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  1. Hello! Do You plan to make "Energy" lv in future,...and maybe "Angara" class family after, despite the limited information about there,...maybe far far far (nope, nope, nope) after. I know, there is maybe a lot of other mods for KSP that representing modern and perspective soviet/russian launchers, but i realy like the stile of Your works, and therefore something like the "roadmap" will be realy interesting. Another one. Will You make the alternative textures for spacecraft, especialy for Soyuz (Old pale green, modern black) and the plugin that will allow to switch them in the VAB (like in ProbesPlus or BDB as example or something). Many thanks!
  2. Hello, Beale! Those Launchers and spacecraft are cool! But, with all modesty, don't you think that the exhaust simulation of engines are looking incorrect? For example In BDB i seen, IMHO, correct correlation of particle speed, atm. pressure, altitude etc. I am not familiar with smoke screen and real plume, so i can't do it myself. Sorry if this has already been discussed. Hello from Russia and therefore sorry for bad english.
  3. Hello Akron! Just want to say, that You doing great job with it, and i'm wery happy to finally see the official update. I have two questions about this: 1 - Does the science instruments of Voyager/Pioneer and other works with the "Outer Planets Mod" by CaptRobau? 2 - Where you get this beautifull clouds and atmospheres from Your 0.14 release imgur album? I'm sorry for, but my english at very basically level, cuz i'm writing this from the "Mother KRussia" and didn't use the translator (google is too "machinery" and strongly incorrect therefore). Many thanks!