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  1. Soo after tweaking graphics settings and opening through force OpenGL it now works just fine thanks for the suggestions.
  2. After some time has passed it crashes when I do one of these things. I am running the latest with a ton of mods so im not expecting to find a perfect solution but is there anyway to reduce the consistency of the crashes?
  3. @Streetwind Thanks ya, exactly the explanation I was looking for.
  4. @Streetwind like if I wanted to change the ElectricCharge rate. Then what parts of the original cfg file would I need in the MM file to make that change.
  5. @Streetwind Got it. Guess I was doing something wrong earlier. OK now how would you set up a different module and what would be the general parts needed besides the ones that are being changed.
  6. @Streetwind How would you go about changing max thrust with MM
  7. @Streetwind Yes yes, thank you for clearing things up for me.
  8. I was wondering if anyone knew where and how to make an engine more fuel efficient by change the configs? I've attempted this before but I just ended up making things worse.
  9. soo IDK if this is a bug or not but after setting to specific orbit my ship is fine in till something that's not attached touches it, then the camera starts shaking and the ship's orbit completely disappears. help?