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  1. Epicdreamer

    Starting in KSP :D

    Indeed you don't need any knowledge of physics when starting KSP. The game will teach you without you knowing it does. And then, after playing a while, you watch for example a real life SpaceX launch and suddenly realise that you understand what you see is happening! Great fun. This community/forum of KSP players is the best game community I have ever seen. Even just browsing around on this forum can teach you a lot, if you want to. And remember there are no stupid questions. Good luck on your endeavours!
  2. Epicdreamer

    Is MechJeb hate still a thing?

    I don't really get the hate thing, which I assume is still there. There is no cheating in KSP since it's a single player game. When it feels like cheating to a player, then nothing stands in his/her way to not use it. But it's a great tool to get a grip on the game for new players imo. I used it on a save once, but enjoy flying manually more than let an autopilot fly my ships...I like the tension of flying and landing somewhere I haven't been...or the tension of getting a craft to a specific location by hand. As many play styles as there are Kerbonaut players!
  3. Epicdreamer

    Do you play KSP only or are you into lots of games?

    Another vintage player here as well. I can vaguely remember playing on an Atari 2600 at a friends house when I was a young kiddo. As a teenager I got a secondhand press-play-on-tape C64...and the rest is history. I've played so many games on the C64, PS1, PS2 and PC that naming them is just impossible. Since the PS3 came out my interest in consolegames diminished. So many "the same-ish" games. A gaming aera with more working-concept-recycling than creativity imho... I play my all time favorite KSP since 2016 and have played it exclusively for over a year (that was different!). Nowadays I mainly play KSP and Cities Skylines. But I'm having fun replaying Titan Quest (including all expansions) as well.
  4. Docking 2x 200ish-part-count ships without melting my cpu! I was amazed that the framerate was still above 5fps. Didn't expect either!
  5. Epicdreamer

    List you active flights and missions!

    Ok thanks. Didn't know where to put it to be honest..
  6. Epicdreamer

    What’s your favourite rocket type?

    That will typically be a 3 staged rocket. 2 Lfo boosters/stage 1 (and if needed a couple/few/lots of solid fuel boosters), a central core with heavy engine/stage 2 to get the payload to orbit and to circularise and a more efficient lfo engine with enough fuel/stage 3 to get the payload where I want it to be. I tend to use asparagus staging a bit here and there, but I find its not very needed most of the time. I usually overengineer them a bit. And this typical setup is quite regularly mixed with a 4 lfo booster configurations (which I nearly allways link into asparagus staging). Never got to build a SSTO. And possibly never will. It's not my play style.
  7. Just out of curiosity, I'm wondering what flights/missions you have active, en route or locked in place at their destination I'll start: Moho: relay sat constellation, one main at high polar orbit, 3 equatrial relays. Needed for the uncrewed science rover on the surface. Eve: A scannersat with relay dish around Gilly and, for the third time (due to previous design errors) A drop probe mission in low Eve Orbit. Let this be the one! Kerbin: relay constellation consisting of 3 main relays in high polar orbit, 3 equatorial relays around Kerbin, 3 equatorials around Minmus. A science station about to be moved from Kerbin to Mun. A refuel station at LKO, a captured asteroid to be mined in the future. Duna: The refuel and relaxation station (R&RS) in high Duna orbit, a Duna lander in low orbit, a crewed return vehicle waiting for a transfer window back to Kerbin, a lander in low Ike orbit and a mining rig connected to a refinery in low Ike orbit as well (for future crewed, or heavy equipment missions to Jool and beyond) Dres: 2 relays in a polar orbit, an uncrewed science probe with relay dish in low orbit and a rover on a horribly performing skycrane (can't get the thing stabilized, another design error) Jool: relay constellation, consisting of 2 main relays in high polar orbit. A relay around Bop, one around Pol and one around Tylo. They all have the capability to reach the whole system.Vall and Laythe were supposed to get one too, but they went rogue. Then an uncrewed science probe, which has visited all the moons. Sarnus: (playing with Outer Planets Mod). Only the first probe has just arrived. Nearly lost it because of loss of signal during a decelleration burn. It came into range just in time.... Thanks for sharing fellow Kerbonauts. May your flights be succesfull!
  8. Epicdreamer

    PC GAMER MAGAZINE featured my mission. AAAHHHHH!

    Now that's something! Congrats!
  9. Now thát would become a rocket only the Kerbalkind could produce...
  10. Epicdreamer

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Yep!! @Drone_Kerbal (Got that from typing "drone" and see what comes up)
  11. Allright zombies, try taking on an F1 engine! I win.
  12. Epicdreamer

    How to re-download 1.4.3

    Usually I don't have a Steam install of KSP, because after an update I first let Steam install a fresh vanilla copy on my harddrive, which I move to a separate folder right away. From there I build a new game. For me a KSP update means starting a new save. Or I just keep playing the install/save I'm playing in allready. (Like the 1.3.1 save I'm still playing now, because that is one of those "epic" saves). In that way everything keeps working as I like. When I get bored of that save, I'll switch to the folder with the latest update and start building a new modded install....and start all over again!....and again....and again
  13. Epicdreamer

    Mods in Stock

    As a few mentioned before, I would like to see KER and KAC implemented in de stock game. Why? They are not altering the vanilla-game, but they add so much more in a very simple to understand way. They are lightweight (thinking of potatoe computers), it is easy to not use them if you don't feel the need and both make use of what is in the stock game allready.
  14. Epicdreamer

    What gameplay rules do you impose on yourself?

    - Never kill any Kerbals (lost one once, felt horrible about that!) - allways give them the possibility to return to Kerbin. If that can't be done with their current vessel, send out extra fuel...or do a resque mission. - revert to VAB/SPH/Launch only when a vessel is still in the atmosphere, but in a horrible state (continuesly flipping, wobbly as hell, rapidly disassembled or forgot something. Last thing happens a lot). Once out of the atmosphere, than that's it. For planes this counts as long as they are below a hundred meters or so. - No use of extra groundstations. - No probe control without signal - no cheat menu - no autopilot on spacecraft, Bon Voyage is allowed on rovers - Build stuff that looks like its going to fly, but then again, stick a couple of wings to a fridge and it looks like its going to fly...ish... - Try something new everytime I'm visiting an allready visited place beyond the local "start" SOI. As in the Kerbal system in Vanilla/OPM, Sonnah system in New Horizons etc. There must be more that I can't remember right now
  15. Indeed. You can make as many copies of ksp on your hard drive as you like. Just run the exe from the copied folder. In that way you can have many different installs with different sets of mods. I've still got working 1.2.1 versions with mods as well.