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  1. The only indication I can find as to how I got them is the folder creation date. All are from the 12th, this month. I swear, I can't even remember ever installing them. Must have just zipped by, thought "Ooooh, shiny!", installed them, and then forgot all about it. The files themselves have no indication of authors in them. The folder names are: TexturesUnlimited_KRE TexturesUnlimited_NearFutureSolar TexturesUnlimited_ProceduralFairings TexturesUnlimited_TundraExploration I've just searched for all four in Add-On Releases. Literally the only result is a comment by @Mecripp, here: No clue whether he is at all involved in the creation of the patch or is just another user (though a happier one than I, it appears).
  2. I had been pretty sure I had installed no such patches. But while I was making that list of folders, I found that I had installed extra textures for procedural fairings, and for near future solar panels. It seems to work now. Thank you.
  3. @Shadowmage, I apologize, I didn't mean to suggest you should do support for other people's mods. Since the issue here only appears when I load the game with TU and affects parts from two different mods (Procedural Fairings and Near Future Solar), written by different people as far as I can see, I thought any single cause would likely be on some more fundamental level, most likely my own incompetence. I don't suppose there's a complete-ish list of mods that use TU anywhere?
  4. So I'm using a bunch of mods that have Textures Unlimited as a dependency. And I'm sure it's a great and glorious mod. Pretty much all I notice of it, though, is pretty dark. Specifically Procedural Fairings, which I use a lot, from the fairing bases to the fairings themselves. As you can see here, the fairings look pretty dark when I try and launch: While, in the VAB, they don't look like that: But what does look like that in the VAB is the fairing base, and the Near Future Solar solar-panels. I looked through this thread, but couldn't find a solution. I'm visually handicapped, so it's quite plausible that I might have overlooked it. In which case I apologize for cluttering up the place, but would humbly request to be pointed at said solution. In case I didn't, but am just doing something wrong (most likely, actually). What am I doing wrong? Is Textures Unlimited looking for some manner of light/shade/reflectivity maps for the affected textures and, failing to find such, can only present the affected surfaces as though in darkness? Or is it just some setting that I've buggered up? Here be my graphics settings: Using DirectX 12, btw., too many crashes and bsods in OpenGL mode. I have tried, on a few occasions, to start the game without Textures Unlimited. Stuff looks normal, though I suspect I'm missing something. As you can deduce from my graphics settings, I'm not so bothered about getting the most luxurious optics. Is that my only option, just starting the game without it? Thanks in advance for any advice and help!
  5. Ugh. The driver removal tool seemed to have removed some remnant of the old Nvidia drivers that, it appears, was also used by the AMD drivers. So I uninstalled the Radeon drivers and software, and reinstalled (no "Repair" option, and it wouldn't install on top of an existing install of the latest version). I reverted all my mods to the state I had found and enjoyed for a number of hours only yesterday. Now, when I start the game in DirectX, I get to the VAB, and when I start doing anything, it crashes. When I start the game with -force-glcore, I get to the VAB, and when I start doing anything, just happened twice: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Yes, a replicable BSOD, twice with the same error message. No mention of "DRIVER_...", and of no files, either. I have decided that I will now do the other thing you recommended, @4x4cheesecake, I will install fresh. I will obviously backup my saves and GameData, except for the module-manager cache files. There will be a test drive with the unmodded game, in DirectX and in OpenGL modes respectively, and then I will go back to my profusion of mods. If I still get only crashes or BSODs, that would be worthy a new question (which is why I've marked this answered - the missing parts issue was resolved, after all). Thanks for the advice, @4x4cheesecake! Postscript: I failed to backup the output logs after the crashes in DirectX mode. Yes, I know, ¡Dŭh!. But in case anyone needs to prove to themselves that they can really, really focus on something that's upsetting some dude in Germany on a very non-existential level, here are the crash-dumps of the last two "mere" crashes: Here is the output log, such as it is and as I found it after the latest BSOD: And just in case, the KSP.log:
  6. I do have a laptop. But that is so anemic, it can barely run windows. Installing KSP would be pointless, even without any mods. I'm now looking into downgrading to mod versions that worked the last time. Thanks for the help, though!
  7. After successfully starting up the game yesterday, and playing with no significant issue for a few hours, I had just left it running. After reading your suggestions, and because one or two other mods weren't working right, I shut the game down. Updated ClickThroughBlocker, took out AmpYear, put in Fusebox. Restarted the game. Play for maybe two or three minutes. And the system just bricks. The screens remain on, frozen, and that's it. System responds to nothing at all. When I hit the power button on the case to power down (so as to power up again), instead of having to wait five seconds, it powers down instantly. So I conclude something excrements itself deep down in there, that's the chipset/bios/power-supply business. After I reboot, I take out Fusebox again, update the mods that hadn't been working right, put Ampyear back in, start it up again. I make it all the way to the VAB (with QuickStart first taking me to the Space Center). BSOD. DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL This time, I got a filename: WppRecorder.sys Googling it tells me little about it, other than that there appear to be a number of fraudulent looking "repair tools" available. And that it appears to have been mostly associated with Windows 8 woes. Searching my harddrive tells me there are two instances of the file. One in System32, one in some AMD64 related sub folder (judging by the folder name) of WinSxS. I know for a fact that this is the first time I've seen this filename. And yet, off I go, a googlin'.
  8. Thank you! I will give that removal tool a go. And I will try the newer Fusebox. Ampyear is nice, just not so convenient.
  9. I've kept on trying to rule out the culprit and, finally, found it. Maybe. But when I start the game without Fusebox, everything looks normal once again. DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is the most common error message, but not nearly the only one. The only filename I've ever gotten was a windows .sys file. I kept googling the different error messages, most suggest a faulty driver, which was why I had first spent days trying different drivers for my Radeon card, installing any existing updates for any number of other drivers, and updating my BIOS. Eventually, I had ended up reinstalling my old nVidia video card and drivers. The last BSOD came with that IRQL error, after I had put "EasyBoard" and "EasyVesselSwitch" back in, though I'm personally skeptical it was either of these. Presently testing them out. That last BSOD was also the opportunity for me to switch back to my newer video card, and to install a new driver that seems to have dropped in the last few days (or that I had earlier tried downgrading from and forgot). I can at least be pretty sure that, if all those BSODs had the same cause, it's not the video card, nor its driver.
  10. Okay, situation: haven't played KSP in about a week, since I'd get only crashes after a few minutes, or BSODs during startup, with a variety of error codes. I eventually decided: probably the video card I bought off of ebay is defective. So I installed my old card, cleared up the drivers, and start the game. And get a BSOD. I try again, and this time, it starts up. But what do I see in the VAB? This: Struts and the external fuel duct appear the only parts present, and they all look like you see here. Unavailable for root, obviously. I've tried starting the game just normally, no fancy command-line things. This is the log: And it looked like this. Then I've tried starting the game with -force-glcore, to force OpenGL mode. This is the log: Looks the same. Tried restarting the game over a dozen times, no new BSODs at least. I've tried starting it with and without a number of mods, no guilty party stood out with different results. Mods I've thus ruled out include Filter Extensions, Interstellar Fuel Switch, Toolbar, Toolbar Control, and several more, tried starting the game up maybe 20 times. Always looks like this. This is my epic list of mods, as they got listed in the KSP.log file: KSP 1.4.3 Windows 10, 64 bit 16 GB RAM Nvidia Geforct GT640 Graphics drivers and BIOS are up to date. 11 GB empty space on the drive. Anyone got any ideas? Any critical info I've failed to include?
  11. My logs and addon list are so bloated, I can't blame you for not bothering to check them. After your initial suggestion, I thought it might be Surface FX, so I turned those off in the settings and tried again. No joy. I also just went back in there, dialed Aerodynamic Effects down to Very Low, and rendering to Fastest. Whatever is missing, it's still required with those settings, too. The circle appears. If it is JSIAdvTransparentPods, it must be JSIAdvTransparentPods when using OpenGL. That mod was a dependency for something, I've had it for ages and ages. I may test this, but probably not today. Thank you, however, for the suggestion!
  12. @Lisias thanks! Do you mean the Scatterer addon? That would be curious, because I didn't install it. If it's in there, it must be part of some other mod. It's not even in the list of addons that comes out in KSP.log, so it can only be integrated into something or another.
  13. EDIT: I'm not using the Scatterer addon. Problem occurs with Surface FX turned off and Aerodynamic Effects on Very Low. I looked through this forum but couldn't find this. If I overlooked it, please lemme know, so I can chuck this question out/mark it resolved. Since I don't usually hang around in the altitude regime in question, and I can work around it, I'm not desperate for a fix. Would appreciate one, of course. But I'm posting this primarily because I thought someone else might be interested in seeing it. I suspect some stock part of the game may be impacted. When ascending, at 20,000m, the surface of Kerbin rips open into a big black circle - that also blots out the stock parts of the UI. It grows, and grows, and disappears at ~55,000m. During reentry, at about ~55,000m, the big black circle reappears, and shrinks and shrinks until it disappears again at 20,000m. I've observed this over a number of launches over the past few days. In fact, ever since I had managed to overcome recurring crashes by running the game in OpenGL mode. Never saw it before, not even when it would crash, so I strongly suspect it's OpenGL related. It is also, probably, mod-related, simply because of the vast number of mods that I use. However, as you can see in the screenshot and in the video, this circle will blot out all parts of the stock game - including the navball, stock toolbar, etc. But elements added by mods. Such as the AGX window, or the Gravity Turn UI, are not affected. They are not affected. Not even the little Navball Adjuster tab disappears - while the rest of the Navball does. This occurs during launch or reentry, even after flying a whole mission. At 20,000 meters, the surface of Kerbin rips open, the circle grows bigger and bigger, but at about 55,000 meters, it disappears. On the return journey, the big black circle appears at about 55,000 meters, and gets smaller and smaller, disappearing at 20,000m. When I zoom out, it also goes away. But when I zoom back in, and I'm in the affected altitude range between 20km and 55km, the circle reappears, also. In the video, I was already too high when I zoomed back in during the launch, but during the reentry later in the video, you can see behavior with the zoom. I had left the computer on over night, with the game running, before I made the video. Posting a 341 Mb output_log would not help anyone. So I've just restarted the game, same addons, and repeated this flight, same rocket, and saw the same behavior. The much smaller Output_log: The epic list of addons (as extracted from KSP.log, so including every little thing that's packed in with one mod or another):
  14. Start the game in OpenGL mode. Open the command prompt, go to the game directory, and enter the name of the game's .exe file, followed by a space, followed by -force-glcore I use the 64bit Windows version, so for me, it looks like this: Ksp_x64 -force-glcore This will start up the game, and all is happiness and flowers and yipee! But you ask: I didn't grow up with an 80286 running MS-DOS 3.1! I don't know how to command prompt! I never even wrote a new autoexec.bat so I could play Space Quest V! Well, I have nothing better to do this exact minute, so here you go: Step 1: hit windows-key + r Step 2: in the little window that comes up, enter the following: cmd Hit Enter. Step 3: you should now see the black command prompt, it should say something like C:\users\yourname> with the cursor blinking on the right. Enter the following: cd.. and hit enter. That is the letter c, letter d, and two periods, those ain't a typo. Repeat until it says C:\> with the cursor blinking on the right. Step 4: Now we go to the game directory. Just enter cd, followed by a space, followed by the folder name. For me, that's cd Kerbal Space Program Then hit enter. Step 5: As explained above. For me, with the 64 bit version, I enter Ksp_x64 -force-glcore and hit enter, and puppies and candycakes 'n stuff. That is, the game starts up in OpenGL mode, and stops crashing, disappearing, freezing the system, or raining down BSODs. Will, instead, behave as it should (in as much as a modded install has any way it "should" behave). Postscript: There is probably, no, definitely a simple, easy, elegant way to make a shortcut do it, start the game in OpenGL mode. I, however, have not found that way, nor any complex, difficult, clumsy way of doing it. So I cannot speak to that. Doing it with the command prompt as described here, however, works.
  15. So I tried narrowing down a single mod that's causing the mischief. After another round of sudden game closures, crashes, and a bsod, I thought I had it narrowed down to RealScale Boosters. Turns out that wasn't it. I even downgraded to an older driver for my video card, suspecting a recent update to be at fault. Nope. So, slightly exasperated, I just put all my mods back in GameData, started up the game, and went out running errands for a few hours. When I came back, my computer was showing me a lot of my desktop, but no KSP. Conclusion: It evaporated inexplicably, as it had so often. I look in output_log.txt, and I find a pile of these: d3d: failed to create 2D texture id=2344 w=10 h=10 mips=4 d3dfmt=894720068 [invalid call] Click here for the logfile: So something is not right with Direct 3D? Huh, I say. Let's try with OpenGL again. I start the game with the command-line bit "-force-glcore", which that message from Textures Unlimited suggests upon startup. It is suggested once more during startup, so I now suspect I might be doing something wrong there. However. The game comes up. For a few minutes, all seems well. Until DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. BSOD. After I reboot, I look into this here log file: And what do I find? A lot of Module TweakScale threw during OnStart: System.Xml.XmlException: Document element did not appear. file:///C:/Kerbal Space Program/GameData/TweakScale/plugins/PluginData/Scale/config.xml Line 1, position 1. and quite a few Material doesn't have a texture property '_BumpMap' I checked the TweakScale version, it's the current one also found on SpaceDock, 2.3.12, released April 16, which appears to be current according to the forum thread, also. I stand flummoxed. And confounded. Witless, certainly, and surely helpless. EDIT: Witless as I am, I had been trying to start the game in OpenGL mode all wrong, it appears. Just now I tried it a different way from what was suggested elsewhere in this forum, starting the game via manual command prompt rather than with the -force-opengl added to the target line in the shortcut, as had been suggested. The latter approach, or the same with the -force-glcore command, had always resulted in the warning from Textures Unlimited. Just now, starting via the command prompt, with -force-glcore, I got no such warning. Huh. Fingers crossed this will do it.