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  1. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Hello! @UomoCapra
  2. mouse over preview: thread vs notifications rss

    Hi guys, I will take a look at this as soon as I have time.
  3. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Hi guys, Im checking it.
  4. Hi guys, I will have to check this, but Im pretty sure that it is not possible to do that with an IPS board.
  5. Sketchfab Embedding Problems [Resolved]

    @Galileo @Shadowmage could you please try again?
  6. Sketchfab Embedding Problems [Resolved]

    Hi guys, yeah seems like the button is not working properly for all users, Im going to investigate this.
  7. Sketchfab Embedding Problems [Resolved]

    Sketchfab For some reason the source is empty in your post, could you please try again? @Shadowmage
  8. Sketchfab Embedding Problems [Resolved]

    I didn't notice it before but that seems to be one model by @technicalfool ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  9. Sketchfab Embedding Problems [Resolved]

    Hi, I have added a button to the toolbar in order to allow sketchfab embedding, you will have to copy and paste the url id of the sketchfab you want to insert on the pop-up window that will appear after you click on the button. This is the id you will have to paste: The pop-up:
  10. Forum changed...again?

    Yeah... I was trying to add a margin to the navigation breadcrumbs yesterday and didnt notice that the new margin was messing the main page, until you guys reported it.
  11. Forum changed...again?

    Hello guys, all should be good now.
  12. Hi, I think all should be good now
  13. You are right, will see what can be done
  14. Hi guys, I have added the 10 px to the margin and tweaked a little bit the colors for the tags.
  15. Revert to 1.3

    Hi 1.3.0 (Full game) is available for Linux & MacOS on the downloads section of the store.