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  1. Thank you, this might work. I will have to test on the next mission that requires FMRS. So it will just cut the craft out of one save-instance and paste it into the main one? That sounds like it would work assuming Kerbalism saves the data to the craft in a standard fashion, here is hoping. I noticed yesterday that simply switching vessels caused the science to get lost, but I didn't investigate it for too long at the time and I am passed that now in my HC-career, maybe ill find some time to go back into the backups and try it out. Also, mind me asking what weird things happen on different planets?
  2. Thank you for this great mod, it helps with a whole lot of scenarios and I really hope KSP 2 addresses this natively. I noticed that this does not recover any science stored on the ship on the non-main vessel when using Kerbalism. Kerbalism is one of the most important mods in my hardcore career. I have a situation where I am returning from a mission and I need to separate two vessels (one main and one rescue vessel) and send them both through the atmosphere at the same time and recover them. When recovering the secondary vessel (the vessel with all the science) I am only able to retrieve the part cost and the kerbals, but no data. Does anyone have a patch or FMRS branch that supports Kerbalism data stored on the vessel?
  3. You said something about CKAN? I am trying to come back to KSP and never used CKAN in the years I played KSP and usually stopped playing after a major KSP release and then I would hold off on upgrading because I dreaded the daunting task of spending hours and hours finding all the mods I had before and/or spending the next couple weeks/months with an excel spreadsheet checking to see if the X amount of broken mods have been updated with the new KSP before I could continue playing. Ngl, this dread of having to manual install and check all mods made me stop playing KSP because I would play a bit, have a lot of fun, get tired of having to restart my modded hardcore career with kerbalism because I lost Jeb and I don't want to lose him too early... I tend to delete the save and restart, so i take a break after several iterations of that, I want to continue playing KSP couple months later, major KSP release with so much cool stuff, go through the manual install process managing everything an excel sheet, and at some point this cycle starts over again. TLDR: I really want to use CKAN this time around since the only reason I still do it manually is because I was used to doing it like this since I started modding my game before CKANs was a thing and also there was some bad politics around it back then but am realizing that installing mods manually has been stopping me from playing the game. I want to increase the scale and thus difficulty and would love to use Sigma Dimensions... You, @Poodmund, mentioned CKAN. Are you saying CKAN has latest release of this mod (cuz I can't see a compatible version, is it hidden, can u help me find it, first time trying to use it so I am a bit clueless)? Or are you just pulling his leg for not updating the mod on CKAN? Hoping its the former, but sounds like you are being sarcastic now that I look at it closer, oof.
  4. It appears that this mod does not work in KSP 1.9 OR/AND with CommNet Constellation. My post on CNC reporting the issue.
  5. EDIT_2: Alright, did some troubleshooting. I needed my antennas little sooner than expected. I started a fresh install and started adding mods that I suspected might conflict. Looks like Signal Delay and CNC are no longer compatible (at least with latest versions, supposedly they were compatible at some point looking at both forum posts, maybe Signal Delay 1.8 version is not compatible with 1.9). Anyhow, this sucks, ill post this on their forum. EDIT_1: It looks like input-locks are being triggered ("CNCLockStaging","CNCLockAction","CNCLockKeyboard") but no dialog. I have a feeling there is some major non-compatibility going on since I have tried using a Communotron 8 to transfer some data. It is fully extended, freq 0 and still no connection/input-freeze on "CNC: Communication" button. This means that its not a simple no antenna bug. I really hope its not a compatibility issue with Kerbalism, its THE core mod. I have a bug report. When hitting "CNC: Communication" most game inputs freeze, can't use ESC, WASD, etc., and mouse viewport rotation doesn't work either. Most left click buttons work. All parts are stock afaik. My game is modded. Recently installed this mod, haven't been able to use it yet, this first attempt to figure out the mod froze my game... bug might have possibly been triggered because the craft doesn't have an antenna? I can progress my career without this for now, might not be an issue once I have antennas installed. Video (available for 90 days): https://streamable.com/0in7uq Logs: - ksp.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3f9ps0t4rtmqxfj/KSP.log?dl=0 - output_log.txt (idk how this one is supposed to be relevant but you have requested it in the past, file last modified on 4/1/2020): https://www.dropbox.com/s/gg2k5d919f97zro/output_log.txt?dl=0 - Player.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0h2ty400zwvxjlc/Player.log?dl=0 Mods possibly of Interest:Kerbalism, Signal Delay, SCANSat?
  6. Why? Can't agree less. I hope that it is so good and encompasses everything the first one has and more, so that we don't end up having a split in the community that feels the new game is lacking something so significant that they would rather play the first game . This would cast a big shadow on what KSP means to us.
  7. I am having a issue with this KS3P (KS3P-V5.0) and the latest Scatterer (scatterer-0.0331b) in KSP 1.4.5 (I tested this with only does 2 mods installed). It seems to create some sort of mirrored overlay which is upside down. Is it just something with my system or has anyone else gotten KSP 1.4.5 to work with these two mods? Any solutions? I checked the forum but didnt see anything like my issue. (Note: Again although the screenshots show more mods installed I did this with just the two installed. Using either one of them alone works) EDIT: Alright, so my bad, should have checked the Scatterer post. I had removed my KS3P and decided to move on with scatterer just because of the wider dependency and after setting up my new super-hardcore career (which I will actually try to complete this time before moving on to RSS hardcore). Well after changing a totally unrelated setting for HidingUnresearchable Tech the glitch reoccurred and there was no restart or reinstalling scatterer that could fix it. You can delete settings.cfg from your KSP directory and it will fix it (it will clear your graphical settings like fullscreen and resolution so you will have to reset that) Thank You! EvWoN
  8. @HaullyGames I just wanted to say thank you for all your work the past 2 months. This is my all time favorite mod. We are lucky to have you and appreciate all you have done so far to keep this mod alive.
  9. EDIT: Btw, Thank You 1990eam to bringing me a step closer. Obviously not OP's fault but Mediator is insanely bad (maybe because its outdated or something). What sort of inefficient system is this? I crawled a dozen times and every now and then I get a new preset. GTA V, Custome Test - KSP by reesew, etc, and even Call of Duty Online (note even the actual game). I am only 5 out of 363 presets in like 20 minutes. I can easily download the V2 preset from https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/5056/ but can't browse for it or inject it. Sorry but this is a bit silly. Update: BTW, I got 9 presets now, out of 363. :/ Sorry, 12 of 569. At this rate it would take a indefinite time, lol
  10. This looks amazing and I want in on it. I tried getting ReShade 1.1 with SweetFx from https://sfx.thelazy.net/downloads/ but that .zip doesnt seem to have a Mediator file in it and the only executable is the ReShade Setup.exe which only allows me to select KSP and launch it, no actual options beyond turning effects ( of which there arent any cuz I never applied a preset) off and on in game w/ scrolllock. Thx Evwon
  11. Funds is only a issue if you dont scrap the last project? right? Dont you get a full refund? Im a bit picky about this (but just out of curiosity really, dont care that much). I play my careers on HARD (no save or reverts, just sims) and KERBALISM and KCT and REMOTE TECH so getting free science can be a problem after building a HUGE craft that had a flaw or missing part and getting lots of science off that. Its not a deal breaker just wondering if that can happen. I dont want to be tempted into sin if I need a few more points to get the parts for that one epic mission instead of working for it.
  12. I got a small logistics question which makes me uneasy. The question is... Can't you just build crafts and recover them and farm science in that manner? Especially if the craft is very... very large... I haven't been using this too long so I don't know if there is a preventive measure or a actual downside.
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