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  1. Notification: This isn't dead, I've just managed to procrastinate writing the program by literally months. I'll have some free time in coming weeks. Here's the plan, just for reference:
  2. Agreed. It's been struck from the modpack. Yeah, that's why I put KCT in the first place. I'm going to need to fine-tune the exact turn times later. They're going to start out annoyingly short and gradually get longer as we go.
  3. Well, it's just "go into the GameData, open the BDB folder, and delete these folders", but that's still a bit more complexity. Probably no BDB to start. (We can always add it later)
  4. I feel like x86_64 might be referring to the 64 bit version, but x86 is a synonym for 32-bit. Who knows, try it. That's OK! You can take a turn whenever you have time. (Turns will be rather long as each is basically its own space program) Yeah, I think I'm going to cut it Not all mods are released for 1.9.1. We'll start it on 1.8.1 and I think we can upgrade without breaking the save, right?
  5. Okay, at this point I'm seriously considering leaving Bluedog Design Bureau out of the modpack. Just from scrolling through the list, it contains a ton of parts that are ONLY going to be of interest to people building replicas - all the part niches are going to be pretty well covered between ReStock and NFT. All those parts also mean a ton of RAM usage, as well. A lot of people seemed to want it further up in the thread, thought, so... thoughts?
  6. okay, @Just Jim, just one question when you wrote the first chapter, how much of this did you see coming
  7. Of course it is! One cool feature of this project is that people can drop in at any time. You might want to check that your computer can run the modpack first. Right now I'm still working on the program to handle Forgetting... Note: I've added HullcamVDS and IndicatorLights as "Stage 3". I think I'll leave out BDB for now. It's easier to add mods later than to remove them after all...
  8. It's already relatively slim - as I said, runs in about 5 minutes on my computer and 8 Gb of memory is plenty. It's way smaller than packs I usually play with, at least. @fulgur, did you get it working? Also, @Vagrant203, how much RAM does your computer have? And what do you see when you use Task Manager on KSP? Is it using up all the memory? Edit: it uses less than 2.7 Gb of memory for me. Does go not-responding a long time, though. Make extra sure you're running the 64-bit version. How are you launching the game, through Steam?
  9. I guess you could take a first turn with just the Stage 1 mods? Or hope you get a better computer, whatever.
  10. I think you just run the 64-bit file; it'll take as much ram as it needs. Linux actually had 64-bit support first. It might already be running 64-bit.
  11. NF is indeed a rather big stressor, and maybe your computer is at-limit. How much RAM do you have?
  12. This is normal. It will usually suffer a massive lag at "Expansion Loading Complete" and the "not responding" message shows if it takes more than 5 seconds and you click it. Generally, I just leave it be. Don't worry. It'll get there. Loading will also be faster after the first time as MM will cache the patches so it doesn't need to reload them
  13. oh fail shoot sorry, my mistake. The modpack is designed for KSP version 1.8.1. Should've mentioned this earlier. Sorry for wasting your time
  14. Okay, here's another possibility - some of the mods bundle different versions of ModuleManager. After installing your mods, go into your GameData folder and see if there's multiple copies of the ModuleManager .dll there. If so, delete all except the latest version (4.1.3)
  15. I eagerly await the results of this science. See, part of the problem is that I haven't been able to get a stable potential player base. If you look back through the thread, it seemed that people wanted BDB in December. I'm frankly good with the pack as it is, but I don't want to exclude people with slower computers.
  16. I doubt that OPM is even the most memory-draining thing on the list - ALL THE NEAR FUTURE probably is. Maybe I should trim out everything except Electrical and Propulsion (even Spacecraft isn't really necessary because BDB already has so much) Everyone has to have the same mods, though, so if you can't run it we all need to slim down the modpack. Just thought of something. Are you running the 64 bit version of KSP? The 32 bit version can't install many mods because it's limited to using about 4Gb of RAM; after that it won't load, because there's just not enough memory to store the mods
  17. I feel you. Sometimes the computer just... refuses to work. Close everything else and set battery mode to max performance, maybe? That might only apply to Windows.
  18. Does NFA work on 1.8? It was last updated for 1.6 and the source code was lost, so it likely won't be updated for later versions. That's why I'm excluding it. DeepFreeze would add another layer of complexity to the Kerbal copying aspect as I'd have to test where Kerbal names are stored in a DeepFreeze part and such. It'd just be a hassle to include. We can drop it in later if we really need it.
  19. Turning the graphics settings way down seems to help with me. We'll be using OPM, so it's a moot point which strains your computer.
  20. My stages of testing; Stage One was the most likely to cause issues because they change game mechanics and/or add information that the Forget/REMEMBER program will have to store, while Stage Two is just parts. Therefore, I decided to finalize Stage One first. Stage One is complete; I might add more parts mods to Stage Two. Tl;dr - it doesn't matter
  21. @greenTurtle1134 proudly presents: The Pack! Notes: The 1.9 version for Near Future Technologies is back-compatible. Download the latest version. If it's taking too much RAM, you can delete the IVAs folder in Stockalike Station Parts. It's optional Modpack might change a little bit, but this is it for now Oh yeah, I completely forgot to post the results of this. It took 5 minutes (but ate 28% of my battery)
  22. Alright, I just installed the full modpack. Place your bets on how long it takes to load... CPU stats: Intel Core i5-8250U @ 1.60Ghz with 8.00 GB RAM, x64 bit
  23. also why they can survive indefinitely without food and turn into a poof of dust (spores?) upon death @Geschosskopf ran with this idea in the Traveling Circus series.
  24. We're going to be taking out the habitation system, that'll make leaving things in space too hard.
  25. The concern, IIRC, is one mod getting abandoned and holding it back forever. Which would be annoying, because KSP could add something cool in later versions and we'd be stuck. Well, if anyone sees this and knows modding, it could be very helpful, but I've been designing everything assuming no mod made specifically for this. This adds some needless complexity. We now need to determine the bodies they're around, lodge them in a reasonable orbit, calculate how much they should be restocked... etc. And as I said, the entire "rescue contract" idea doesn't jibe with being forgotten. I'd much rather it be a straight copy-paste. Hullcam is being maintained by linuxgurugamer who's been keeping a lot of mods alive for a long time so it might be safe to add, but every mod we add is another bit of RAM used and another potential point of failure with regards to conflicts and stuff. I'll think about it. This is the kind of thing that'll break the Cycles wide open. Just plop a ship in Minmus orbit and fire a "hi there" probe at Kerbin every time it resets. The race, of course, will be to get the Science and Funds necessary to build these ships before your Cycle ends. It'll be interesting! The life support we've decided on is USI Life Support. Kerbals require Supplies, which can be recycled and possibly grown (I think). Kerbals who do not eat for 15 days go into a comatose state in which you can't control them, but they can be revived if someone delivers them some Supplies. Orange suits are immune to this state and will eat if possible but can function without Supplies. Not sure if it has Ore-to-Supplies processing as it's really designed for use with MKS/OKS (which we're not using because 1. overcomplication and 2. background processing may make save copying harder), but we'll see. - "Park a ship around Minmus" has me thinking. As a compromise between "science in previous saves invalidated" and "science in previous saves works", maybe we can have only science from the Kerbin system invalidated? Thus, data collected on Kerbin, Mun, or Minmus would be of no value in a later cycle. You could store data across Crashes, but it would have to be from another planet, so easy "put a base on Mun with a thermometer" solutions don't work. It's easy enough to explain that the process of Kerbin resetting also changes the properties of the moons or something.
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