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  1. Worked on turboprops, got these with great fun! Thanks, especially to @Majorjim! (and @klond ) for the RCS-Thermometer hinges! http://imgur.com/a/wsL4O Since I'm too into the performance of these engines to resist putting all the effort on optimizing the engine, I tried to maximize its TWR output. Here's TWR 7~8 in action. (Looks a bit wierd) Here are 8 juno engines lifting 35t. Engine section weighs 4.73t excluding the mk3 cargo bay. Think I can say tgat the effective ISP is 14000. Currently fabricating something actually useful out of this engine. Not going to be completed soon for no time is allowed for me to work with this simulator.
  2. Hmm... Fairings?
  3. Well, I should've elaborated this: SRBs are not useful if the goal is not about money. (i.e. I meant 'if only' with the word 'only') No need to use it for either simplicity, aesthetics or mass. On the other hand, now I realized there is one more case for SRBs: when you challenged yourself to create eve ascent vehicle out of SRBs.
  4. I'm quite sure that SRBs will only worth it for the money. They are pretty cheap to dispose of, but have no good Isp. (which is especially critical on Eve)
  5. As far as I know, SQUAD added support for pretty much every language so that language packs can easily be incorporated(by individual user) - Take a look at fonts. It's just that the stock install contains 5 languages, which I think is to boost up the sale by supporting the languages with large(st-ish) potential playerbase.
  6. You mean this? Couldn't resist... Well you were partly right. What I want is some kind of space-altar which can be activated in specific positions/orbits. You can gain special resources/parts to gain some engine/ISRU/whatever. If there is nothing for this, I woyld seriously consider making a mod. Before that: how much work would be needed for this kind of mod?
  7. Because I want to kill Kerbals with a reason. More specifically: By reward I mean special resources/parts/conditions from the kerbal or the kraken. Or something that is not reputation/fund - because these does not make sense. Moreover, I think there should be corresponding penalty on this. But I don't care about this point too much. Are there any?
  8. You don't need ablators in heatshields during reentry from LKO-scale speed - adjacent parts might be subjected to more heat, but I don't think it will ruin your ship as the part there is the cargo bay. Imo direct reentry is sometimes not feasible, and it could be better to bounce off and enter again in kerbal universe.
  9. Made a compact mk3 SSTO. Maybe this could be useful for my career save. Realized that now LF-only SSTO is easy to make, and stock jet engines are, indeed, overpowered compared either to reality or to stock rocket engines.
  10. Wanted to create a "small" mk3 spaceplane with decent crew capacity, without any oxidizer. A few adjustments would make this plane great for passenger delivery to LKO in career.
  11. Designing new model of a broadcast hoverdrone. This hovercraft features longer table and more reporters/casters. If flies! Not so well, and needs to be gentle and careful, but it flies anyway. Here we landed! Now you can broadcast something on the R&D bridge! So what to introduce, that is the question...
  12. @sevenperforce, that's splendid! Thanks for sharing your great plane & entry. I didn't seriously thought that long-range VTOL SSTO is actually a thing, with tilting the whole plane. Great job you've done there. Also passing under the R&D bridge SSTO... I just want to give one more karma for this! By the way, I'm trying my own hovercraft on this challenge. Hopefully this will show how a non-plane VTOL could be more efficient on flight..
  13. It's definitely be possible with a heatshield, and more practical with parts with heat tolerance over 2000K -without heatshield this time. Shallow reentry is forgiving for the latter case. Also mk3 spaceplane can be excellent for recovery of small parts, as it can get to orbit for nearly nothing and grants 100% recovery. But even with rockets, lifting 350/t is possible. As the hulk will cost more than 300 and recovery equipment don't cost much, there should be net gain in funds if you aim it right. The real question is: Is it worth the real time spent for the mission?
  14. Oooh.. Actually the part was a joke for the debunked VTOL SSTO video.(Thus strikeout) I thought additional vtol engine would be too much dry mass preventing the Laythe capability. Also there's drag issues. For the craft in the picture, over 320kN of upward thrust is needed. It means over 3 thuds or 2 darts are needed. But now I see that the Nerv could make it possible. So, I'm going to adjust the multiplier to x5 when it's done. Great point. I'll change it so that circumnavigation run is separate from the main mission, since it's more about capabilities. Then the lower speed one will count.
  15. Just don't try, it won't work unless they are special. I've seen that KSP is generally not considered as a game for majority of game players, since this 'game' lacks concrete goals and requires fair amount of knowledge. This alone rules out majority of players from playing KSP, as it's usually headache to create their own goal even in usual circumstances. Moreover, it's hard to be interesting without great interest on space exploration, as there are next to no attractions other than spacey-things and so-called kerbal-ism. Which means most players won't try to get into this game and just fed up with - face it - boring and low-quality explosions. I guess you would be asked 'is this a game, or a simulator?'. For them it is too much of realism, so they will just think it's a realistic simulator to mess up with. You need to accept that it's just a boring simulator for quite a bit of players. But. This game could be fatal for your science teachers/teaching assistants. (Don't know about professors. Maybe I have to try it later)