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  1. well I have that problem with the tsar too, so thats normal, but make sure the weapon manager is on the craft, and didn't break off, and make sure its the weapon manager and not one of the other extra things *Edit* Its kinda hard for me to troubleshoot problems when im not the one controlling things
  2. First: don't do anything with the files other then transfer whats in the mods Gamedata folder inside the KSP gamedata folder, You don't have to put one mod folder into the other, just put what comes with each mod under the Gamedata folder into the KSP's gamedata folder Second: the weapon manager is near the bottom of the BDarmory list in the hanger (as far as I know) and you can't search for it (at-least I can't) because its not part of the "search" program yet Third: Ask @SpannerMonkey(smce) or @harpwner as they are more knowledgeable on KSP's inner workings
  3. Now to make a larger, and more deadly ship to be the lead for that carrier "MwuaHaHaHaHa"
  4. I know its been a long time since I posted here, and a long time since I played KSP, but here is something I just started today, and am mostly done, its loosely based on this: and I kinda added my own flair to it, I still have to add lights, and some super small details, but other then that, its done, hope you enjoy! (side note: it was created with parts from here, and SM marine, and can't remember where the gun is from, but its some BDA mod, and all this was done is 1.2, not 1.3 as I have not updated yet)
  5. there isn't one, but you can go to SpaceDock and download it
  6. There are 4 nodes on the BD rails, bottom, right, left, and the node for attaching the rail to the plane. Try placing the missiles on the rails via surface attach, rather then using the nodes. I have never heard of anybody having this glitch before (If its even a glitch), so you might be doing it wrong, post screenshots of the missile on the rails
  7. Well this is a new one I have never heard before. Are you sure you are putting the missile on the rail, and the right way (Not half inside the pylon, or anything)
  8. You installed it wrong, inside that folder is a GameData folder, and you want to take the contents of the gamedata folder out of it, and put it into the KSP GameData folder (its the same for every mod)
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