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  1. My entry for 2907 funds. The lower stage can be easily optimised and I couldn't see the recovered funds so I think it can be improved to be under 2000.
  2. Thanks! Valentina landed on Tylo before landing on Vall first time, so I just touched the surface with Jeb.
  3. I validated my files, fixed and the game still crashed. Now i reinstalled the game and everything works!
  4. Awesome mod but it started to crash on game startup Mods are Beyond Home, Kopernicus, ModularFlightIntegrator, Module Manager all last versions ksp.log
  5. Jebediah's level KSP 1.9.1 Mods used: KER 4 launches 5 kerbals 10238 science
  6. I forgot to remove Hyperedit for the first half of the mission. Can I submit if I have video proof that i didn't use it?
  7. it can be multipile launches but only one craft can exit Kerbin SOI it can be same kerbal or two different kerbals
  8. Goal: Make a brownie ice cream: pick up some brownie from Moho, some ice from Eeloo, then land on Kerbin without landing on other bodies. Rules: No cheats Landers must be manned No mods that add parts or alter the physics Lowest launch mass wins!
  9. first there should be a category for least parts Edit: 162 parts, 11t, 0 kerbals
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