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  1. Wow such a great idea I'm really impatient to see the supply chain mechanic
  2. It happen on a nearly stock game without my enormous modlist and only all SVE folders (Kopernicus included). Without Kopernicus it continue to happen. Without scatterer too. It's definitely a SVE bug. EDIT : after reinstalling SVE and EVE without scatterer it doesn't happen but happen with a clear scatterer installed. So you was right that's caused by scatterer.
  3. The install of SVE is very fresh but I have many mods. Can you test by yourself with hyperedit to see if that happen in your game ? If it doesn't happen I will search what is the mod who is causing the issue with SVE. That's really important because I'm going to stream next week on KSP ^^ And I'm certainly not enough talented to play with the cfgs lol
  4. The second issue doesn't appear each time so it's not really important. But for the first can I modify the configs to have a better transition without cloud disappearing ?
  5. Hi Galileo, found two strange bugs on Eve : When I pass 130 kms, the main clouds are gone... The second one is stranger than the first one. A cloud image stay on planet and don't move when I warp. My installation is totally correct, Kerbin, Duna and Jool don't seem weird like Eve.
  6. Hi @simon56modder, as the KSP-Fr's main editor, I'll be delighted to help you with the french's translation
  7. Hi Galileo, I also have this disparition of clouds on Eve during flight under 130km in orbit until the ground, and they re appear when I'm getting higher than 130 km. That happens on a fresh install, everything is correct installed.
  8. Hello Galileo, have you planned about adding some low gaz "clouds" on Minmus, like the old BetterAtmospheres ? It could be great
  9. Hop, je pose ma fusée francophone sur le topic Pour celles et ceux qui ne me connaissent pas, je suis Akinatronic (que vous pouvez abréger par Akina), grand manitou de KSP avec plus de 1000 heures de vol et accessoirement rédacteur d'actualités sur KSP-Fr ^^ Bon vol !
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