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  1. Thanks for reporting @Poodmund will take a look.
  2. Hi guys, @theonegalen do you remember if you used a previous patcher to get to 1.7.0?
  3. Hey man, sorry about that, yeah seems like the space assigned to the banner is now smaller.
  4. Hey @Geonovast will take a look at the settings. Thanks for reporting.
  5. Hey @BNSF1995 I found a temporary fix, please try again.
  6. Hi, it should be back to normal, thanks for reporting.
  7. Hi @FleshJeb sorry for the late reply, we are taking a look.
  8. Hi @klesh, first time I heard of this one, will take a look the logs, are you aware if anyone else is having this issue as well?
  9. Hey @Vanamonde do you know where we can find those badges? So I can reupload them.
  10. Hi, we couldnt find anything wrong with the settings... the s3 bucket looks fine and there's no expiration or timed removal of anything, no related logs on the Control Panel either, could you please reupload the files? also do you know if this happened to someone else?
  11. Not sure what happened here, will take a look and let you know.
  12. Please try the installer, some people that uses the zip make the game launch moving the to the Desktop folder or any other place outside the folder it unzipped and then moving it back.
  13. @Delay The message remained there after you sent the message? Do you have multiple tabs of the forum open?
  14. Yes thanks, I wanted to check them out, will try to figure out whats happening.
  15. Thanks for reporting @Val @Delay are you following the thread? could you please share the link you get when you click on both notifications? This the first time I see this... not happened to me yet.
  16. Hi guys, yeah its a bug, I couldn't replicate though, Im going to report it to IPS.
  17. This is a test

    1. The Minmus Derp

      The Minmus Derp

      Oh, is it? well then. So is this!

  18. @Deddly @cubinator Hi guys, I have updated the link in that thread should be working now.
  19. Hmmm, strange nothing has changed... will take a look, thanks for reporting!