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  1. Thanks a lot everyone! All the replies helped a lot, and I've now built multiple planes which are easy to control! This post also helped me a lot and this chart was the reason for me to pick the aerospike engines. I believed they were my best choise in terms of IPS but it turns out this chart did not include airbreathing engines! So yeah, those are even better on Kerbin.
  2. Hello I want to build a space plane but it keeps flipping over! When I try to take off on the runway, it likes to go left or right, and it's really difficult to keep straight. When I do get off into the air, after a few seconds it's nose flips up and the plane starts flying backwards. When I let it fall down to kerbin with the engines disabled, it also flies backwards?! I don't understand how as the center of lift is behind the center of mass. I also tried to make sure the fuel firstly starts to drain at the back, and gets pumped forewards, but it doesn't help. Any ideas?
  3. Ooh! Well now it makes sense! Tomorrow I'll try again with another engine, or perhaps with electric wheels, but they don't fold up :/ so the lander will get bigger than the big heatshield. Thanks a lot for your fast reply!
  4. Hello, I've created a landing vehicle which has no electric wheels, but monopropellant thrusters. I tested this on Kerbin and they worked fine. However, when activating them on Eve they produce smoke and sound but they give 0kN of thrust?! - The thrust limiter is not on (at 100%) - Fuel requirements are met and the engines do drain fuel. - Status of the engines is Nominal. How come? What's wrong?
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