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  1. arctangent

    Are their any agreed upon names for the comnet dishes?

    Yeah, they all have in-game names. You can see them in the list of connected relays your vessel is using when you hover over the signal strength meter. They're also listed in the wiki at (the ones that aren't launch sites are listed under "Others").
  2. arctangent

    Funniest/Coolest Kerbal Names

    I've just been offered a contract to rescue Jesus and her craft from low Eve orbit.
  3. Hey, thanks for the hint! I had (almost) the same problem on Debian 8; didn't think of looking at the log. I just tried 6.3.0-18 from stretch and it seems to fix the issue, so I guess that version must have whatever is needed.
  4. arctangent

    no connection lander

    You decoupled the longer-range antennae, most likely the 16-S's don't have the range to reach the relay. You have the map view in network mode so the green line you're seeing is probably from the debris, rather than the lander.