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  1. Pretty sure that this is a stock thing. So even the stock deployable antennas still work when not deployed.
  2. Did someone say French station parts? Yes please! Also good opportunity to practice more IVA's
  3. Looks Ace @TiktaalikDreaming I think parts are very nicely done indeed and I note some similar design philosophy's between REKT and your mod. May I recommend the use of the 'NoAttach' tag for the collider of the escape pod mounting adapter. I find its very useful in deterring people form accidentally putting things in front of fitted escape pods.
  4. PicoPort has been updated for 1.4.3 ,mostly just a repackaging exercise but i have incorporated @LeLeon , @fitiales and @cakepie Localization contributions.
  5. I am currently in the process of overhauling the GitHub source (tidying) and adding the submitted localisations. I will update Spacedock with the new update. But thank you @Mark Kerbin glad you like it.
  6. Well I've finally had time to try out 1.4 but haven't managed to install any mods yet. So here is my tester '2-Launch Tended Station": Bob inspects the 2LTS after deployment of the large solar panels Full profile of the 2LTS (left to right): Maneuvering Tug/Life-Boat, Blok 2 - Utility Truss with main Solar Arrays and Secondary Comms, Fuel Tanks, Command Hab Blok 1 - Crew access with Main Comms and Secondary Solar Arrays, Main Batteries, Crew Hab Crew Vehicle seating 3, Service Module with propulsion
  7. Due to the unique way in which 'nodes' work with KSP making the ARM/DISARM a simple toggle would break the part. You see the actual 'grabbing' node is fixed, it doesn't not move and is always at the same location with respect to the part. It doesn't matter where the arm is in it's animation the actually point of 'docking' is always the same, so if you had the part ARM/DISARM without the correct animation you'll end up with parts appearing to dock when not actually connected to anything. Also the PartModule which drives the 'grabber' requires an animation, if one is not present on the part it will not work (its needed it to toggle the node which does the grabbing) and the actually grabbing node only becomes active one physics update AFTER the completion of the animation. So to that end its always worth deploying the manipulator well in advance of its target.
  8. OH yes, more props for all the things! and now a gym suite, excellent.
  9. Its just parts pack, there are no clever plugins for LLL so it should behave in 1.3.1 without any issues. The only thing I can see is it won't have localization support.
  10. Possibly but the only way I can see that being doable is if I give the relevant modules probe cores? otherwise its plug in writing and that beyond me.
  11. Some small changes for 'quality of life' in game play. if they are not to tastes feedback is always welcome, bearing mind things still need balancing. Also @MOARdV has done a simply wonderful job of the MAS config for the MRK, so much fun to actually fly the thing from the pilots seat! Changelog Correction to RCS on DM/DMr Added OMS to DM/DMr Added Lights to DM/DMr Added Endurance Module Added CXG's superb CBM Docking Ports from CxStationParts (thanks @cxg2827!) Added MOARdv's MAS configs (Thank you very much MOARdv, looks and flies great in there now) Added Craft Files Other minor tweaks (resource levels, etc)
  12. Objection! this is mere speculation. Besides, MINE's better : Please note that liberal sarcasm has been applied to this topic post...
  13. You've done some great work with it @Well! glad i could help.
  14. No craft files as yet for the MRK and its derivatives, 1) because I don't know how to do craft files yet, and 2) because the MRK is not completed yet as the Payload Module is still missing it's antenna and the Descent Module may be re-worked shortly. The different manufacturer is deliberate on my part, that is to differentiate the 'Commonwealth' components (i.e. early game, Ministry funded development parts) with the later 'Commercial' components (bits development in-house by BAe). The rationale will become apparent in the not to o distant future.
  15. Also do both parts of the radial decoupler have physics colliders? I found that if the 'artefact part' (the bit that remains after decoupling) had a physics collider it screwed things up so I only had a physics collider on the mesh I wanted my radially attaching things to go on.
  16. Adding the the kerbalised Multi-Role Capsule is this addition of the Payload Module, which was considered for later on in the real world version but never got as far as the drawing board. as such the Payload module and it's solar panels are entirely fabricated from scratch. They will shortly be up on the Github Repo. If you plan to use to them together i advise using the 'mirrored' symmetry option and holding ALT to get them onto their node. The solar panels are deliberately offset to not obstruct the fine maneuvering thruster.
  17. @MOARdVThe Payload Module is nearly done, just need to whip up a set of matching solar panels and antenna for it:
  18. if you do I think the crew tunnel should be external. The dock space should be maximized for use.
  19. Some very impressive trusses! I think some of their styling cues may influence my future work! I think both the harsher more 'robust' square and the more 'lightweight' tubular structures have there place.
  20. I'm glad it's to your liking! The IVA was a PIA but from experience with previous IVA's (and partly from the intention of making a Pod that could be flown fully by IVA - still on my 'To Do' list) I did not want to scrimp on the Console space. I still have work to do on it at some point. It's funny that you should ask about a longer endurance service module as one of the concepts that was discussed about the MRC in it's real world design phase was the possibility of, at a later point in it's product cycle, adding a larger SM which would give the MRC greater payload capacity. With that in mind I propose a trade (after the holiday period). If you would be so kind as to supply a form of MAS IVA config patch for the MRK I will gladly produce an extra service module and it's accessories.
  21. Only if you make a patch for one! Also not taking the time to actually use the search on the 610 pages to get an answer is a bit of a cop out.
  22. Ah yes I should have made that a bit clearer, the IVA uses quite a few NF prop MFDS and they need RPM to function (Especially for the rearward facing camera I the service module). There are other NF Props in the IVA which do not require RPM.
  23. The Multi-Role Kapsule has been added to the development Repo on Github (This is based on the real world concept "BAe Multi Role Capsule" circa 1987, which could have flown in the early nineties). This adds an extra folder in GameData alongside the CommonwealthRockets folder called "MRK". With this folder are the parts to build your very own KAe Multi-role Kapsule! Whilst every effort has been made to make it as true to life as the original concept as possible it should be noted that the masses of the vessel have been roughly calculated to be used all together (I had to reverse engineer the individual item weights from the proposed total masses). As such they may be a a little off from IRL and some items are much heavier than their stock counterpart (I'm looking at you antenna!). Also, to increase the 'playability' of the MRK when 'in-filght' there is an additional part which is new and would not have existed as part of the original design. This is the 'MRK-6f Thruster' of which two can be seen below on the Service Module either side of the Solar Panel. In the real application of this capsule, after launch the orginal MRK was designed to be flown backwards once on orbit using the large thrusters around the nose section. The Multi-Role Kapsule would approach the station and be berthed to a CBM using a manipulator arm, of course this is not doable in KSP without IR or similar. So this small RCS thruster has added for better gameplay, and to allow for docking manoeuvres and driving the MRK onto its target docking port. another artistic license I have taken is to add a RPM camera to the service module for 'Flying It Backwards'. At this point it shoul dbe noted that the IVA relies on @Nertea's Near Future Props and that in turn has a RPM dependency. There are some stock parts t the IVA but it will be very sparse with only them. And credit goes to @cxg2827 for allowing me to use his CBM docking ports as a basis for the ECBM docking port found on MRK, to get the full benefit I recommend you download his Station Parts Mod as the docking ports there are fully compatible with the MRK: Belo are some screen shots of the MRK in Game, forgive the liberal use of Stock parts in these screen shots but they are taken from my Dev version of KSP (very little by way of Mods).
  24. This is possibly the best way to go about getting a mod maker to include a new feature. kudos to you for being willing to put in the time.