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  1. So I was thinking How about a mod that adds a Fusion engine, hydrogen Tanks, Exotic Matter engine, Exotic Matter Tanks, And a Exotic Matter Generator. So the fusion engine needs to have a lot of thrust and have a lot of Isp in it. It will use like 1.2 Units of Hydrogen. And the hydrogen is going to be a to be well light and like Xenon Gas so a lot of it in a tiny sized tank. And Exotic Matter engine is going to have a like 5X as much as the Fusion Engine, And not a lot of Isp. Some what like 0.5 As much as the Fusion engine's Isp. Exotic Matter is going to be heavy So something like 15 kg per Unit of it. And super dense so it will have a Ton of it in a tiny sized tank for Example a tiny sized tank would have 8,000 units of Exotic Matter. So the full mass of the engine is 120,000 kg. And the Exotic Matter generator will use 50 Electric Charge/sec to make 1 Unit of Exotic Matter. And Exotic matter is maybe what a black hole is made up of. But this is super charged Exotic matter so it will be unstable. So if it gets Zapped by anything it will explode. And what I would like if there is a Fuel tank for each Size in the game so they are tiny, small, large, extra large, Mk2, And Mk3. Can any one make a mod like that. If you do can you send a link of it to me?    

  2. First off I made this jet engine off the juno. And called it juno Mk2. So I was flying a drone with the cheat hack gravity. And the engine is the juno Mk2 and it has 1,000 kN of thrust. then I crashed some parts survived the crash and one of them was the juno Mk2 it had a Max crash speed of 1,000 m/s. And it flies into space and was orbiting kerbol. So made a space plane to go get it. It took about 40 minutes to get to it and about 50 minutes to get back. when I was near kerbin I tried to time warp but it said can not time warp while moving over terrain But I was in space. I had reentry at about 5 km/s. the Space plane's cargo bay's (that I put on the very front) wall came off and the juno Mk2 fell out. but it survived the water crash that was about 47 m/s. But it's MAx crash speed is 1,000 m/s. And the space plane did survived but not the cargo bay wall. And I saved a lot of money by getting back the juno Mk2 because I made it cost 100,000 funds. So that's the end of that if I have any more things happen I might make one. So see ya