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    TAC-LS Calculator

    I tried to build a self sustaining base using Planetary Base Systems and TAC Life support and well it was not working really well so I made a small Excel Sheet to see if it is actually possible... seems not unless you want to support hundreds of Kerbals on your base. TAC-LS Calculator
  2. That was just for information. The fuel cell was not ballanced as well, it was just not possible to produce that amount of Hydrogen to keep the fuel cell running. The number of parts is ok, as with increasing number of Kerbals the number of additional parts is getting less (in relation).
  3. After hard work I managed to get an SSTA with TAC-LS using planetary base system parts up to Duna with a few drawbacks. For 4 Kerbals the configuration is as follows: 4 Carbon Extractor 1 Sabatier 1 Water Purifier 2 Watter Splitter 1 Algae Farm 2 Greenhouses (Changed values in config file: INPUT: CO2 unchanged, Water: 0,00000457030228799, Waste: 0,00000286462536029, Organics: 0,000004537609069, E/c unchanged; OUTPUT: Food: 0,00004217941516789, Oxygen: 0,0021699209123848) 1 Fuel Cell (Changed values in config file: INPUT: Oxygen: 0,00673831887234, Hydrogen: 0,00902364627363737; OUTPUT: E/C: 1,8, Water: 0,0009062361) Total weight of: 8,35mt 1 life support container 1 waste container So the Fuel Cell is enough to support the Life Support Module and a little bit more. Still need TAC Fuel Balancer and put one small battery on dump electric charge and as well dump CO2, Oxygen, Waste to keep the life support module working. It is still using quite a lot of space... even with the OPT parts.
  4. Ok I did the rest of the math looks like for the greenhouse container the food production should be 0,00004217941516789 instead of 0,000004217941516789. Enough for 2 Kerbals but not enough for 3.
  5. Hi, I am trying to get an SSTA going with TAC Life support using the Planetary Base life support modules... Seems to me that the production rates are a bit off. Was just trying to figure out how many greenhouse container etc to put in the SSTA for 6 Kerbals and it is not possible. If I am not totally wrong I need 4 greenhouses for each Kerbal just to get enough food supply?? Keep on the good work.