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  1. Hello and welcome to my thread! I'd like to introduce you to The Soviet Space Program [SSP] Like you can probably guess its related to communism and rockets. Its a clan i made originally on the game SFS [Kinda like KSP on mobile] and decided to expand it into other space games like KSP. The original idea of it was to make soviet-themed rockets and share them in the server, but it has since then evolved to competitions, roleplay, memes, custom soviet emojis and listening to hardbass/classical soviet music. So if you'd like to share soviet rockets, earn special roles in
  2. This: Only been to the mun, and this is what i made.
  3. Thanks for the info! (I also found out how to use kerbal emojis)
  4. That's not a problem, heres a imgur picture and link: http://imgur.com/J3hCxW1
  5. So i had free time and made this: By the way, i'm new to KSP forums, Hi!
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