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  1. I love the aesthetic, so most of the time, spaceplanes or SSTOs is what I'm building in SPH. I also usually prefer them to be drones, not manned. Other than that, simply a very small drone (try to be as small/ simple/ cute as possible)
  2. Does it have to be stealthy? In space you can't treat stealth like here on earth. Space is massive, cold and so empty that anything that produce heat is gonna be shining like a beacon for every sensors to see. If your subject requires life support, then inevitably, it will produce heat. You can stealthily (well, not quite) if you just use drone for spying, attach it behind an asteroid and send it towards the target planet with the burn phase is hidden behind the asteroid while shadowed by nearby star. The asteroid will burn on the atmosphere and impact the surface of the planet. Either your drone ejects from asteroid mid-air as it breaks apart or wait until it impacts and start crawling from smoldering crater. Assuming your drone survived the whole ordeal, then you are good to go (I'm not a hardcore scientist, but I know the stealth in space is pretty much a discussion that goes nowhere because the law of physics and thermodynamic conspire to prevent it, can someone confirm the viability of this method? Will the drone becomes undetectable using this method?) personally, though, the closest that you can get to stealth in space is by disguising as something innocent instead trying to hide something completely. If both sides are able to go to space and wage space warfare, then smuggling a spy inside their cargo ship is much more easier than trying to insert the spy directly
  3. I was rolling on my bed, in my dimly lit bedroom, too lazy to move, when suddenly, my little sister is already besides me and grins at me. Confused, I don't have time to think before suddenly she jumped on me and start gnawing at my face. I tried to resist and kick her away, only to be shocked when I realized my kick disintegrate her into a cloud of nanomachines that start eating my body en masse and convert my biomaterials into more of them. I screamed and cried without being able to do anything and only awakened as they start swarming on my eyes, seeing my room is still dimly lit, but without nanomachine sister. I feel relived it was just a dream, and I realized, I was falling asleep while playing KSP on my bed, with my laptop still on in front of me. Turns out I was sleeping while my new SSTO is still ascending through kerbin atmosphere, and when I'm awake, it's already on escape velocity
  4. I found a bug when using 2 00GN drive at once (don't know about using 1). I'm doing a contract mission, recover part on mun surface and bring back to kerbin. I approached the part (which is an SRB) with a craft equipped with 2 00GN Drive and 16 GN Converter. Initially, when I approach the part, it's lying on the ground, but as I get closer, it disappeared, and my navball indicates the target is above me. The SRB is suddenly airborne on mun airspace, so I approach it again and forced to do aerial grabbing with it before it crashes on mun surface, which is when I noticed whenever I'm using RCS control with 00GN Drive, the SRB will follow the input movement of my craft, with control axis of the SRB references on it's own, not my craft, making it impossible to grab it, since whenever I turn to align, it turns away too. Whenever I thrust forward, it thrust towards another heading. It always ends with SRB crashing into munar surface. I fixed it by simply goes "screw this, open debug menu and check indestructible part and approach it with brute force"
  5. Kat man And Kittle boy
  6. What I did in KSP today? Hmmm... Nothing fancy, just building a warship... Literally filling the sky with lead... Or with rockets... Or with... Nah, I'm going too far... Does anyone know part mod for battleship/ warship turrets that isn't oversized? Or at least tweakscale compatible?
  7. Laser guns appeared on movies, literatures, novels and many other media. People agree that it's a cool device when a battle scene occurs where both sides literally fires beam of lights on each others. Aside from (mostly) unrealistic slow speed of laser projectile, let's talk about how the laser impacts the surface. Basically, there are 2 kinds of laser categories that appear in most sci-fi works: The pulse firing laser: this laser is basically the one who goes pew pew pew, aka shooting in short burts or semiautomatic firing. Usually, whenever the laser projectile of this kind hits any surface, it will almost always produce spark explosion, or sometimes a huge explosion and on some cases in huge battleship caliber laser cannon, literally leaves a crater on the ground, as if the gun that's being used is a railgun instead of energy weapon The persistent firing laser: this is a type of laser gun that's fired in a long stream instead in controlled bursts. Usually used by focusing the beam on target or sweeping multiple targets at once. Sometimes potrayed by being used to (fairly realistically) gradually vaporize the surface of the target, or pierce straight through the target Considering it takes much more power to create a sustaining laser beam instead of firing it in pulse, the impact of persistent laser should be more pronounced (not only just gradual vaporizing or piercing) than pulsed laser (where usually each shot can create mini explosion on impact) I'm not a laser scientist, but just asking, is it really possible that laser guns (both types, assuming we can create them) behave like what movies or sci-fi works potrayed? Was it really possible for a pulsed light emission leave a crater on the ground? If it's indeed possible for a pulsed laser to create mini explosions on impact, then should the effect of persistent laser far more destructive than pulsed laser? Let me know what you think
  8. Well, SRBs are the jackhammer that gives you a huge boost in Dv during launch phase. Given they are usually discarded upon decoupling, they are designed to be very powerful in TWR but very bad in ISP. The thing that makes SRB very powerful is that the entire booster is basically a giant casing that enclose a controlled explosion with huge pressure inside and force it to be expelled from small nozzle beneath the structure. In your design, one of the problem that I see is that the lack of nozzle means the pressure inside the booster would be lower than normal SRB. This might reduce the overall TWR of that SRB, which coupled with low ISP of SRB, would make it very inefficient to use as an assist in first stage. It might makes the design simpler, but it comes with a cost of it's main function: huge TWR during launch