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  1. Whats that??? I keep saying they need to change the name of this game from KSP (Kerbal Space Program) to SSP (Shadowmage Space Program)
  2. As a temp solution you can use SSTU's shuttle docking port, it has a extendable docking port, as well a nice looking shuttle.
  3. That would be great if you have the time to change that. I uninstalled BDB a while back because with SSTU i have no need for it anymore, just creates too much redundancy. SSTU literally has every thing you need, as far as rockets, lander, and space stations; and combined with JPL it just makes it one of the most rounded mods out there. Thanks Jim for the hard work, im very appreciative of it.
  4. Hey guys i just discovered something, or maybe its been discovered and im just noticing this just now, apparently the TweakEverythingContinued mod has a HUGE conflict with SSTU capsules, throws out a spam of Null... also has issues with TweakScale as well, but thats been known for a while. Just an observation. I uninstalled the TweakEverything mod all is normal now. Mage the Gold looks beautiful, Amazing work. !!!
  5. Works just fine in 1.3, just have your dependencies up to date, and on some of the parts you might have to edit the .cfg and change the Strut to Part so the part shows up in game.
  6. @Jimbodiah we gonna have to change your name to Goldmember
  7. I will try that , i just hope that does not break the dependencies to my other mods such as SSTU. Thanks for the help and the info, , BTW i am very much enjoying Astrogator mod, thank you for your hard work on these very nice mods. Cheers
  8. is there a way to fix this or make it compatible? because i would really love to take advantage of this mod and the opportunities it presents.
  9. @HebaruSan Hi , i just discovered this mod and installed it, and it seems to be working proper, but i had a question about how the PTanks are supposed to auto scale themselves. Now it scales just fine in diameter, but does nothing in length. i have tried different combinations of engines and heavier components and played with the TWR , but it has no effect on the length of the tank. Any idea what im doing wrong. edit: forgot to mention, i do have configurable containers mod, is that a problem with this mod?
  10. oh no problem fish, take your time, the mod works perfect anyways. have a good weekend
  11. i wont judge i have already launched 4 of them, funny enough almost identical design. if you got KJR working you can make it even longer.
  12. Hey guys just in case anyone missed it, RPM for 1.3 if officially released
  13. Awesome !!!!.....I bet if your CPU can talk it would say "........REALLY ....ARE YOU SERIOUS ......I CANT COUNT THAT HIGH!!!!!" Love the music too
  14. Well if your trying to use this in in 1.3 thats your main problem, you should NOT copy all the folders, IF you read a few pages back you will see that all you need is the main B9 folders i.e. B9 Aerospace, HX, Legacy and thats it. It has been stated many times that the dependency folders are out of date and should be downloaded separately. And when you say confusing ,, thats what confuses me.... if you READ, you will see that the mod is not yet compatible to 1.3 on CKAN, nor on GitHub. So i suggest either to wait for the update to CKAN or play 1.2.2.