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  1. Someone revving his motorcycle at a trafficlight, ready to go full throttle it seemed. Mind it was a winter day and it had snowed for a couple of days. I was surprised he made it to the first corner after the trafficlights. By the sound of it that corner was a bit to sharp lol...
  2. Well, since I rarely play in a full career save, but rather a science career (because while tried, I don't like the money thing, and I like to make up my own missions) I cannot advise on fund settings. But I do use the part pressure an g-force limits. And sliding the science refund back to 50-60% I need to get out of Kerbin SOI (or scrutinise every biome on Kerbin, Mun and Minmus) to complete the techtree. Next to that I usually set all body occlusions to 1, use commnet without extra groundstations, use control and comms blackout during re-entry, set re-entry heating to 100% (which it is by default if I remember well) and if I want to get tricky use no revert to launch or VAB/SPH and no respawning Kerbals. Makes a playthrough pretty challenging especially without reverting and respawning...and the sence of achievement even greater than on easier settings...
  3. A visual tip for #2. In map mode select Minmus as a target. The orbit of Mun is perfectly equatorial and circular. Zoom out and align untill you see the Munar orbit perfectly edge on in front and Minmus orbit behind Kerbin. Now by turning the camera around Kerbin search for where both orbits cross with Kerbin in the centre. Re-align Munar orbit edge on and zoom in until you can see the launchpad position on the globe. Wait (or timewarp) until the launchpad, the centre of Kerbin and Minmus orbit are in line. Adjustment of cameraposition may be needed to keep the descending (or ascending) node behind the centre of Kerbin. Launch westwards and steer a bit towards the target marker when it gets visible on the navball to (roughly) align your orbital plane and go into orbit. Normally then I only need a little planechange correction burn to align my orbit with Minmus's... and burn for a hohmann transfer.
  4. Playing pc since version 1.1.2. I've never used the cheat menu..or well, once to have a look at it. I like launching craft and test them during real missions. If it doesn't work out, then that's a bummer. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to get a craft functional. But when it does, I find the sense of achievement very rewarding and I'm a happy chappy. So basically I'm playing like on a console, but with mods...
  5. You could use a powered servo instead of the free wheeling one, and set it to turn the same amount, but in the opposite direction of the powered servo between FUS and E...
  6. With fuel the S3-14400 is a beast, but without it gets quite controllable. I usually send up interplanetary motherships, or modules for a mothership, empty. Makes controlling them a lot easier. Once assembled in orbit I refuel the mothership in one or a few refuel launches. Might not be the most cost/time efficient, but then again, sending up near empty modules makes that you can send more stuff in one launch. The first module doesn't need any control, apart from SAS and a reaction wheel. As long as its attitude is stable. I do provide the rest of the modules with (detachable) controls (monoprop/thrusters)...or send up a spacetug to assemble the mothership in orbit. And for the bigger, heavier modules....patience will help. Moving slowly is moving as well.
  7. Copycat maybe. But at least you're a bit closer to understanding how the SLS and Lunar Gateway came to be. In a (Kerbal) way you went through the same development proses yourself. Nice read, thanks!
  8. Since Breaking Ground came out I started playing vanilla again (with both dlc's that is). First time vanilla since oh I don't know...version 1.1.2? And it's matured well!! I very very rarely have any real issues with mods. But then again, I have...[trying to remember how my "KSP main" folder looks like nowadays] about 30-35 installs of KSP. Nearly all ksp vanilla versions and a bunch of modded installs. I have never used more than about 25 mods in any install due to system performance (I'm happy with 15fps on mid-graphic settings flying a 200ish part craft) and because I like having a playthrough focussing on this or that particular mod...or mod coctail. So all of my installs are "isolated". One install = one save and all of them are very different. That way older modded versions work just as smooth as when I built that particular game. So no technical issues really. Once or twice a glitch or bug flung an orbital station out to an escape orbit from Kerbol, but it's not something that irritates me. I see them as unexpected challenges. Trying to save a bunch of kerbonauts from a Kerbol ejection orbit is quite a challenge. I don't try any mods that look unfinished (I use Youtubes Kottabos games channel looking for mods for example), or when I read lot's of troubles/workarounds in the add on release part of this forum. Yes it's an time investment. But that is what hobbys are for. A few of those installs work so well, are so rich and balanced because of a good mod-choise that I still play them. My last 'epic' playthrough took about a year and a half before I got bored I finished it. Then jumped from KSP 1.3.1 to 1.7. Ah well, I just like messing around with not only playing-the-game, but with the whole modding-the-game as well. Nothing you can do wrong, untill you think it's not right...and then just start over (and over and over etc) again.
  9. And next to that now there is an 'altitude above ground' button instead of only above sea level. Makes judging when to burn for a landing easier. I've just started a new career without KER for the first time in years, and I find it very doable. Couldn't help myself sticking to pure stock though, I need KAC. And Ckan is still good to use, even has a version compatability option nowadays. It is indeed a very good time to return to KSP. It has grown up quite well!
  10. We allready have the biggest manual any gamedev could come up with. This forum! I've learned more about KSP on this forum than any manual could teach me. And if something is not covered just pitch a question here. Usually within a day or 2 it will be answered. No it's not instant satisfaction...but hey, KSP isn't about instant satisfaction.
  11. I have read this thread with great interest. As Garamel said I'm impressed by the generosity of forum users too, if only about the long explanations about anything which has to do with KSP. I agree that it's not a good idea to just give yeet_thedinosaur a copy...but I didn't see mentioned that he can show his parents this thread..and let them read a bit more on this forum. Maybe be impressed even by the way forum users (and moderators!) keep the KSP forum a great and friendly place. That way his parents might change their minds... can backfire though seeing the OP.
  12. I think I'll build a huuuuge foldable solar array for a Jool mission. Why take the tiny radio-isotope-generator when you can have the same effect with a massive overcomplicated solar array?
  13. I do agree with Zethaan, may it be in a bit of a different way. Yes you can find tons and tons of information on this forum, on youtube and internet in general about...well any aspect of the game really. The one thing that got me really going when I started playing KSP a few years ago was to read up about all the things/numbers/words I didn't understand in KSP. Or in real life rocketry for that matter. Having a good basic understanding of orbital mechanics and general rocket science gives you a deeper understanding of how KSP works. I'm not a wizkid, nor a scientist or someone who understands and uses difficult formulaes. But I like to think that by now I understand hów things work in spacetravel. For a while I spend as much time playing KSP as reading about spacetravel, twr, isp, orbital mechanics etc...the works really. (The history, development and design features of the Saturn V rocket for example...interesting stuff!) A normal calculator, you know to add, subtract, divide etc. Any calculator will do. You can calculate TWR for example, Dv even. Just do a search on google, or here on the forum to read on how to calculate several things. Mind that all real life rocket calculations work the same in KSP. It's a simulator after all. On the matter of spacestatons: there is no basic station design. Anything that is in orbit could be a station. The design often depends on the purpose of the station. And even with a certain goal in mind the designs of spacestations may vary wildly. There is no basic formulae for that. Mind that building spacestations is one of the harder things you can do in KSP. You need to be confident in orbiting, rendezvousing, docking etc. Have patiente and be curious! Rocketscience isn't easy...KSP is not an easy game...very rewarding yes, but not easy.