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  1. In CKAN some Mk1 cockpit IVA replacement is listed as a dependency. This isn't even the Mk1 cockpit and it's not included in the download anyway. Can someone resolve this? CKAN is strict with dependencies.
  2. When you do update can you see about getting it on CKAN? I'm not code savvy and the awful, buggy placeholder models for standalone EL keep me from using it seriously, no offense to the creator (so please continue working on this!) In the meantime it would help hold us over if someone (anyone (not me, I'm dumbo)) could gather the recent patches to get the mod to function properly and sensibly in new versions of EL/KSP
  3. Not functioning properly in 1.9. Reaction wheels of any kind cannot be controlled and do not provide stability assist. I want nerfed reaction wheels but I still want them to actually exist as a gameplay element.
  4. It would be cool if habitat heat management was implemented in this mod. Climatization is an issue if your EC runs out but we should have to use radiators when we have several kerbals and solar panel arrays on board like the ISS does, i.e. the ship can dissipate up to X watts of heat by itself and using 1 EC/s generates Y watts of heat that needs to be dissipated, eventually exploding the craft or at least bottlenecking its capabilities if overheated. Lets most probes function fine but space stations and large craft i.e. manned Duna missions will require radiators.
  5. We need a mod that does what this one did, allowing all engines of really low TWR to thrust in timewarp. Especially for RO players. If one exists please @ me.
  6. In my game using TETRIX the radiators are locked until the 240 sci node Advanced Metalworks, with all of the folding radiators staying locked until the 480 node after that. In real life you need those unfolding radiators and a lot of them at that to have a functional space station. I know habitat heat management is not really modelled properly even by mods, but it may eventually, and it makes no sense to keep these locked for so long. In my opinion the small static radiator should be unlocked in Survivability, with the big static radiators being in Crewed Support, followed by one folding radiator per node afterwards from small to large in the Support line. I don't know when they are unlocked in stock but stock has a pretty unrealistic tech tree anyway
  7. It is set to that by default and not working. The cell does not burn LF and oxidizer. It really should but it requires specifically hydrogen and oxygen. They're only useful on space stations this way and it kinda sucks that I can't burn excesss fuel for electricity.
  8. I wish this could get an update, this is the best way for KB/M users to fly airplanes
  9. Please add a config for fuel cells to combust LF and OX for electricity. only monoprop and hydrogen exist as options and the H2/OX cell does not work with LF.
  10. Restricting things to career mode isn't very cash money, a lot of people prefer sandbox and it will likely take even proficient players a really long time to receive these contracts. Many career saves die to version changes and deciding to un/install certain mods so it would be better to make the requirement simply having access to the largest rocket parts, which is far more reasonable and makes sense for heavy launch mass contracts. I'd suggest that you implement launchpads and resource production in these bases so they have a more appealing function and that you continue having contracts to send kerbals to those bases and back. A closed arcology doesn't make sense until they declare independence (which ultimately requires several million of a population to be a reasonable pursuit, but would be a very fun mechanic especially if they spawn giant enemy crabs around their territory to shoot at). This would be an interesting way of bringing KSP 2 to KSP 1 and I am interested. Could potentially be a huge mod
  11. I only have simplex tech tree folder but it has these configs including kerbalism. I'm not sure why its in the same folder
  12. I'm glad you understand why I prefer this way of getting support I have this and your kerbalism changes... so basically all your simplex stuff
  13. isp is 128 Here is a picture of my gamedata folder.
  14. There is a lot I don't understand. The problem is not that I don't want to ask questions, it's that nobody wants to answer them, or at least provide a decent alternative. For instance, I want to create planet height and color maps without breaking my spine, but because Gameslinx uploaded a video where he made a single one in paint after a lot more effort than is probably necessary and then cheated by using After Effects to make the color maps (which everyone says can be done via PQSmods but of course no one says how), everyone avoids the topic and just tells me to splash a bunch of white on a bunch of black and then make a lucky guess with PQSmods or color curves all of which I have tried to do long enough to say that it doesn't work very well, at least if you're inexperienced and artistically challenged like me. I have been searching for years for a resource that can help calculate those dreadful atmosphere curves, one of the biggest blocks I've had to overcome with planet creating. Now I have to tackle PQS and finalizing the way Kopernicus reads the config to convince it to actually spawn the planet, which is a whole different beast in of itself. Also the last comment is the first I've heard of a recently maintained wiki other than the scattered, morbidly outdated resources I usually find when I search for help with Kopernicus. I found it after some digging and will browse through it later.
  15. For some reason my ship can't breach 250 m/s by 8km with four thumpers and a swivel engine (>2 sea level twr). Something is very wrong
  16. I wish you didn't include the propulsion config in this. In KSP it is already hard enough to tell how much dV you'll actually have or need because nothing takes into account that ISP changes with both staging AND altitude, and that is the real reason engines have such good atmospheric performance.
  17. I've never been able to reach other planets, and I already feel sad because I can't get into base building It is extremely hard to get the pieces of a base to another planet because of 1. lag, the single biggest issue, 2. uneven center of mass, the temporary problem related to me being stupid and 3. complicated production chains that require several extraction outposts across a planet often too far apart to make it practical to transport resources to them. And without those chains you have to bring every gram of base to your destination by Kerbin-launched rocket, which is even harder. I understand that in real life not everything is at your fingertips but in real life you not only get paid real money to move resources, you can build big rockets anyway, and there's usually something that can work as a substitute. I can't figure out how other people get these things set up without hyper edit and without giving up due to kraken/lag. Even with a beefy computer I cannot manage craft with over a hundred parts and the high mass of base modules makes the respective launcher extremely wobbly and laggy and now thanks to 1.8 breaking KJR for me for the foreseeable future (launch clamp bug, etc) I can barely even do normal ksp missions without wobbling to death. But without these mods I have no reason to go to another planet. Which I have yet to do after 871 hours. I hyperedited something on Duna once, but other than that I have never been anywhere near another planet, or even out of Kerbin's SOI. Every mission that left Kerbin's SOI died because it wasn't a writhing mass of relay dishes anyway. Granted the vast majority of my time is spent in the editor planning a mission just to scrap it because I know I am one of the worst players of this game, or any game for that matter, or better yet life itself. Pitiful rant aside can someone help me get better?
  18. It would be nice if there was at least SOME base radiation protection from all of the space-grade parts... it just doesn't make sense that they can easily survive atmospheric entry but not some UV rays... especially considering inflatables don't let us add protection despite anti rad fabric existing and reduce the overall protection of your vessel
  19. wow Im finally getting these curves done, I have no idea what Im doing but I can actually try to make a planet now... but now I have to figure out scatterer and eve. :l
  20. Does anyone know where I can find a calculator for pressure and temperature curves or at least some tool that will let me draw a curve and give me a bunch of points to use for them (since it's easy to look at the curves of the real life planets) I heard KillAshley had one but they have been silent for 2 years