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  1. Epicdreamer

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I've been preparing for the third transfer window to Duna, which is due in a couple of Kerbal days (timewarp) whenever I want. After sending a probe on the first and a crewed visit to Ike on the second it's time for some serious infrastructure and exploration. The Duna R&RS (Refuel & Relaxation Station) is in LKO already, ready for it's TDI (Trans Duna Injection). Ready for launch is the first crewed Duna Mission and DSTV (Duna System Transfer Vehicle). And nearly ready is the whole Ike ISRU shebang, consisting of a low res scanner-sat, a scanning-rover and a ore mining rig as large as I deem feasable at this moment in my Science career. I forgot to add a converter to the the R&RS, so I'll send that with the DSTV to dock with the R&RS once at Duna. Just need to finetune the mining rig to the local Dv and TWR requirements. It's way overpowered (meaning inefficient) at the moment... Busy times coming up, the EEV (Eve Exploration Vehicle) is on route as well. Thanks Kerbal Alarm Clock for existing!
  2. Epicdreamer

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Sent out the EEV (Eve Exploration Vehicle) to Eve. 4 Drop pods for some research on Eve's surface and a Kerballed lander to visit Gilly, then return home. Gilly because low gravity landings are fun and Eve still scares the hell out of me....
  3. Here's my personal advise to new players. It's personal, so others might advice you different things. 1. Depending a bit on what you want to do within the Kerbal universe, BE PATIENT!! If you only like to see explosions, then start a new game, choose sandbox, get into the Vehicle Assembly Building or Space Plane Hangar, slap something (anything with a capsule, fuel and an engine) together, hit the launch button and randomly start pressing keys...voila, theres your explosion and you can stop reading here But if you want to get to places...orbit, the moons of Kerbin or beyond. If you want a well functioning rocket, spaceship, airplane, spaceplane etc then you're in for a ride! Don't expect to have succes in your first try. And don't expect to have succes on your second (third, fourth...etc) try as well. And don't panic, you will see explosions anyhow. Maybe a helmet comes in handy for the times you want to bang your head against the wall. KSP is in that sense a real trail and error (lots of error) game. I'm playing ksp quite a lot for a couple of years now and still manage to fail/crash/explode on a regular basis. "I was going to make it, but then that planet was in the way..." The biggest reward to me is when a mission goes according to plan without failure. And believe me, after failing manymany times a succes is a great reward and gives a real sense of achievement. 2. Be curious! This isn't a game for the light hearted in that sense. Prepare to do a bit of study, even when not playing KSP. A basic understanding of orbital mechanics and aerodynamics is crucial for succesfull missions. Understanding things like "Speed and position are allways relative to something else" or "When I accelerate prograde at periapsis, my apoapsis will rise" will help you understand what you actually see in KSP. Try to understand the terminology. If you like you can take this to university levels of knowledge, including formulae for calculating phase angles and the sorts. These real life formulae actually work in KSP as well. But understanding the basics is enough to have fun and understanding in the Kerbal universe. You'll actually learn a lot by just playing KSP! But if you are willing to expand your knowledge about flight and spaceflight it will help you a great deal in reaching those far away places. 3. The Navball is your biggest friend. Try to understand and memorise what the symbols on the navball mean. Pointing your rocket to a visible moon or planet and burn for it just isn't going to work. 4. Look away from the navball!! More than once I landed with Formula 1 speeds (=explosion) because I was intensly looking at my heading/the navball, ignoring my speed, altitude and....everything else basically. By the way, even to modern standards I think KSP has some very beautiful visuals here and there. Just look away from the navball once in a while. 5. Use the forum. Don't hesitate to ask questions. There are no stupid questions. A lot of us have launched a rocket straight up, then wondered why it didn't go into orbit and why it fell back (explosion!) 4. Experiment! See what works for you. If it fails, revert to the VAB/SPH (vehicle assembly building/spaceplane hangar), adjust your design, and try again...and again...and again untill it works. 5. Start playing the vanilla game. Get the hang of how things work before downloading mods (if at all). But... 6. Using the mod Kerbal Engineering Redux has helped me more than I would bargain for. It shows readouts on a phletora of stats the base game doesn't show. I wouldn't even call it a mod (apart from that it is one). It has helped me getting to become a much better Kerbal pilot. Understanding the terminology helps in this as well 7. Have fun! Banging your head against a wall hurts. Just stop playing for a while when you feel that urge. Now go and explode something!
  4. Epicdreamer

    why do you play this?

    Because ksp hits my sweet spot somewhere in between designing, realism, sci-fi/non realism, spaceflight/orbital mechanics, science, trail and (a lot of) error, puzzling, nice views, non violance, but then again the occasional explosion and the ever present tension of "is this going to work?", "are they going to make it?", "what's next?" Because it's the near perfect game for me.
  5. Epicdreamer

    What sort of KSP player are you?

    I'd say an overengineering rationalist....which I can be playing science career most of the time. I like having a lot more Dv than stricly needed for a self stated goal. It's allways better to leave a filled fueltank you don't need in orbit around say Dres (do I go there? Yes actually) than not being able to make it home. Gotta take care of them weird little green fellas!! And I never know what I can use that extra fuel for in the future. Can come in handy someday. The challenge for me is to design such rockets/ships with the least amount of parts possible, because of system performance (a new overpowered rig would be nice ).
  6. Epicdreamer

    The 1.3.1 Club

    Still on Club 1.3.1 as well. I couldn't be bothered with 1.4.x since I read that it was buggy again. And the 1.3.1 installs (with different sets of mods) are as stable as I like it to be. I think I'll be on 1.3.1 for a while still. Haven't got to all the cb's in New Horizons for example, and so much to do in the Outer Planets install as well! Once I lose interest in those installs, I'll concider updating...
  7. Epicdreamer

    What is everyones favorite ksp site?

    Are there any other?
  8. Epicdreamer

    Time for KSP 2.0

    Continues updates? I'm still on 1.3.1. I use one install per save (you can actually copy ksp in a custom folder) with a different set of mods for each save for diversity. Okay, it does take a bit of harddrive space, but then again I've still got a few 1.2 installs as well. Still working fine (unstable as it was at the time) with the mods I chose at that time. No need for (auto-)updates. I update when I feel it's time for a new save...
  9. Epicdreamer

    Mods that add inline parachute(s)?

    Try Dr Jet's chop shop. Its got 0.625m, and 1.25m inline chutes (maybe even 2.5m, can't remember from the top of my head), as well as quite a few other very handy parts that fill out a few gaps as well as adding some flavour to the mix (I think the lander stage parts are great as well!) It became one of my "stock" mods in the past year.
  10. Epicdreamer

    Why does KSP need to be extremely expensive

    I agree with Frostedshoe (last reply on page 1) It's not a mainstream game. I "get" the game. And therefor KSP is the cheapest game I ever bought, if you put the price against playtime. I wouldn't be surprised if i have put a few thousands of hours into it...and still going strong.... I've paid less per hour gameplay in KSP than in any other games....ever....
  11. Epicdreamer

    KSPooky Haiku Challenge

    The darkness of space Terrifies any Kerbal It's the place to be
  12. Epicdreamer

    What planets have you made it to?

    All of the stock planets with probe controlled vehicles (science probes, relays, rovers)....in other words: one way tickets. Out and returned Kerbals to Mun, Minmus, Gilly, Duna, Ike and Dres. So much to do still! If only I would keep on playing in the same save(s). After a while I get kind of bored and start another install/save with different mods. I still need to find either my ideal mod-combination to keep me involved in a late game save, or a more beefy computer...
  13. Epicdreamer

    KSP Age Groups?

    And age is but a number. The kid in me is still very much alive! Or you could say I'm still 16, with 26 years of experience
  14. Epicdreamer

    KSP Age Groups?

    Unfortunally I grew up too late to wittness the space race. Luckily space race 2.0 seems to be happening recently. I've been playing an endless amount of videogames ever since I got a secondhand press-play-on-tape-C64 back in the eighties. And getting into videogames more and more while growing up I searched for those unique, uncomparable game experiences. Those rare gems of digital originality. The last decade or so I lost a lot of interest in videogames since imho recycling game concepts for the sake of sales is not how my attention is caught. For example: playing a modern shooter doesn't feel far of a 15 years old ps2 shooter. Main difference is that they look (a lot!) better as computational development carries on. I still play decade old games sometimes, because they give me that unique experience. To me KSP is one of those unique gems. But I'm getting off topic....on topic and for the record: I'm 42 years old.
  15. Epicdreamer

    Most magical moments in your KSP

    I had a massive grin on my face and my hands in the air the first time I landed Jeb on Mun...after about 2 weeks of playing. And an equally large grin when the parachutes opened in Kerbin atmosphere after returning three brave Kerbals from Duna for the first time. Brave because I was piloting their ship