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  1. Zool, I think he means 'Okay, thrust w whenever x craft reaches y to rendezvous.'
  2. Welcome to the forums! SWOOSH! Pair of skis
  3. Welcome! There is docking set for .15 (next update), but you can use landing legs for docking!
  4. Landing Legs (slug\'s): [|] [|] Undeployed [|] __ [ ] [ ] [|] | Deployed | __
  5. When I was 12, I saw a rock \'em sock \'em robot \'make it yourself\' kit. I bought it and went home. Turns out it was a barbie honeymoon kit. And I\'m 49 now. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU-
  6. You go to level 45 The building starts falling, and pants drift by.
  7. Yes, Neomex, this truly is so grand.
  8. I vote for up-against style. Also, can we get some cargo doors? I\'m trying to make a cargo ship with the lander legs as retractable doors.
  9. Shuttle, please lock this, as this thread has done it\'s purpose.
  10. Silisko, I have no words. How much do you want me to donate to make this go faster?
  11. Raises hand slowly, in a kind manner.
  12. And with indents/holes, they are waffles.
  13. Tiberion, great job on the pack! May I make a small request? The request would be for a set of 1.5/ 1.75 set of parts for a lander.
  14. O...kay? Totally uncalled for? I\'m not even going to start. Silisko, thank me that I\'m saving the thread from a flame war. Anyways... I like the solar panels. Very realistic.
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