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  1. I haven't had the issue with the inline docking ports. My two parts that like to cause the bug are the utility bay and the cargo bay that opens on top and bottom. The standard cargo bay seems to work fine. Ps the bay's not providing aero shielding was a bug from over a year ago and it's what caused me to stop playing this mod. I'm happy to confirm it does appear to be completely fixed. I even tested it with FAR last night and all parts seemed to be performing as expected in either aero model. Great job!
  2. Yeah I knew this was a known bug from a long time ago but from reading I wasn't sure if it had been narrowed down to which parts where causing it. As to the aerospike, it doesn't seem to cause it on crafts that don't have either of the two bays. But I had a ship that had two of the deployment bays and the craft was working just fine. I'd used it on several missions. When I swapped out the engines I had been using for the aerospike is when the 1000m bug got triggered. After swapping back to a different engine the bug persisted. So it could be sheer coincidence or it could be something in the ae
  3. Woot thanks for the change on the lh2 storage and for the credit. I may still play with my op values but glad to see I could help. I found another small imbalance the the opt j science lab is crazy over powered. looking in the .cfg the stock ModuleScienceConverter has: researchTime = 7 //Larger = slower. Exponential! scienceMultiplier = 5 //How much science does data turn into? the opt j lab has researchTime=5 scienceMultiplier=6 Just doing a few orbits around kerbin or making a run out to minmus I can fill up the science lab and
  4. I read that wiki and saw the math on the wave length. But If I understand you correctly there are parts further into the tech tree that allow transmitters in those shorter wavelengths? I'm curious then what is the optimal usage of the longest wavelengths? Just surface lanches or lko beaming sats only?
  5. Hey guys, it's been a year or two since I last played this mod and I wanted to say thanks for continuing to develop/support it. I'm currently playing career mode and am just starting to get into the kspi content. I have many of the basic parts unlocked but am not deep enough into the tech tree for the upgrades or advanced parts. Anyways I'm not sure if this should be posted here or in the support thread but I have a question on setting up beamed power. When I last played the distance that you could beam power wasn't a huge concern it was possible to send up a few sats with huge tweak
  6. Sure the boil off is a good point. And that would make since if the tanks carried 80-90% of the lh. But the mass fraction was so out of wack as to make the parts unusable. The difference of 400dv vs 5000dv is too big a difference
  7. Ok so I made an edit in the OPT_B9PS_cryo.cfg file to look like this : // New tank types B9_TANK_TYPE:NEEDS[CryoEngines] { name = OPTLH2O tankMass = 0.00015 tankCost = 0.4 RESOURCE { name = LqdHydrogen unitsPerVolume = 14.985 } RESOURCE { name = Oxidizer unitsPerVolume = 0.999 } } B9_TANK_TYPE:NEEDS[CryoEngines] { name = OPTLH2 tankMass = 0.00015 tankCost = 0.25 RESOURCE { name = LqdHydrogen unitsPerVolume = 30
  8. Sorry if this has been posted but I have looked and can't find anyone else with a similar problem :) I'm not sure if this is a conflict with this mod or with one of the other hundred mods I have installed but.... I have a lot of mods that use lqdHydrogen as a fuel like the cryo engines, near future, and nuclear mods. I'm getting expected amounts of hydrogen fuel with most other tanks. But any spaceplane parts ( both OPT parts and mk2 parts) have an order of magnitude too little fuel in them. Yes, hydrogen fuel is supposed to be fluffy needing larger volume but having less mass. If I compa
  9. The mun to minmus is weird. Sometimes I've done it with less than 200 dv to leave mun orbit and get a minmus encounter. But if they aren't lined up right it can take 800+... but if your not playing with life support and your willing to be patient you don't need much. However I will say it's WAY easier to go from minmus to the mun than the other way.
  10. Hey I haven't played with the the new update yet as I'm wanting to wait a bit for more mods to get 1.2 but... on the most recent update for 1.1.3 if you have one vessel with a microwave receiver, a thermal receiver, a transmitter and a relay and you activate all of them at the same time it spike the memory useage to all 16g that I have and drops the frame rate to about .1.
  11. I haven't I should though. I can confirm that increasing the lookup radius does cut down on a lot of problems. But I've been tweaking values so much I lust wanted to play a bit.
  12. I haven't been able to get any sort of reasonable performance out of any of the engines when connected to any reactor, the reactors are just too heavy. I just beam power and use the thermal receiver.
  13. change of topic here if you don't mind. How are precoolers supposed to function in KSPI? I'm asking becuase I'm trying to play with the scram jet from mk2 expansion mod. The engine won't kick on until mach 4 and it's supposed to run all the way up to mach 15... but at mach 4 it get about 15kn of thrust and then over heats and shuts off. I've messed with precoolers and different altitudes to no effect. Are there settings I can turn down that effect how engines overheat?
  14. try that now was trying to publish through google docs just downloaded it as a jpg to upload to imgur.
  15. On that note I really should be taking notes as I go through the .cfg files and I'm sorry I'm not but 3 things... 1. One of the cargo bays (I think it was the avatar or the humpback but honestly forgot sorry ) had it's closedPosition = set to 1 it should be 0 since it starts closed. 2. For whatever reason I just could not get the humpback parts to not have drag inside the cargo bays until I increased it's look up radius. I doubled the value to make it work I'm sure a smaller value would also work but that's what it took for me 3. Also is there a way to get the hollow fuselages
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