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  1. Epicdreamer

    Opportunity Eulogy

    I'd say only the Voyagers exceed Opportunity's exceptional design quality and endurance. I remember being glued to the screen when he and his brother Spirit landed on Mars. Shame to see Opportunity move to only memories. Exceptional machine. RIP...
  2. Epicdreamer

    What's Your Favorite KSP Version?

    I started playing ksp when 1.1.2 was released. So far 1.3.1 is my favorite because of it's stability and vast selection of compatible mods. And a couple of epic saves. I've just lost interest finished my last 1.3.1 science career and moved on to a full 1.6 career. With the adding of the Dv/TWR readout 1.6(.x) could kick 1.3.1 of its throne...
  3. Epicdreamer

    KSP 1.6 using RSS for 1.4.5

    As far as I know RSS is a stand alone mod...or well, it has a few dependencies (like Kopernikus) but next to that you are free to install whatever you want next to RSS. You dó need RSS to play RO thought
  4. Epicdreamer

    How much RAM do you have?

    6Gb of RAM on a i5 laptop. I usually play with 20-30 mods. Mostly Kopernikus, a planet pack, a few parts mods and some bits and pieces. No system heavy mods. Eve works fine, but I have banned scatterer and visual packs after trying them once. No issues really. Fps is good for my liking. Stability as well, but indeed a restart is needed on longer sessions due to memory overload...nothing I can't live with....and something to look out for when I need to replace my hardware (visuals!)
  5. Epicdreamer

    What is your most facepalm-worthy moment regarding KSP?

    That must be about one and a half year ago: Landing a Mun biome hopper to discover I forgot to add solar panels. But I was playing with KIS! So I sent out another lander with an engineer having solar panels in his inventory. Landed about 10 meters from the ill fated Munhopper (best precision landing so far!) to discover I forgot to bring along a screwdriver...
  6. Epicdreamer

    Give this kid a like on youtube !

    And another like to him. I smiled at the text he added to his video as well. "Succesful lunch on orbit...etc". He knows how the Kerbal mind is working allready!
  7. Epicdreamer

    Sand box or Career?

    Been playing (a lot) of science career mode for over 2 years now. With the 1.6 update I've just started a full career save and for the first time I actually enjoy it! The contracts and moneything makes me think differently, another sort of creativity.
  8. Epicdreamer

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Nice one! Minds me of the English Electric Lightning, a '60 cold war jet...
  9. Epicdreamer

    What crimes against Kerbin have you committed?

    For making every single one of those tough little fellas gods by using the "missing crews respawn" option.
  10. As a result of the forum topic "(Why) Do you start a new save when a new KSP version comes out?" I started wondering when and/or why you fellow Kerbonauts started modding your KSP install. Back in 2016, after playing vanilla for a few months and reaching Eeloo with a probe for the first time there was a moment with a space station in LKO when I forgot to add solar panels (noobish?) I started looking around online hoping that somewhere I'd find an answer to the question if I could retrofit the station with solar panels...or retrofit anything up and orbiting with things I could (and absolutely would!) forget in the future. Also I really missed a 2,5m 6 way hub in the vanilla parts catalogue. When I took a first look at the KSP forum to find more gameplay related answers I was pleasantly surprised by the generally friendly tone of the messages, and the amount of activity by forum users. So ofcourse I ended up on the forum again in search for answers on this latest question. Modding games was new to me. Sequels yes, expansions (cd-rom, dvd-rom, later DLC's) yes, but modding? Before KSP I was on kind of a big break from gaming, persuing hobbies in the fysical world instead. So modding was quite unknown to me, though I heard of it before. Then I discovered the "add on release" page and found the answer I was looking for in the form of KIS (& KAS)...and ckan. Now I'm not really a techkid, physics wonder or programmer, so ckan, which takes care of for example dependencies, was a bulls eye for me. And so modding began. I found the 2.5m 6way hub in the form of DrJets chopshop, which has been in my much used modlist ever since...there are quite a few beautiful mods providing several hub parts, but drJet's was my first. A new dimension of gaming opened up to me. Without modding, I probably would have put KSP aside more than a year ago. I'm curious what your stories are! ps: great thanks to the modmakers for their excellent work, the online community and moderators for keeping this the best gaming forum I have ever stumbled upon!
  11. Epicdreamer

    Solar Systems Editor

    Now that would be something! Not that I'm not happy with the game as is. But I'm not a programmer and thus unable/not skilled/not patient enough to create planets (or systems) the way the modding community does (for which I'm ever so gratefull!). I wonder if an option like this could be done in an update thinking about human recource/costs. But if this would come along as a DLC, I wouldn't have second thoughts buying it!
  12. Technically right or wrong doesn't really matter (to me) gameplaywise, as long as it works! And this works! Easiest way without really altering the design to much is to place fins at the bottom of your craft. If a launcher still flips/spins I add more fins. If it still spins I set the fuel flow as Gargamel describes. If it still spins after that, I bin the design and start over with another design.
  13. Epicdreamer

    help getting to duna

    Great to see your progress Putnamto! And all that in just a day. Soon you'll be planting a flag on one of Jools moons if you keep your progression going like this. Congrats!
  14. Epicdreamer

    How Much Time Have You Spent Playing KSP?

    Doing a quick estimated calculation I'd say around 2000 hours, give or take a 100 hours. Hard to tell really. I mostly play offline (i.e. without a Steam connection) In short: too many to see KSP as a game, it's more like a hobby...
  15. Epicdreamer

    help getting to duna

    Hmmm. Quick rundown how I get an encounter (for Duna, but it works for any celestial body, thought it might not be the most efficient way): Select Duna as your target Launch and circularize into a stable orbit (any orbit will do). Place a manoeuvre node on the AN or DN node and burn to cancel out any inclination difference. Delete node an place a new one for the ejection burn. Get the closest approach markers as close as you can. Hopefully an encounter will pop up right away. Burn and smile. Delete the node. If an encounter doesn't show up, but you are very close, create a correctional burn node somewhere half way out, fiddle around untill the encounter pops up. Burn and smile. I hope it helps! I've learned reaching Duna the hard way. First try I got an encounter but was 4Dv (!) short for a capture burn. 2nd time I landed (yay!), got Jeb out to plant a flag, slipped of the lander and discovered I forgot ladders! (No way!) Third time went like a charm. I felt great for a day after returning to Kerbin and land safely...