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  1. I think that's the forum trying to be helpful and failing... if you click the tiny link at the top where it says "GRS replied to a topic" it takes you to the right place
  2. The following is an attempt to add alt text to an image.
  3. @sevenperforce are you getting those numbers from the dV map? that 2400 isn't from the lowest energy hyperbolic orbit, it's from a Hohmann transfer from Kerbin.
  4. It doesn't work while landed, nor while flying in an atmosphere. If you have a Minmus flying car, try running it while flying on Minmus. (Although it doesn't provide science per biome, so maybe just leaving it in orbit would be better)
  5. I've long wanted to build an SSTO spaceplane that I could use before upgrading R&D. Finally got one working: https://imgur.com/a/9w0nZij
  6. Okay I can see a couple of things! 1. You seem to have entered the distances in kilometres but the nodes are expecting metres. Multiply them by 1000. 2. Select the "Landed Vessel" node, and in the action pane on the right, select "Options" and then "Node Connections Order". The more specific Test Distance (the 2km one) needs to be first, then the less specific Test Distance, and the Change Score node without a test needs to be last. (You may need to rename the two Test Distance nodes so that you can tell them apart). 3. IIRC the "Landed Vessel" node doesn't trigger when you splash down, so you may need a separate "Splashed Vessel" node for that.
  7. I found a better workaround: disable the "Brakes On" checkbox on the "Spawn Vessel" node.
  8. Thanks! They're pretty quiet on Kerbin too tbh (The prop version went to Eve, technically it was an SSTO but it refueled in LKO and decoupled the nacelles and is never going to return, so definitely not a K Prize candidate)
  9. This started out as an RTG powered prop plane, but changed direction somewhere along the way... https://imgur.com/a/5uqBZTp
  10. This maybe? https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/23184
  11. Dunno if you worked this out already, but it's a difficulty setting. "Resource Transfer Obeys Crossfeed Rules" is enabled by default on Moderate and Hard.
  12. I'd like to spawn something in a solar escape trajectory. I can spawn in an escape trajectory out of, say, Kerbin SoI, by spawning in a solar orbit in a position that happens to be inside Kerbin SoI at the time, but that doesn't work for the Sun because it doesn't have a parent body. It seems to be impossible but maybe I'm missing something?
  13. The VAB (or SPH) is accessed via the "Create New Vessel" button near the bottom of the Spawn Vessel node's action pane. The node also has an option to select Player Built or Creator Built for the spawned vessel. You need to create a vessel using Create New Vessel before you can select it as a Creator Built vessel. If you want to spawn a vessel somewhere other than a launch site, select "Landed" or "In Orbit" in the Situation drop-down.
  14. Yeah, they all have in-game names. You can see them in the list of connected relays your vessel is using when you hover over the signal strength meter. They're also listed in the wiki at https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/List_of_bases_on_Kerbin (the ones that aren't launch sites are listed under "Others").
  15. I've just been offered a contract to rescue Jesus and her craft from low Eve orbit.
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