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  1. So I've tried again. Had three tourists in orbit, waiting to get to the Munar surface station where another three had just finished their stay. Had only transported three down because the Munar lander I had stationed in orbit is a three seater, and fuel availability had me limited the flights to and from the Munar surface. Docking that three seat lander to anything broke the game as describe. So I launched another lander I had designed earlier, an 8 seater, flew it to the Mun (no Hyperedit), picked up the three tourists from orbit, landed, and had them all stick around until the station t
  2. Problem: I dock two spacecraft in Munar orbit. Right up to the moment of docking, all works normally, I hit F5, the game freezes for a few seconds, and a savegame is created. I can switch to other vessels, etc., go to Tracking Station, all as normal. Once I've docked, however, I can't. Hitting F5 then does nothing. Trying to save via the pause menu, I click save and the dialog box disappear, the game freezes - for two seconds or two minutes, it remains frozen until I hit escape. It runs again, but no savegame was created. I cannot go anywhere via the GoTo mod. I cannot go to KSC or
  3. Okay, completing contracts seems to work with the station now in MKO. I'll try and complete the relevant contracts, and then will get rid of this cursed station. One weird thing has popped up. Not for the first time, this weird thing had also manifested on another station. There, it had affected an inflatable habitat, while here it affects the big thing I have because I like having too many torques. Electric charge on the part isn't any real value, but NaN. See screenshot: As you can see, I've stopped the Electric Charge resource. This was necessary, because if it wasn't, the
  4. I think I have (a) very hazy idea(s) about fixing this mess. But I really need someone who has some knowledge about the game's nuts and bolts to point me in the right direction. I've just started an attempt to Hyperedit the problematic station from Tracking Station. Ship Lander didn't work, obviously. I Hyperedited the station into low Kerbin Orbit and, just to see what would happen, hit "Fly". And lo and behold: the station, now orbiting Kebrin, appeared on my screen, as did the usual messages re Camera mode, and the thumbnails of the Kerbals on board. AND THE GAME DIDN'T CRASH! "Yipe
  5. Did it, tested it. Didn't help, indeed, but thank you regardless! When it crashed this time, I got the little white message box with the exclamation mark again, see screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZA6abAEYm1iMPcYbRzVLncGr5dSTJR71/view?usp=sharing I have the impression there is some kind of memory dump going on there, by unity, but I cannot locate it. Is this something relevant? If so, where and how could I find it? Logs of the most recent attempt: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1n5WiGUiKWO7jQGBLiSUt7TRP6_2-NF1I?usp=sharing What confuses me is that I think I swi
  6. EDIT: I think I have an idea, but have no clue how to implement it. See below, 4th contribution in this thread. OS: Windows 10; Version 1909, Build 18363.1016 Game version: 1.10.2939; x64; en-us Mods: very many, see spoiler below CKAN: No. Steam: I have Steam on this machine, but I don't use it for anything Kerbal related (been playing Kerbal longer than I've been using Steam). Game mode: Career, custom difficulty Problem: I try and switch to a space station I have orbiting Minmus. That station has about a dozen high paying tourists on board, a rescued Kerbal or two, an
  7. I, too, get an error message. Both with the big download button at the top, and with the download button in changelog, the file is 404.
  8. Dang. Wish I had paid a little more attention in object-oriented C++ at uni. And I guess most of the game is really just a fancy database application? Well, I'm retired, on a disability pension. On the days when I can get some work done, for some hours, neither of which are predictable, mind, I shall announce myself available to testdrive pre-release builds on saves I'm not particularly attached to. Might even set up a vanilla game, just for that purpose. That goes for Tweakscale, @Lisias, and for Decoupler Shrouds (are the best schrouds!), @navot. Here's your christmas tree, hang all yo
  9. Upvoted. Dang. Tweakscale is definitely one of my top 5 favorite mods, and Decoupler Shrouds probably makes top 10. I'd be very sad to loose them.
  10. Heya! Love this mod, love it dearly. Slight problem has arisen for me in 1.8. Is this just me (and my jillion mods)? If anybody else has encountered this, and found a fix, I'd much appreciate if you could share it. If anybody uses Decoupler Shrouds with 1.8 and this problem doesn't occur, I'd also much appreciate knowing it.
  11. @jrbuddaThank you thank you thank you! I hadn't actually been following this thread and had just kept using the last version of Kerbal Engineer that had been released through the more official channels. Then, after updating to 1.8, I found the editor unusable. Either with or without Engineer. You're a lifesaver, man! I'll be following this from now on!
  12. So I looked at toolbar-settings.dat Inside, it looked like this: toolbars { SPACECENTER { toolbar_612624109 { x = 300 y = 300 width = 250 height = 3 autoHide = False drawBorder = True useKSPSkin = False buttonOrder = visibleButtons = QuickGoToVAB.QuickGoToVAB,QuickGoToTS.QuickGoToTS,QuickGoToSPH.QuickGoToSPH scale = 24 followKSPAppScale = False followKSPUIScale = True } } EDITOR { toolbar_978760191 { x = 732 y = 155 width = 250 height = 3 autoHide = False drawBorder = True useKSPSkin = False buttonOrder = vis
  13. I assure you. Every update that AVC and Spacedock informed me about is installed. This might be (probably is) unrelated. But since it involves what is being displayed, I thought I should mention it, just in case there is a relation to the missing toolbar. I just was playing around to try and nail down an issue I thought was related to the stock camera mode in the VAB, as everything slowed down to a very choppy, very slow crawl when I hit "5". However, 5 also turned on RCS Build Aid. Turning off the same by clicking the toolbar button made everything work smoothly again. In either camer
  14. First off: thanks for you tireless and magnificent efforts, @linuxgurugamer. I appreciate that you probably don't have the time to deal with my problem. I just updated to 1.8, and updated what addons I could, including this one. Toolbar Controller lets me assign things to the Blitzy toolbar. But where I'd expect to see the toolbar, there is only a tiny black square. I made a screenshot, the tiny black square is part of the UI, stays stationary on my screen as I look around. In this screenshot, it's just above the launchpad water-tower: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mWyR8xK_wHxy2TrCgHm
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