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  1. I know of a couple, but they might not be what you're looking for.
  2. Also, recently, KVASS by flart. I've been using it lately, very simple and works well.
  3. Sounding rocket motors don't gimbal, because sounding rockets. So they flip if you don't use fins, and don't flip if you use fins.
  4. Yep! Works great, especially if you use tweakscale. BTW, the venerable MEPS still works and is perfect for this kind of application as well...
  5. "TextureReplacerReplaced not compatible anymore " I understand this mod no longer uses TextureReplacerReplaced, but does having it installed (for use with other mods) cause problems? Thanks much
  6. Interesting, how are the periodic garbage collection pauses during flight for you?
  7. Hehe, Fair enough. Might I humbly request a coupling shroud for the revamp? Um, reasonable gimballing would be nice too now that you mention it. I like the Cormorant, because its intermediate size (between "tiny" and "J2") fills a useful niche. Very handy as the upper stage of things smaller than Apollo but bigger than a breadbox.
  8. Ah, that's very good news! Looking forward to it. BTW, I've noticed the Cormorant doesn't seem to have a coupling shroud, at least in my game-- would be using it otherwise. Is that a known issue, or just me? (I do use a lot of mods, maybe a conflict somewhere...)
  9. If it's like most updates, most part-only mods should be fine. I am still using some parts mods last updated for 1.05 with success. Many of the dll mods will be fine, but some will require a reocompile. A few mods will require more in-depth updates. Unfortunately, those mods are among the ones we tend to rely on...
  10. Um... Kerbal distances and weights are adjusted for playability. Always have been, from the very beginning. They are not a depiction of "real life", though they balance reasonably well. If you want real-life weights, gravity, DV, etc, try Realsm Overhaul and the entire related series of mods developed specifically for that purpose.
  11. It does. Janitor's closet is a wonderful utility, and a permanent part of my load order. JC pruning does essentially the same thing as removing config files, and is more easily reversible than deleting files. Warning: some mods put multiple parts in the same cfg file, so if you disable the file (however you do it) you may get more than you bargained for. Part of the reason I tend to delete by hand is that. Best to read the cfg file first, or you won't know what you're buying into.
  12. Along those lines, you can pretty easily remove individual parts from mods. Just remove the cfg files for stuff you don't plan to use. Keep the parts you want, and delete the rest. It adds up, and can help loading times quite a bit.
  13. It you nerf, of necessity, most contracts of (e.g. "test a booster at 3500km in minimus orbit", what) it does make sense. Oh, just discovered a nerf, what = what I can't seem to say "W." "T." "F". Because reasons.
  14. Or you can lower science rewards in the settings. I find it to be a "must have" for science variety and "reasons to do stuff" I reduce my science rewards by to 50%, and it balances well.
  15. And the Cookie Modster claims yet another victim... Om Nom Nom
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