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  1. Dont know if this would help But Flight systems redux IVA/Propspack by @MOARdV has some amazing Apollo Stuff in it, i could make an IVA For the Apollo pod/LEM @CobaltWolf and @VenomousRequiem
  2. Is there Any possible way i can import the .mu into blender and re-export it but use the same prop Cfgs, I want to put some manual instruments in their place.
  3. actually it was pretty Straight Forward. i plan on making a Kerbalized Shuttle cockpit, Anyone know how i remove those Horrible screens that the stock one has?
  4. Alright, thanks @martinezfg11 @SpannerMonkey(smce)@wasml and @MOARdV
  5. I got it all set now, Adding in some ASET Avionics Bits. I might need to reset the texture Directories for the Aset bits though. Do i need to add the textures in unity? Also how do i export the Cfg. EDIT - Also do i need to add in the Crew seats and Cameras/lights/Transforms/Misc Bits again.
  6. Tried to spawn the iva, Insanity Ensued.
  7. Wish i had read that earlier, i went the hard route and Ported the .mu into blender Redid the Texture mapping(Because blender likes misaligning things) Then Ported it into unity and got to setting up the props.
  8. I already got it but thanks for the Tip MOARdV(Love your username btw), Also the unity and parttools bit is Obvious to anyone who isn't lazy and clicked on the several Mod related Posted Stickied at the top. I already have Unity and parttools setup but I needed to know how I get the Cfgs for the props, If I have to write it manually or something. is it possible to Import the .cfg for the IVA So i can keep the current props/Replace them without replacing ALL of them.
  9. Sure it was from tantares, Auva does not sound like anything from that pack. if it is and it got lost somewhere along the line of development then you can always rename a Random Part of similar spec in its Cfg.
  10. you have to remove Duski. from the beginning of the URL, The album is still there.
  11. Why is - Lack's SXT (although only the engines have RO configs as of yet) - Ven's Stock Part Revamp - Contract Configurator - Custom Barn Kit Required.
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