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  1. I have a rocket with a LV-T45 and two RT-10 mounted on the side. I launch the rocket wirh all three engines burning but when the RT-10 burn out the LT-45 flames out because vapor in line. How would I get vapor in a fuel line when I am at 100% throttle?
  2. Stock button. Think that was an autocorrect.. The KSP stock toolbar buttun does not show up. I am using the Lights Out mod which uses the "p" key. I removed that and I still could not use the mod-p shortcut.
  3. I just installed this mod and I can not get the stoke button to appear.. Are there any know mod on clicks?
  4. First, thanks I missed that type-o for days. For #1 the same problem happens with templates if you dock and undock the ship counter increments. Once the mod changes the name of a pod or prode it would be nice to at least have a option to lock the name for that pod or probe. For #3 sometimes you have ships with probes in different directions to help control a ship.. ex one forward facing for lift off and one rotated 90 degrees for landing on its side.. It would be nice if the ship name changed to "apollo forward" or "apollo side".
  5. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this config file? I get no errors and know of the templates show up in any save file (new or old). PersistentDynamicPodNames { templateName = Satellite templateName = ComSat templateName = Station templateName = GroundBase templateName = TestShip templateName = Ship Satellite { template = SAT-<year2>#SatCounter#-(Function)-(dest) Function { values = RD SAR MS RD/MS RD/SAR MS/SAR RD/MS/SAR M700 M700/RD M700/MS M700/SAR M700/RD/MS M700/RD/SAR M700/MS/SAR M700/RD/MS/SAR NBS NBS/M700 NBS/M700/RD NBS/M700/MS NBS/M700/SAR NBS/M700/RD/MS NBS/M700/RD/SAR NBS/M700/MS/SAR NBS/M700/RD/MS/SAR } dest { values = Ke Mu Mi Mo Ev Gi Du Ik Dr Jo La Va Ty Bo Po Ee ARM K } } ComSat { template = COMSAT-<year2>#SatCounter#-(OmniRange)-(DishRange)-(dest) OmniRange { values = 500K 2_5M 3M 5M } DishRange { values = 50M 90M 40G 60G 350G 400G } dest { values = Ke Mu Mi Mo Ev Gi Du Ik Dr Jo La Va Ty Bo Po Ee ARM K } } Station { templete = KSS-<year2>#BaseCounter#-(dest) dest { values = Ke Mu Mi Mo Ev Gi Du Ik Dr Jo La Va Ty Bo Po Ee ARM K } } GroundBase { templete = KGB-<year2>#BaseCounter#-(dest) dest { values = Ke Mu Mi Mo Ev Gi Du Ik Dr Jo La Va Ty Bo Po Ee ARM K } } TestShip { templete = X-<year2>#MissionCounter# } Ship { templete = (function)-<year2>#MissionCounter# function { values = ORB RV SP CT Ta Tg } } }
  6. This is a great mod. It is just what KSP needs. Can I make a couple of suggestions. First, If you have a ship and its name has a counter the counter will change the name of the ship every time you dock and undock it. The counters are great but it would be better if when the mod readies a name with a counter is replaced with the new name. This will stop ships from changing names every time you dock and undock a ship. Example: Command Module Name at launch: Eagle #EagleCounter# Your mod changes he name of the ship to “Eagle 1”. It should then replace that command Module with the “Eagle #EagleCounter#” as a name with “Eagle 1”. The second is more of a question and a suggest if the answer is no. The Templates allow you to creat user defined lists which are very hopeful. Is there a way to create a list out side of a template so it can be used in more then one template without copying it? Third, Is it possible to Change the name of a ship when you click the “Control from Here” button?
  7. I need a smart modder to help me with a mod idea.. I would like the ability to add a name to each command module The trick is when you click on control from here the ship is renamed to that modules name.. I think this can fix the station docking changes a ship name.. When you undock the ship can be renamed to the module that is in command.