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  1. Does anyone know when Benjee will be releasing Buran? I dont want to use Comorant for Soviet orbiters and SOCK for US orbiters, cause I want their design to be consistant.
  2. @BealeJust thought to log back into the KSP forums, the new Mira module looks great! Thanks for updating it.
  3. One more thing I noticed, although it isnt a bug, is that the Mira Docking Module seems too small when compared to the rest of the modules. IRL its noticably larger than Pirs/Poisk, but its smaller in Tantares. It isnt a big deal, but scaling up the module may make it look better.
  4. I was able to fix the problem through multiple reinstalls, thanks for offering help though.
  5. I have been having some issues with the docking ports in Tantares, the most recent ones fail to load in the textures. Once I place them I can't pick them up or move them; and the only indication they are there is the shadow created by the cone on drouge ports. The missing parts do not corrupt files but it means that making most craft is impossible. Backverting the tantares install does not fix the issue.
  6. This gave me an invalid parts error. I could see small ship view but couldn't load craft.
  7. I don't know if you said, but parts named after characters in Artemis by Andy Weir.
  8. Consider adding the ballute for 2nd stage recovery concept Elon tweeted?
  9. A day ago Elon Musk said they would be attempting 2nd stage F9 recovery with ballutes. I have tried using them but they don't appear to make a difference. Could this work for successful 2nd stage re-entry with 2.7 tones using 1.25 ballute?
  10. BTW BFS now has three sea level engines, Elon mentioned it on Reddit post.
  11. Can You add a trunk for the normal dragon?
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