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  1. It got changed with the 1.7 update if I'm right. And yes, it's like the real night sky...and it's stock!
  2. I can't even remember how many rockets I accidently launched...a few more than I crashed I think.
  3. R&RS, pronounced as 'Ar 'n Ars'. Short for Resource and Relaxation Station
  4. You're right, thanks. I forgot about that ticbox in the difficulty settings menu.
  5. I might have missed the answer to this question reading through the other reactions, but yes, you can transfer fuel throug the Advanced Grabber Unit. Ideal part for refueler crafts/missions.
  6. Just reading through the 4 pages of answers and reactions to the question should say enough. I don't think KSP can ever really die. To play KSP it doesn't depend on an online connection, running servers, forced updates or the need for anything else than a local copy on your hard drive. Keep that old laptop or desktop with a (few? lots?) copy('s) of KSP and the question should be: Is KSP dying for me? As long as you play it, it will not die...
  7. While playing a session in 1.8 yesterday, I suddenly realised again what an exceptional game KSP really is to me. I'm a bit of an old school gamer by now. Let's say that the journey from the Commodore 64 to what is possible nowadays, what KSP is nowadays has been quite the experience. I remember being proud of putting 110 hours into Final Fantasy VII when it came out. I don't even know anymore, nor does it matter to me how many hours I've logged on KSP. And even after starting over a few dozen times, after playthroughs that took many many hundreds of hours, KSP still manages to completely
  8. Experience wise I'd say 1.3.1. A lot more stability compared to previous versions (apart from 1.3), great mod-support, and ignoring a few bugs and glitches a nicely polished and very solid version. It gave me a sigh of relief not having to reboot KSP every hour or so due to game-crashes... Stock-game wise 1.8.0. Even more polished, performance went up since 1.7, stability is very good, nice clean visuals, and features where I needed my sacred KER for the most are now integrated in the base game. I enjoy playing 1.8 as much as 1.3.1, without the need for mods... Which is offcourse not
  9. Someone revving his motorcycle at a trafficlight, ready to go full throttle it seemed. Mind it was a winter day and it had snowed for a couple of days. I was surprised he made it to the first corner after the trafficlights. By the sound of it that corner was a bit to sharp lol...
  10. Well, since I rarely play in a full career save, but rather a science career (because while tried, I don't like the money thing, and I like to make up my own missions) I cannot advise on fund settings. But I do use the part pressure an g-force limits. And sliding the science refund back to 50-60% I need to get out of Kerbin SOI (or scrutinise every biome on Kerbin, Mun and Minmus) to complete the techtree. Next to that I usually set all body occlusions to 1, use commnet without extra groundstations, use control and comms blackout during re-entry, set re-entry heating to 100% (which it is by de
  11. A visual tip for #2. In map mode select Minmus as a target. The orbit of Mun is perfectly equatorial and circular. Zoom out and align untill you see the Munar orbit perfectly edge on in front and Minmus orbit behind Kerbin. Now by turning the camera around Kerbin search for where both orbits cross with Kerbin in the centre. Re-align Munar orbit edge on and zoom in until you can see the launchpad position on the globe. Wait (or timewarp) until the launchpad, the centre of Kerbin and Minmus orbit are in line. Adjustment of cameraposition may be needed to keep the descending (or ascending) node b
  12. Playing pc since version 1.1.2. I've never used the cheat menu..or well, once to have a look at it. I like launching craft and test them during real missions. If it doesn't work out, then that's a bummer. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get a craft functional. But when it does, I find the sense of achievement very rewarding and I'm a happy chappy. So basically I'm playing like on a console, but with mods...
  13. You could use a powered servo instead of the free wheeling one, and set it to turn the same amount, but in the opposite direction of the powered servo between FUS and E...
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