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  1. Did he just plug my thing? I think he just plugged my thing. ---- Alright, just to provide some more details: This game is set in a version of the Kerbol system where the planet Kerbin periodically resets to the state it was at Year 0. However, everything else remains. Each player will play one iteration of Kerbin, building up their space program from scratch like they would any other game - but who knows what ruins of previous iterations you might find? Debris, ships, even whole space stations could be up there. Sound interesting? Click this link to see the thread! ---- And just to make it moderately relevant: Succession games have always been a way to "force" multiplayer into a single-player game. Asynchronous multiplayer might be a nice thought, but people are going to want interaction. That's really where the problems come in: what happens when two players meet?
  2. Hey, with the state of kerbalkind in your universe, the spore thing does lead to constant population growth. I mean, Kerbals have got to be killing themselves in creative ways, right? And if not, the Circus can just shoot some dissidents.I really want to mod in the spores thing for some reason now. Perhaps just have a "self-sufficiency" flag for a colony. Once you have more greenhouses than kerbals, for example, it flags the entire base as green and you don't have to worry about LS anymore. But for the initial phase, you might still have to truck resources around and juggle converters, maybe ship in resources for shortages, at least until all the hardware's working. That way, it's a simple series of steps. Initial missions with pre-planned resources and no margin for failure, a brief in-situ colonization period which has to be micromanaged while it's still a frontier, and finally you've set up shop and you can forget about it. One major effect of LS is that if something goes wrong, there's a time component; you can't just leave Kerbals sitting forever anymore. That might not be your preference, though. I hope they have an option to turn it off.
  3. Ah. Shoot. There's a bunch no, actually we only need... a few. I've stuck to only about a dozen authors. What's the normal procedure for this sort of thing? How are you supposed to share a modpack?
  4. Further news: USI life support just got released for 1.7 excellent timing! We are absolutely using that. An additional person voted in the poll so we are now tied on whether Science! from previous saves should be worth full or half value. I'm not even sure if I can make science worth half value by editing the persistence, so we'll figure this out later. Everything else stays the same. Right now, this is the modpack (links in spoiler): NF Aero has been removed because it's only rated for 1.6. NF Launch Vehicles will be left in because it's actually an analogue of the SpaceX launchers and has 5 m/7.5 m parts. Might be tweaked later. I'm still working on testing and integrating these mods, I'll post a unified install .zip when that's done.
  5. Some more responses have come in, and the verdicts are: By a margin of literally one vote, Science from previous Cycles will be valid and recoverable for full value. By another one vote, Vessels on Kerbin during a Crash will be destroyed. 71% agreement that all Kerbals on Kerbin disappear in a Crash USI Life Support is still in #1 place, but only by one vote And finally, Dres pulls ahead for the something secret. That's it for polls. Now on to modpack assembly, and writing the program.
  6. It would appear that the Only Wave was better at cybersecurity than you thought.
  7. People have different opinions on this, so... individual decision. Use the partless version if you want it. (I think that should work, right?)
  8. Oh, I see. So the Scientists would be the ones making Thompberry puree, the Boffins would be busy working out how to steal his gravioli drive. And in general, the Boffins are more practically minded whereas the Scientists do science for science's sake. That's a nice piece of worldbuilding, have a rep.
  9. His brain is in a neutronium can. And forget dissecting Thompberry, the Boffins would try to dissect a Kraken. And fail miserably. Still raises the question of how she got from Traveling Circus's Sarnus to Emiko Station's Sarnus. Maybe she went through the monolith by accident. --- Speaking of which, what exactly is the difference between a Boffin and a Scientist?
  10. Maybe not Near Future Spacecraft and Near Future Lifters, because we're going to have a bunch of lifters and spaceship parts anyway. But the rest go in. And NF Spacecraft might give us one more aesthetic to set apart different cycles
  11. That was an extremely quick vote! Let's look at the results so far: A three way tie on the science thing. Shoot. If this continues, I'll break it in favor of the "reduce" option In a close vote, we decided that vessels on Kerbin's surface are SAFE. (This is another thing I might override, as then you can just line up kerbals on the surface, which kinda makes the following option moot) In another close vote, we decided that all Kerbals on Kerbin are DEAD, even if they have been to space. (On second thought, this could absolutely work fine with the vessels survive thing. Just kill the Kerbals but leave the empty vessels) USI is our favorite life support mod, with Snacks! trailing second. Duna and Dres were picked for the secret thing. If you haven't voted yet, please vote on the THIRD poll at this link:
  12. And I almost forgot: new poll, please vote, this time for: Whether previous Science! is still valid What stays and what goes in a Crash Life support opinions something secret
  13. I might end up overriding the life support vote, simply because: We've decided that all relays will be disabled but not destroyed when the reset hits If there's kerbals on a vessel, they can just re-enable the relays If the Forgotten wish to build their own relay network, they'll have to just leave one Kerbal at each relay This is trivial if life support doesn't exist. I do like the image of a bunch of Kerbals with radios, sitting in high orbit alone, conversing with each other, but there should be some challenge to building the relay net. We will probably have more kerbals than relays after a while. Additionally, in this particular instance, life support is NOT just dead weight. Since Kerbin is unsafe, we will almost certainly be colonizing the rest of the solar system, and life support works well with that. The life support will be no-kill, as in the Kerbals will just go into hibernation once they run out, so you'll still be able to talk to long-gone Kerbals, you just need to feed and water them first. This will also trim down the complexity of the Forgotten side of things, leading to each player not having to manage as many Forgotten ships, because most single-kerbal pods will just run out and go into hibernation before anything happens, basically becoming rescue contracts for the next player. The life support vote is only "no" by one vote, so I won't even be overriding much The main problem is that I'll have to find a mod that fits these requirements. The problem being: TAC-LS is updated for 1.7, but is a bit too complex and only has a hibernate option for food and water - O2 and EC depletion will kill, no matter what. USI-LS has a hibernation option (as the default) but was last updated for 1.6 and might be more designed towards MKS (I've already decided that I'll be doing Pathfinder, I don't want to risk the complexity of MKS, and copying over may screw up resource networks and the like) Snacks! makes sense because it's made by @Angel-125 (we'll be using his mods anyway) but looking through the options, I don't think it has a "disable Kerbal for the time being and do nothing else" setting. In addition, it seems too simple (no waste resources, even) At this point I'm either going to: Throw in USI and hope that it works in 1.7 and/or gets updated for any future versions Give up on life support Thoughts? --- The putative modpack at this point includes: I'm tiebreaking in favor of FAR.
  14. I mean, it's established that things can warp between the Traveling Circus and Emiko Station universes. Sanny did. (Which raises a question, what transferred her? The Emiko ETs have that capability, and the Monolith Network was also used to transfer between Kerbfleet and Plan Kappa. The Kerbfleet Monolith mentioned that it was aware of Emiko Station and Forgotten Space Program, and Sanny was worshipping a Monolith before she got warped, so that's another possibility.) It would be interesting to see a full Traveling Circus/Emiko Station crossover at some point. The Boffins would probably try to dissect Thompberry.
  15. Oh yeah, one more thing I liked: the Handmaiden's growing sense of panic as she realizes all the stuff that's turned up to kill her. Sorry, uh... this is gonna be a hard sell. The Krakens were possessing both humans and Kerbals and actually integrated into Kerbal society as Parka B. Kerman; how did they not notice that they weren't linked into the Hive? (Though I will note that the Kraken Lord was way more benevolent than the others). The Empress also seemed extremely vindictive over the Handmaiden's death and the Kerbals did contribute significantly towards killing her; the Laytheans did virtually nothing alone. Furthermore, the Krakens have done all sorts of horrible stuff for pretty much no reason; possessing Badie just to hurt Chibi and Emiko ranks high on that list, so the Kerbals aren't going to be forgiving them anytime soon. Essentially, while the Krakens might have the Kerbals convinced that the Hive is a bigger threat... they still have a LOT of explaining to do. I also noticed the title of the first post: No! Not by a long shot it's not!