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  1. v2.5 - Bugfixes Added NFS to NEEDS in its patch Fixed failed shader replacement on stock Mk16 parachute
  2. v2.4 - NFS Configs Added Near Future Technologies configs by @Rodger.
  3. v2.3 - Back Cull Shaders Added backface culling version for some of the shaders. New Shaders Shaddy/BackCull/Translucent Shaddy/BackCull/Translucent (Bumped) Shaddy/BackCull/Translucent (Mapped) Shaddy/BackCull/Translucent (Mapped) (Bumped) Shaddy/BackCull/Translucent Specular Shaddy/BackCull/Translucent Specular (Bumped) Shaddy/BackCull/Translucent Specular (Mapped) Shaddy/BackCull/Translucent Specular (Mapped) (Bumped) Shaddy/BackCull/Translucent Specular (All Mapped) (Bumped) Shaddy/BackCull/Translucent Specular (Spec Mapped) (Bumped) Shaddy/BackCull/Translucent (Monocolor)
  4. Shaddy is a collection of shaders made for Kerbal Space Program, not to be confused with Shabby, a shader asset bundle loader that you most likely also need to use to load Shaddy shaders Visit GitHub Repository to see the newest and complete description, demo, and changelogs. Usage: If you are a player... Shaddy does not do anything by itself, it is designed to be used by other mods. If you run into any problem with the shader please feel free to report it as an issue here or on Github. Despite that, Shaddy does come with a set of Textures Unlimited config for Stock, ReStock, and Near Future Solar parts. They will only activate if you installed both Textures Unlimited and Module Manager at the same time. Goto Demo section to see the effect preview. If you are a modder... You may want to use Shabby to load Shaddy shaders to your parts. Alternatively, you can also use your own shader loader orTextures Unlimited. Use Shabby: To start making mods using Shaddy and Shabby: First download the SDK in GitHub Release. Then, import the downloaded unitypackage to your unity project. You should now see a folder named `Shaders` appear under your Assets folder. Create a material that uses these new shaders and apply it to your part. Export the part as if it is using stock KSP shaders, and ignore the Part Tool warning on using a stock shader. Install Shaddy from CKAN or SpaceDock to GameData. If you are using Shabby to load Shaddy shaders, make sure it is installed, too. Open the game and make sure the shader is loaded correctly on the part. ??? Profit. In this case, Shaddy, Shabby, and Module Manager will need to be added to your mod's dependency. Use Textures Unlimited: If you want the translucent shader to be optional or if you want to add translucent effect to a existing mod, you can use Textures Unlimited's shader replacement feature. Starting from version 2.0, Shaddy comes with Textures Unlimited shader bundle and shader data definition, it is located at GameData/Shaddy/Patches/ShaddyTU.cfg. Textures Unlimited config documentation can be found at Textures Unlimited wiki page. Shaddy's stock config (found under GameData/Shaddy/Patches/) can also be used as a reference. In this case, Shaddy, Textures Unlimited, and Module Manager will need to be added to your mod's dependency, Shabby will not be a required dependency as Textures Unlimited uses its own shader loader. Notes on HDR color properties when configuring Textures Unlimited: Some color property has their range marked as *HDR*, which means it supports Unity HDR color that can have a value greater than (255, 255, 255). To find what number you need to use in Textures Unlimited config, multiply each of the R, G, and B channels of your desired color value by the intensity, and round to the nearest integer. For example: if a color in the Unity editor has an RGB value of (102, 204, 255) and intensity of 4.2, in Textures Unlimited config, write: PROPERTY { name = _SomePropertyName color = 428, 857, 1071 // rgb (102, 204, 255) intensity 4.2 // 102 * 4.2 = 428.4, rounded to 428 // 204 * 4.2 = 856.8, rounded to 857 // 255 * 4.2 = 1071 } Modeling Notes: All Shaddy/Translucent shaders are double-sided (No back face or front face culling). This means if you are making a parachute or a leaf model that has the same texture on both sides, you don't have to duplicate the mesh and then flip the faces, one-sided mesh will work just as fine as a double-sided one. If you are replacing shaders on an old part, consider using Shaddy/BackCull/Translucent shaders (With back face culling). Dependency: Module Manager Recommend: Textures Unlimited for enabling translucent effect on Stock and ReStock solar panels, parachutes, and antennae. Conflict: If you installed the Shabby v0.2.0 "unofficial build" and Textures Unlimited at the same time, there will be a conflict, resulting in failed shader replacement from Textures Unlimited (Pink parts). This has been solved by the newest change in Shabby (>= v0.3.0). It is available on CKAN, or you can get it here: http://taniwha.org/~bill/Shabby_v0.3.0.zip Download: For players: SpaceDock, also available on CKAN. For modders: SDK. Note that not all versions of the mod will have a corresponding version of SDK since shaders might not change between mod releases. Download the latest SDK available if no SDK matches the latest mod version. E.g.: If the latest mod version is v2.4, but the latest SDK version is v2.3, use SDK v2.3. Installing: For players: Delete everything previously installed under GameData/Shaddy/ before extracting the zip file. Or use CKAN. For modders: Delete all previously installed Shaddy shader under Assets/Shaders/, then install `Shaddy_vx.x.unitypackage` to your Unity project. Demo: Visit GitHub Repository to see the most up-to-date demo and their explanations. Available Shaders: Visit GitHub Repository to see the list of shaders available. Source: GitHub Credits: Shaders are made by @Icecovery using Shader Forge. Textures Unlimited config by @JonnyOThan. Restock and Near Future Technologies configs by @Rodger. License: This mod is released under the MIT License. Redistribution: You are free to bundle this mod in your mod releases. You are also free or include the shaders in your own asset bundle, but be sure to change their namespace to avoid naming collision.
  5. It should be backward compatible to 1.8, but do make a backup before testing. Thank you! Just realized that!
  6. I made this mod mainly to replicate Perseverance's parachute, and I have no plan of making a triple canopy version of the chute currently. You can still attach three chutes to your vessel, with the benefit they can be set to different patterns individually.
  7. Custom Parachute Message is a Kerbal Space Program mod that adds a perseverance style customizable parachutes, with a cool shader! Review by @Kottabos Features: Encode message to your parachute just like perseverance Customize parachute color palette Customize each and every individual section on the parachute (There are 320 sections!) Over 30 pattern presets Share custom patterns with your friend Preview parachute pattern in VAB/SPH Cool looking and more realistic translucent parachute shader Just visual change, all original RealChute functionality untouched (i.e.. you can still pick different material, set different size to the parachute via RealChute config) Customization Interface: Static image in case GIFs not loading correctly: Shader Comparison: Say goodbye to leather-made parachute! Left: My Shader Right: Stock Diffuse Shader More Screenshots: How to Use: Changelog: Dependences: RealChute Parachute System (To change parachute model, it's much better than the stock parachute system) Module Manager (Not Included) Download: SpaceDock Also available via CKAN License: Custom Parachute Message was released under MIT License Source Code: Github
  8. That mod does not meet my current artistic standard, a rework is required, which will take a tremendously long time to complete. Currently, I don't have that much spare time that will allow me to do such work, therefore I have no plan to update that mod for the time being.
  9. Delete everything under GameData\KSPSecondaryMotion\Parts\ will do
  10. They are jammers. It is meant to use with BDArmory and should be categorized under BDA's category by BDA itself, after applying the patch at KSPSecondaryMotion\Patches\BDA.cfg. I think it is easier to locate it by putting it under the antenna category because people usually misthinking it is an antenna. This mod is still WIP, I might do that in the future after adding more parts, once I got time. I will notify you after the mod is officially released, thanks for your work for the community.
  11. The Quadratic Bezier Interpolation Module in this mod (used on the Tube man) could be used on the one-piece wing to provide smooth aeroelasticity. However, the spring physics module is not indented to be used in this case, it could work, but I imaging it will look super strange. The effect is only visual, the mod implements the effect by moving the bones of a skinned mesh.
  12. Thank you for reporting these issues. Issues about theme names have been fixed in Version 0.1.1. Unfortunately, I was unable to recreate the second error showed in your log on my machine. It might cause by an unknow incompatibility with another mod who also changed the hierarchy of that exact part (Communotron 16). It would be great if you can find out which mod caused this incompatibility since currently don't have much time in developing this mod due to personal reason. A complete list of mod installed would also help. To temporally prevent this error from appearing: In KSPSecondaryMotion\Patches\StockAddon.cfg, disable or delete all the line after line 43 (that is, "@PART[longAntenna]:NEEDS[!ReStock] //Communotron 16" in currently version) This will also disable the secondary motion effect on the stock Communotron 16 antenna. Your KSPSecondaryMotion\Patches\StockAddon.cfg should look like this after disabling the config: I would look more into this once I got more spare time.
  13. There is no animation involved in the spring motions, they are purely physics-based simulations. The method of implementation I used is just a hack compared to if you will simulate it in real life, you can check the source code for details. You can adjust the spring parameters in the part menu(if you enable the advance tweakable option in the game settings) to get the effect you prefer That will be pretty hard to implement on existing engines, that will require to turn the nozzle into a skinned mesh, bind bones and generate the skin weight table. But it is possible to make that happen on new engines that are specially modeled for adding this effect.
  14. Restock support is already in the todo list, currently waiting for its KSP 1.10 update
  15. KSP Secondary Motion adds secondary physics motion to some stock antennas and solar panels, it also added some brand new parts to the game. This mod is still working in progress, the APIs are subject to change. Review by @Kottabos Stock Modification Stock Solar Pannel Stock Antenna Check high frame rate high-resolution mp4 version here New Parts Features: Wobbling antennas and solar panels Real-world used ground antennas CREW Duke Anti-IED system (BDArmory support, works as a jammer) TweakScale support A plunger Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubemen Pickle Rick! How to Use: Generally, there is no need for the user to adjust settings, but if you don’t like the wiggliness of a certain part, you can adjust the Damper Ratio and the Spring Ratio in the right-click menu of that part. The current version of the mod also has a Failsafe Activate Range slide bar in the right-click menu, if you find that the part behaves abnormally during the flight (such as flashing), you can increase the value to reduce or eliminate the effect. I am currently trying to fix this behavior, it is related to KSP's Floating Origin and Krakensbane, this option will not in the v1.0 release if the problem is addressed. Help and suggestions for fixing this problem are welcome. Part List: Stock: Gigantor XL Solar Array Communotron 16 (I am having difficulties with adding secondary motion to other stock antennas, solar panels, and radiators. That may change before the 1.0 version.) New: APX-50 HF Mobile Whip Antenna (4 sections, 5m) APX-50 HF Mobile Whip Antenna (2 sections, 2.6m) APX-50 HF Mobile Whip Antenna (4 sections, 5m, Tied Down) AN/VLQ-12 CREW Duke AN/VLQ-12 CREW Duke Front Antenna CREW Duke Right Angle Adapter CREW Duke Structural Beam (1.6m, 1.25m, 0.63m, 0.37m) UHF727VM Multi-Band LTE Antenna VHF3088T Tunable Low Profile VHF Antenna VHF100512SLP VHF/UHF Low Profile Broadband Antenna Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubemen The Plunger Antenna Any suggestions and ideas about new parts are welcome. Todo List: This mod is still working in progress, check the todo list here Modding: If you are a mod creator and looking for adding secondary motion effects to your mod, the documentation is coming soon. It will be simple as adding two additional transforms to your part. The mod even allowed you to reconstruct the existing part hierarchy from a Module Manager script without re-exporting the part from unity (That's how I add the effect to stock parts). Note that the mod is still working in progress, the APIs are subject to change. Changelog: Required Mod: Module Manager (Not included) Download: Spacedock Also available via CKAN License: KSP Secondary Motion was released under MIT License Source Code: Github
  16. Log: IVA has not yet completed. All yellow ladders are climbable And... One step closer to Gravity! Or...
  17. I will add two compound modules into this mod soon, which are airbag+retro / buoy + retro. putting airbags and buoys together is not necessary because airbags contain the function of a buoy when landing on water. For now, you can change the size of the nodes in the cfg file to increased strength. Did you install Ven's Stock Part Revamp? I was not sure about if VSR added remap for new Mk2 Pod(looks like he is not updating?) so I canceled the compatibility for MK2 Pod temporary if VSR is installed. If you want to use it, please delete :NEEDS[!VenStockRevamp] from the first line of ComfortableLanding\Configs\StockPod.cfg
  18. Update V1.6 -Add config for Connected Living Space(thanks to @Gordon Dry) -Airbag/Buoy/Skirt can now preview the expanded status in VAB/SPH
  19. I plan to add more stand-alone parts in the near future, at that time I will also replace the models and textures of these parts. Thanks for your suggestion I don't recommend attaching more than one stand-alone part together, maybe you can try to change the size of the node?
  20. It should be easy to do and I will add it in the next version Can you provide some screenshots? So that I can try to fix it. You can basically download the latest version, and then replace the new DLL with the old one form V1.4.
  21. Log: I know its been a long time I didn't work on this mod, but recently I have time to continue making this mod. I am working on IVA of Tianhe now. I also made a lot of props, they may become a standalone prop package... After I finish Tianhe, the new version will be released. And I made this short movie to honor the first Chinese space station:
  22. Yes, I didn't actually set it up, for some reason, it didn't work very well. If you make it work please let me know, so I can add it to the next version of the update.
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