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  1. Andrew Ridgely

    Best Interplanetary Craft!

    Good day everyone! What's your best/favorite craft that you've made for interplanetary missions? I haven't gotten past Mun yet, but I'd love to see what others have made, to get an idea of how to get to other planets Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! I just was wondering what engine would be best for long distance interplanetary missions. Which engine is the most efficient (in a vacuum) Fuel wise and dV wise? Imagine a trip from Kerbin to Jool, or even farther. Thanks everyone!
  3. Andrew Ridgely

    Best Mun Craft?

    Yeah, I am new haha Thanks for the tips! I will definitely use them when I play!
  4. Andrew Ridgely

    Best Mun Craft?

    Thank you. It is probably my choice of parts and also my piloting skills (they aren't that good yet). I will definitely pay more attention to my mass, engine choice, and fuel efficiency. Again, thank you.
  5. Andrew Ridgely

    What Next?

    Hey everyone! Just a quick survey After you've explored all the planets and moons, what do you do next? (I am nowhere near exploring all of them, I barely made it to the mun this last weekend. xD) I would just like to know what you all like to do after. Thanks! Sincerely, Andrew Ridgely
  6. Andrew Ridgely

    Rockets or Space Planes?

    Yeah, I really didn't expect this many people to respond, but this is good; it really helps! Thanks everyone!
  7. Andrew Ridgely

    Best Mun Craft?

    how do you get so much delta-v with that one tank??? I seem to have so many tanks, yet not enough delta-v.
  8. Andrew Ridgely

    Favorite Non Orange Suit Kerbal?

    Sidbus Kerman! He's my main scientist, and I take him almost everywhere I can. He's also my only Non-Orange Suit Kerbal, so maybe when I hire more I'll find a new favorite, but Sidbus will always have a place in my heart.
  9. Andrew Ridgely

    Rockets or Space Planes?

    Hey everyone! During my time in KSP - I've only recently started playing - I've mainly used rockets from the VAB. I have barely any experience making space planes, but I see people using them all the time. Should I start using them? Which do you prefer? Rockets or Space Planes?
  10. Hey everyone, I have a quick question regarding Delta V. A lot of times my rockets wont have enough to make a full burn, and I'll have to use the next stage to complete it, which puts my whole mission out of whack. Any tips for getting more Delta V? Thanks!
  11. Andrew Ridgely

    Ways to store more fuel?

    Hey everyone! I have a quick question regarding fuel. It seems that every time I build a rocket, I somehow never have enough fuel. And with each fuel tank I add, it becomes slower and heavier, and overall harder to control. Plus, it doesn't look good. I tried replicating an Apollo Style landing on the Mun, but even the lander ran out of fuel My designs must not be efficient enough - I just started playing KSP a few weeks ago, so I'm still learning haha - any tips on better designs? Thanks! -Andrew R
  12. Andrew Ridgely

    Best Mun Craft?

    Hey everyone! What is your best craft (that you made) for going to the mun?
  13. Andrew Ridgely

    90 Km Orbit Too Low?

    Hey everyone, just a quick question. I put a small satellite in orbit around Kerbin. The AP is 91 KM, and the PE is 89 KM. Is this too low? Will my orbit "decay" and cause my satellite to crash into Kerbin? Thanks in advance
  14. Andrew Ridgely

    Mun or Minmus?

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering which moon i should visit first. Mun or Minmus? I haven't been to either in my own game. So which do you think i should go to first?
  15. Andrew Ridgely

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Would like to see more of this project!