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  1. Zvezda up and Docked and Progress is too... The truss is gonna be harder then i thought ....wish me luck ...ill take advice if you guys got any..
  2. if you guys dont mind...i just want to share my progress if the ISS build. Using only SSTU parts and some stock. So far i got Zarya up and STS-88 took Unity up and docked. Up next Zvezda. @Shadowmage Let me know if this is ok to keep posting about this. gonna try to do this...but i think i will fail.....unreal how complicated the ISS was to build.
  3. @blackheart612 ok so here is the TweakScale CFG... just copy paste into a a notepad and change the file extension to CFG and put it in the AP folder ...its all the parts.. i hope it works
  4. @T-10a Thank you so much...that was great....but i noticed from the pictures that the 3rd stage fuel tank tapers open toward the SM and the 1st stage tank tips actually connects to the the taper portion. I hope that made sense but i got it to look just like it with a petal adapter. So thank you once again. Now i get to build the rest of the ISS.
  5. Hey guys, im attempting to build a perfect replica of the the Soyuz Rocket, (Doing the whole ISS build step by step, as it was in real life) Im trying to get the dimensions correct, and having some hard time with it..can you guys help me out or point me in the right direction. (not that i cant google it, its just how to convert the scale factor from real world to KSP) Thanks you all.
  6. mechanicH

    retrofuture [1.1.3/1.2]

    this mod is one that got lost in in all the updates. Its actually one of my favorite mod with lots unique parts. I really hope you can bring it back to life. It would be much appreciated.
  7. @blackheart612 hey man first thing , just wanted to thank you for putting in more toys for us to play with , second is a question, was wondering if the tweak scale @TMasterson5 was updated to the current patch, If not, let me know and ill gladly do it and post it here. thanks once again
  8. @Shadowmage Having some kind of weird texture or coloring issue with the SC-E Shuttle. the wheels seem to have mixed textures and so does the extendable docking port. its perfectly functional, just the coloring/texture of off. Can you take a look at is when u have time...BTW im using force-glcore- . Thanks Ohh i forgot to mention...the shuttle itself if absolutely perfect.....every launch is like silk smooth and flawless ... i so love it.
  9. just having fun with this mod ... im happy
  10. well the funny part is that the engines are so OP that it will hit space...i should probably put RCS on it too lol
  11. @TheKurgan @Papa_Joe i put it up on kerbalX ..wanted to share it for all...hope you guys get a kick out of it.
  12. ya i tried that and i totally messed up my craft still learning to manipulate the cfg files im a noob...its ok i deleted it started to build new one ...its more fun for me this way ..i get to make it better now ...thank you for your hard work btw. love the mod. Wait till you see what im building i think you will love it...ill post a pic of it here if its ok with you.
  13. hey guys i just updated this mod and now my craft wont load saying missing parts bahaAgm86Bxx can u guys help me out here. was something taken out or what? ok i just figured it out U took out the Agm cruse ...
  14. Almost looks like my nations flag (Armenia) Almost looks like my nations flag (Armenia)
  15. mechanicH

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    This mans work is never done....KSP might as well put him on the payroll ....with out linux and his constant updates to the mods ...the game would be totally dead.