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  1. ManeTI

    Login Issue

    Hmmm, strange nothing has changed... will take a look, thanks for reporting!
  2. ManeTI

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Its working for me too (PC)
  3. ManeTI

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Hi guys, the notification chime was never disabled by us, not sure if it was a bug, anyway we have updated the forums software to the latest version, let me know if that fixed the problem.
  4. ManeTI

    How to rep "farm".

    Hi guys, it looks like there is a setting to exclude groups like "Members" for instance off the reputation system... the other option is to not show the points for all. Anyway both options are beyond me.
  5. ManeTI

    Login Issue

    It looks like it was a caching setting making the trouble, could you guys try again? It should be fine now.
  6. ManeTI

    Login Issue

    Hi guys, I can confirm that its happening to me too, we will investigate the problem and if necessary raise a ticket with IPS.
  7. Hey guys, as wile1411 mentioned, I was able to save the changes of his post after removing the quotation segment, so Im suspecting that this is a bug from the forums software, I will report it to IPS. About that captcha thing, the WAF sensitivity was lowered from medium to low, please let me know if you notice an improvement or not. Regarding the ERROR 1006 that you saw earlier it was a temporary measure to bring the forums back online, no one is getting banned
  8. ManeTI

    Wiki page for [Kerbin] broken

    Hi @81ninja, yep it seems to be a problem, we are taking a look, thanks for reporting.
  9. ManeTI

    Wiki pages will not load (time-out)

    Hi @Aru, you are getting the old IP Address for the wiki thats why the site is timing out for you, if you dont have an entry in your hosts file that points the wiki to the old IP address I would recommend you to try using Google Public DNS to see if that helps.
  10. ManeTI

    KSP Wiki Down

    Oh yeah thanks @Pvt. KASA , btw math formulas are working again.
  11. ManeTI

    KSP Wiki Down

    Hmmm, I just uploaded the 2 newest files on this list: didnt had any error uploading, one was uploaded using my regular user and the other one with a newly created user without special permissions. Not sure what can be wrong, what type of file were you trying to upload?
  12. ManeTI

    KSP Wiki Down

    Hi guys, Im going to take a look.
  13. @linuxgurugamer Try clearing the cache in your browser please?
  14. Sorry for the inconvenience guys, the cause of this behavior was a know issue of the forums software that its corrected clearing some cached files, anyway it should be working now, have a good day.
  15. ManeTI

    KSP Wiki

    Hi guys, it seems like its fixed, probably you will have to accept it one more time and that's it, please let me know if it is still happening.