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  1. Sounds like changing the boot file in terminal (or in a script) doesn't actually do anything. //1:/something.ks print "THIS WON'T RUN". //hello.ks print core:bootfilename. set core:bootfilename to "1:/something.ks". //core:bootfilename changes but it has no effect. reboot. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Hey guys I made a quick and dirty PartModule based off (Acutally derived from) CoMShifter for a kOS idea I had, but then thought I'd share it here too . It adds the "CoM Offset Limit" slider to control the descent mode offset so it can be utilized by kOS scripts for reentry maneuvering(Or manually for finer control) . Should I submit a pull request? Looks like this (Notice the reduced AoA):
  3. Made a very simple but useful UI function Code:
  4. Similar to mechjeb's Ascent Navball Guidance I'm trying to set a direction as my target . Works fine (SAS can use it) but the target /Anti target markers won't show up and I don't get the "Target : Some vessel" UI message. What am I doing wrong? private DirectionTarget dirTgt = null; public void newDirectionTarget(string name,Vector vec) { dirTgt = new DirectionTarget(name); updateDirection(vec); } private bool updateDirection(Vector vec) { if (dirTgt != null) { dirTgt.Update(new Vector3d(vec.X, vec.Y, vec.Z)); return true; } else return false; } FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel.targetObject = dirTgt;
  5. Finally! Got it down to <0.05 degrees off target inclination Though I should stop trying to "improve" my script. Literally had I spent the time on actual orbital mechanics (and math) I would have had something much much better. than . this. I like this one . Really shows how massive RO rockets are(Core diameter : 3.3m or so)
  6. Space is hard, Smart and flexible autopilots are much, much harder. Sure people can dig in and try to come up with some logic,code,whatever to cover as many different designs and scenarios as possible. But that ends there. If we want the ultimate flight automation (in KSP, of course) we need something in lines of a self-improving AI. This is why mods like mechjeb don't satisfy my automation needs .(And OP's, I guess) But that's just my opinion
  7. After months of frustration and almost shift+deleting my KSP install i finally DID IT! F9 IS BACK HOME! "This is LZ-1 on countdown net , The falcon has landed!" It's not great, landing radius is awful (>400m) can't do ASDS , can't go FH but hey, It WORKS! ( I mean , consistently) More pics (duh)
  8. Discovered Kerbal Konstructs SLC-1 : Got to be the pole , right?
  9. @Reddy what you've done is AMAZING WORK! Your work hasn't got the recognition it truly deserves . PEGAS can be a life saver for anyone who wants to take RO seriously. I haven't run it yet but I can already see the endless possibilities .I tried doing something way simpler and after months of trying I finally gave up , But thanks to people like you I may still have a chance at enjoying a super-accurate , closer to real life KSP without getting overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of things . Go PEGAS !
  10. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask , but how do I obtain the gas constant (R) for earth or other bodies atmosphere? . Need it to calculate air density in a kOS script . Also I don't have FAR if that matters. Edit : Found some stuff (atmosphereMolarMass =0.0289644) in RSS configs .
  11. If you like spaceflight, you WILL kOS the S*** outta your rockets . It's just a matter of time Idk what to say , Overwhelmingly awesome CSM ! Gonna steal borrow that around-the-shield raceway idea shamelessly