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  1. Planning to build a gilly exploration drone, load it with enough fuel, equip it with powerful antenna, sufficient battery and solar panels, mount almost all science instrument, fit it with RCS thrusters for maneuverability. Launching it to gilly, capture and circularization burn initiated, landing completed, gather science, preparing to biome hop... Realized that there's no monopropellant tanks... Another would be during asteroid orbital base construction. Load a huge launch vehicle with lab, observation and habitation modules joined together as a single assembly, launched it, rendezvous with station looks good, decoupling whole assembly from launch vehicle and approaching the asteroid, decouple the observation module from assembly to attach it to asteroid... Successful. Decouple the habitation module from assembly to attach it to asteroid... Successful. Moving the lab to attach it to the asteroid... Wait for it... Getting closer... Wait what? No monopropellant left!? Realized that the RCS thrusters for moving the lab module is supplied from monopropellant tanks... On the already detached habitation module. But the lab has moving towards the station due to the small momentum of tiny amount of RCS thrust using whatever amount of monopropellant left. I can't stop it, the lab module smashed the habitation module, causing it to detached from asteroid base before hitting the main fuel refueling tower, which broke apart from impact. On that day, I lost my entire asteroid fuel station
  2. Whats the use for probes/rovers?

    Make a giant mobile ISRU base with klaw and send it to minmus. It's easier and safer to steer your base to a landed ship rather than attempting precision landing on the refueling station Also, they are useful as science platform when you don't want to lose kerbals. Land one in a celestial body and start gather and transmit science to unlock stuff. If you find yourself in need of just a little more science to unlock the next node, just send your rover to nearest biome to add some extra science. By the time you landed a kerbal there, have them extract the gathered experiment from the rover, which should give you a lot more science to unlock even more tech tree nodes
  3. Well, as a supporter of AI development, I kinda think that the idea of AI destroying humanity is ridiculous. When we look at how automation improve our world today, I say that we've applied artificial intelligence (albeit simple ones) on pretty much a lot of stuff. We have automated assembly robots in factories, we have smart missiles and smart bombs in our fighters, we have drones, we have autopilot, even roombas is basically an AI for cleaning floor. But then again, let's ask ourself: why we create AI? Not the simple one, but the one who can learn and interact like human. Pretty much the answer is to be able to learn/ interact with human. I prefer that the AI that's used on everyday life is limited to simple and limited AI that only knows about what it's supposed to do (in other words, an AI for roombas cannot learn how to attach a flamethrower to burn down it's owner's house, they only know how to clean) and higher level AI (the one who can learn and interact with human) is limited in digitalized form only, where they can interact and learn with human as a digitized companion. A bit example how higher level AI should function/ interact with humans: Personally, I want human and AI coexist and understand each other
  4. Nope, you can't lose a kerbal inside a part because of reentry heat (except if that part gets blown up, of course). However, you CAN lose a kerbal if you put them on external chair, then subject them to reentry heat
  5. Overshooting minmus during circularization burn due to the late burn execution, ended up into my first time landing on duna (and getting enough science to finish the tech tree)
  6. I think the aesthetic of civilian version of aircraft carrier could be just a long runway (for launching plane) with helipad besides it (converted into launch pad) and command bridge strapped on it's side, without any "accessories" that's associated with real life carriers, except maybe just communication towers, radars, etc. that fits civilian usage
  7. The "How did they invent that?" Thread

    There's also one aspect of cats that makes them very popular in internet as well as being memetic (LoLcats, for example), that being cat's innocence. We saw a lot of videos, gifs, and images about cats in internet, whether it's about their behavior that human thinks funny, or human makes a scene based on what they did. And the cats? They don't give a damn about it. They just continue what they want, without being disturbed by humans aiming their cameras at them. This unpredictability of cat's behavior is what makes cats popular in internet. Dogs can be easily trained, but cats do not, so whenever they did something funny, it always attract human attention because cats do not normally do that, which boosts their popularity
  8. The "How did they invent that?" Thread

    Dogs have masters Cats have staffs Logic
  9. Well, there's some options if you want to recreate it: -add graphic mod to beautify the scenes (need powerful computer, mostly) -more parts pack would be handy for designing ships, rovers or props -KIS/KAS mod would be very useful to have kerbals holding objects of interest (such as survey tool, plot device or props or some gizmos attached on their spacesuits) -camera tools for recording the scene or capture the scenery -a mod that allows the kerbal to follow another would be very useful for capturing the scene where they are exploring the landscape -the only obstacle is recreating the creatures. Though if you want to create it using parts, see SWdennis's video on YouTube, he make several wiggly-wiggly tentacle stuff, sand worms and krakens using parts Hope that helps
  10. What did you do in KSP today?

    So... after messing around reinstalling mods for version 1.4, I decided to make a Heavy SSTO... Did the mach effect changed? Uuuuuh... guys? is this normal? Literally just a ball of fire Still successful in making orbit, though Also, some weird thing happens... See that? That's a huge exhaust trail coming from upward-facing capsule. I didn't even turned on the engine And it appears in SPH too...
  11. What does kerbal taste like?

    Uuuuum... Green peas?
  12. If you're making a rover for refueling purpose, use grabber claw (the one used to grab asteroids) instead. It's much easier and simple. Just arm the claw, get close to rocket and grab it (it'll attach to object on contact), then transfer the fuel before releasing it again. You can grab and refuel the rocket from any direction instead being limited to a docking port. Docking ports is kinda hard to use when attached to rover since you only have 2 axis adjustment while the usage of docking port needs 3 axis adjustment to be effective. The grabber claw can also be used in orbit to refuel spacecraft
  13. Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    From "plan 9 from outer space", with hillariously bad science which claims that the sunlight is "composed of many atoms" and the nuclear explosion is created by splitting of an atom (read that again, it's not a kilogram of fissile material, it's a SINGLE atom, far too low for any appreciable minimum yield). Also, the neutron bomb (the one that they claim above as a nuclear bomb, which is a completely different type of bomb) is apparently powerful enough to destroy the sun, since the sun was made of many atoms
  14. Location for Kerbal Penal Colony

    Dres is escapable since kerbals can still use their jetpacks... With some ingenuity, I think (explained below, this gave me an idea). I think, an orbital prison on E-class asteroid beyond the orbit of Eelo would be good (no snacks!) So... About that ingenuity... I want to ask something. If for some reason, a group of kerbals can hold their hands to form a circle to support another, smaller group of circled kerbal, and again, and again, and again, like a rocket (you get the idea, right?) and they use their EVA jetpack in stage like a rocket, how far they can go? Assuming they grouped like this: 1st stage is 8 kerbals forming a ring, supporting 2nd stage 2nd stage is 5 kerbals forming a ring, supporting 3rd stage 3rd stage is 3 kerbals forming a ring, supporting 4th stage 4th stage is a lone kerbal (escapee) 1st stage use their jetpacks to start "most kerbal rocket ever" (pun intended) to liftoff, after their fuel emptied, they detached (don't worry, their helmet is damn tough enough to survive suborbital freefall), 2nd stage took their place until their fuel emptied, then the 3rd stage, then the final stage Assuming we start on dres equator, on the perfect launch window to return to kerbin, how far we can go if we plot the course to be as efficient as possible (disregarding how long it takes)?