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  1. Have you tweaked the internal config for that any where? its worth going back and double checking as they may be upsetting things. If you're saying that this is a newer version of this part have you checked that this newer model is all done on the correct layers and that it has been texture/had material assigned correctly?
  2. Was this a new save @Vaga or have you recently updated Pathfinder/Buffalo on an existing save?
  3. Glad your enjoying it! Getting the OTAV to behave nicely was thanks a lot of input from @Pak he wised me up on the ways of stock aero. It has evolved over time but I thin the OTAV is pretty much there now. Ah, good spot and thanks for the feed back (I had not seen that error on the release version), I'll get that corrected for the next release, as will the most up to date version of KSPWheel I concur with this sentiment and would be happy to receive feedback. I haven't played a proper Career/Science game since I can't remember now. I have never quite been happy with where the OTAV sat in the Stock tech tree but didn't think where it could go into the CTT. Care to share your tech tree thoughts and I'll integrate them into the mod.
  4. Another successful release (after much waiting) I'm glad to see this is out for all to use now. Some serious effort and though went into this, hats off to you again @Angel-125
  5. The person to ask her would be @Angel-125 he may have a more precise answer as to whether that's viable. As for myself I will be using a set of textures to represent each celestial body, not ideal but easier for me (non-coder type person) to work with. As far as I can see, anything which identifies as ModuleScienceExperiment will get 'hovered up'. There is not easy way to discriminate a chosen experiment (hard way is you write your own PartModule to handle the 'excluded' experiments issue and MM patch it over the science containers).. Think of this as well as it may sway your opinion, Kerbals can handle Science Experiments without any additional items/work. if you make it a resource then you'll need a Container for a Kerbal to handle it AND reliance on KIS. I've looked at this before, when I previously knew nothing about how animations are driven in KSP, it's not impossible but it will definitely be done using a custom plugin. There is no means in stock to get the 'deploy limiter' found on some cargo doors to driven by an Vessel/Part resource value, much less directly from and external influence. However, knowing what I know now and having seen the inner workings of the code @linuxgurugamer used to drive the rotating components of the FTLDriveContinued I can see how you might have a fluid level animation determined by resource amount. The biggest issues with this (and most immersion breaking) is that the fluid level would be fixed by the orientation that was set in the VAB/SPH editor. That is to say that for a fluid animation 'down' would always be whatever you built it to be, it would be entirely unaffected by gravity or indeed no gravity!
  6. Considering the amount of effort it takes to create a Stock-a-like texture I don't think there are a set of 'realistic' textures for this.
  7. Adding a larger size of Kontainer (the blue things central in the picture) for longer haul trips and to make the triple adapter useful as a freight adapter. Resource switching soon to follow.
  8. the Mod RetractableLiftingSurface is probably your best bet for 'Folding Wings' and rightly as GenericEventHandler says very few mods have working ones. That said I spent many, many hours trying to perfect the ones used on the REKT OTAV, it's greatly improved although its does have a very targeted application. Modding anything to work nicely in Stock aero is hard and then on top of that getting a folding wing surface to work as intended is harder still.
  9. Yay! It's glorious! Can't wait to put prospero into orbit
  10. You have to UV map the Model to the texture, then in Unity you create a material using you texture and assign it to the object(s) in your model.
  11. Yet to master* the concept of interplanetary transfers. Sure I've made it to Duna on about three occasions now but never, ever efficiently. I simply take a butt load more Delta/V than should actually be needed and fudge my rendezvous together somehow. I really need to learn this to build me some stations in Duna Orbit. *by master I mean fathom...
  12. Can you screen shot this fix please? I have never been able to get multiple animations on the same part working right for me.
  13. What is the render queue for the light source and the props? perhaps it doesn't see them as an obstruction in that way? Oh and that is a very pretty IVA!
  14. I recovered the crew from the Minmus Explorer ending their ~200 day to Minmus which was mostly spent in an awkward polar orbit. This was the first sortie for the Koyuz 2K-ES which is an autonomous variant of the Koyuz 2K family. Koyuz 2K-ES on approach to Minmus Explorer Topping off the list of first, this mission is the first time (since playing KSP) that I have successfully transferred a vessel from one orbit to another and deliberately left in Kerbin Orbit for re-fuel and re-use later. The Koyuz 2K-ES collected the crew from the Minmus Explorer and returned the to kerbin. Successful docking with the Minmus Explorer, this vessel has docking ports for multiple types: This was one of the more complex rendezvous I have planned because of the Minmus Explorer's orbit (150K pe, 1.8M ap) which meant I had the Koyuz 2K-ES meet up at their closest point before quickly departing. [This is the most forward planning I have done in recent games!] The Koyuz 2K-ES (now under manual control as the crew is aboard) undocks leaving the Minmus Explorer under 'Keep-Alive' computer control. It will remain in this state until it has ben determined what shape of it's next mission will be.