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  1. So I was going through some old screenshots and I found this little thing IIRC, I was messing around with extensions to BDArmory, and testing the practicality of nukes in space combat. So, I detonated a nuke in the middle of a group of frigates. Sorry about the bad screenshot, the game was lagging so bad that I was only able to get this one picture
  2. Just something I made once, not sure if it counts as a mega-ship: The Discovery I Crew Capacity: 122 kerbals Engines: 4x LF-9 “Colossus” Magnetoplasmadynamic Engines Primary Power Source: 4x MX-2L “Excalibur” Fission Reactors, 1x MX-3S F.L.A.T. Fission Reactor Secondary Power Source: 1x OKEB-500 Blanket Photovoltaic Array Communication Systems: 2x RA-100 Relay Antenna Dv: 17,779 m/s It's purely a long-range science ship, and as such almost never uses its full crew capacity. If all goes well, it'll be retired and replaced with the new Discovery II currently in development.
  3. Bit late, but I just couldn't resist posting this thing I honestly don't even remember what I was thinking Made the game lag with all the dust it kicked up Surprisingly stable in flight, though not very maneuverable
  4. The KF-105 "Banshee" Light Fighter is an advanced stealth fighter designed to operate from improvised runways and in groups. The Banshee is often used when heavier fighters either aren't available or cannot operate from a certain location for some reason. Armament: -2x Vulcan guns -2x AIM-120 "AMRAAM" -2x AIM-9 "Sidewinder" Technical Specifications: Parts: 75 Mass: 10.604t Height: 2.8m Weight: 8.7m Length: 12.8m Engine: 1x J-404 "Panther" Afterburning Turbofan Notes: The unique aerodynamic properties of the Banshee means that it is capable of flying and maneuvering with one or even two wings missing (tests courtesy of Object Thrower) Craft File: Well? Thoughts? Suggestions? What did you like? What did you not? I'd welcome feedback, this is the first craft I've decided to post on here.
  5. A few screenshots from a recent Eve mission
  6. (For anyone that doesn't know what the title refers to, NASA recently found 7 Earth-size planets orbiting a star ~40 light-years away, press release here) Am I the only one who wants to see this as a mod? Would it be possible to make this a mod using Kopernicus? (Picture for reference)
  7. Ok, so i was doing more testing and I decide to launch this craft: I turn on ignore max temperature, no crash damage, and unbreakable joints. Then I hit launch. The result was spectacular. Then, exactly one second later, this happens: I revert to launch, and... It's the same glitch as in Danny2462's video "Shady"! Side note, does anyone know the glitch's name? Or if it has one?
  8. I'm not even sure what happened...
  9. Well I thought I'd take a crack at this Behold, the Aurora Mk. I! Top Speed: 1,704 m/s Most G-Force: 183.9Gs Point total: 1,704+183.9=1,887.9 points (I did use the Ignore Max Temperature cheat, but I stayed under the part limit) The Aurora Mk. I is a small, single engine craft designed around the philosophy of using minimal parts to decrease drag and weight. In order to meet this end, the engineers decided to completely forgo the use of vertical stabilizers, relying instead on thrust vectoring for control.
  10. More Landscapes! Titanus (Above) and Sonnah (Below) Both planets are from the New Horizons mod ( I took the Sonnah one from Kerbin's ice caps. In hindsight that may not have been the best idea)
  11. Got this one while landing on Ike. Probably already been done, but I thought it was nice
  12. It feels so small now, but it's by far the largest thing I have in orbit (it currently stands at 525 parts, weighing 198.72 t). I am thinking of creating a dedicated refueling station around the Mun to contest that title though.