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  1. So I recently redownload KSP because I had the itch to play it again. I grabbed the latest version from the site (1.7.1) When I fired up the launcher, the screen resolution was set to 1920x1080 and the buttons to adjust it wouldn't respond. On launching the game it automatically changes the resolution to 640x400, cutting off the difficulty settings screen when starting a new save. Next time the launcher is loaded the screen resolution has changed to 640x400 in the settings and again can't be changed. I have tried manually changing the resolution in the setting.cfg file and have unins
  2. I don't have any tech tree mods. Although after looking I discoverd that the category "Experimental Rocketry" doesn't exist in my game, the missing parts were under this category, so I changed them to heavier rocketry and now they show up
  3. So, I don't know if there's a tech tree issue or if I missed something but not all parts are available in career mode for me
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