necessary I will raise a ticket with IPS.
  11. ManeTI

    Status Updates...

    Hi guys, I dont think that this is related to the tuning Van, let me know if you continued having issues to change your status.
  12. ManeTI

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Hello! @UomoCapra
  13. Hi guys, I will take a look at this as soon as I have time.
  14. ManeTI

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Hi guys, Im checking it.
  15. Hi guys, I will have to check this, but Im pretty sure that it is not possible to do that with an IPS board.