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  1. Had to edit the 2x2 panel in Blender to make the nameplates
  2. Because I'm flying a truck officer?
  3. Kind of an old video, but still, worth sharing in my opinion.
  4. Parts, around 280-320. Mods, uhhh... All of them? lol I honestly don't know, I have tons of mods installed and just used a little of everything. As for the time, I really wasn't timing it, but a while. Around 4-6 hours of tweaking and searching for the right part. I also made sure it at least could take off and fly every time I changed anything. So total time, maybe 8 hours. Not all at once of course. Wind! and no, it's more like trying to fly a station wagon lol.
  5. Well, I kinda already did Older, laggy video on my old laptop, but I have done that
  6. Not exactly a Delta IV, but it's surly based on it. This is a variation of my favorite rocket in KSP. http://imgur.com/gallery/m1gR5
  7. All .Craft files in description on YouTube. LMK what you think.
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