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  1. I'm probably the 500000th person to ask this but please make this for 1.2! PLZZZ
  2. yes but every time i do uninstall it, it keeps the old data
  3. i know this and it was suppose to be fixed 2 years ago, but my game deleted my patcher
  4. Ok please help. yes, i know, this glitch is old and is fixed but I'm having problem with it know. i know [ and ] will switch vessel, i know they have to be 2500 km apart, and both moving. can i have a download link to a fix, mod, or the 1.1.3 patcher please. I really want this game to work for me.
  5. i am using the version from github, cause its the only one that works
  6. It displays the error when the cockpit has a cockpit view, i doesn't matter what cockpit it is,either the KU 34 or the cobra it still displays the error. i think it might be something with the HUD i doesn't effect anything and i just want the error text t go away
  7. please help me. i am having massive trouble. every time i launch a craft with cockpit view is says "JSIVariableAnimator INITALiZATION ERROR CHECK CONFIGURATION" dose anybody know a fix? is their a fix? Is there a fix?