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  1. ARS

    Theories on Mystery Goo?

    It's kraken's larvas
  2. ARS

    Theories on Mystery Goo?

    Here's something interesting: 1. Set game's resolution to maximum 2. Go to VAB/ SPH and attach a mystery goo container to something, then open it 3. If you zoom really hard on the tiny holes, you can see "faces" Theories?
  3. ARS

    What’s your favourite rocket type?

    For me: Rockets: I'm not really into rocket design. Mostly, whenever I used VAB, it's mainly to put things in orbit regardless of the design as long as it works. As such, I don't have any personal launch vehicles, since my rockets usually just a mishmash of fuel tanks and engines slapped together with generous amount of strap on booster for good measure to put things in orbit ASAP Shuttles: not really into shuttles since it's rather difficult for me. No shuttle that I ever made is successful SSTO: Very interested since I'm also interested in designing atmospheric aircraft as well as some cool looking design. I mainly focused on aesthetic of the craft while still retaining functionality Random things: Interested, since any random things that I ever made is mostly utility in nature and a great change of pace from aeronautics/ rocketry design
  4. ARS

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Cumulonimbus-level exhaust
  5. Hello ARS !

    I can't find you Archangel anymore... It's very frustrating ^^'

    It seem's that you're the only one making Gundam Seed craft and i'm not very good for crafting a such beautifull spaceexcrements !

    Could you reload it for us please? It would be VERY nice of you ! :)

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    2. ARS


      Hello there Fullnegi. I've uploaded the ARCHANGEL, along with my other renewed pre 1.4 craft. Some issue with the ARCHANGEL that I have is that the new version of mod nerfed the engine, so it kinda lose the SSTO capability, so I had to modify it without sacrificing the aesthetic of it. I added some engines, and it's blended on the rear fuselage neatly and now it's able to perform as an SSTO like it's used to be (I love gundams, so I had to make sure it's able to perform what it's used to be) If you want to take a look, here's the screenshot (note the additional intake on the rear, in the shadowed region)

      Enjoy :):


    3. Fullnegi


      I take that look with a geant pleasure ! 8)

      In gundam, they made a SSTO with the Gottfried Mk.71 :P But sound good to me, it's nice you've find a fix for this issue :)

      Once again, a GREAT, very GREAT thanks to you ! It's super kind and you made my dream come true : fly the Archangel ! :D

      ( I love the intake between the 2 feet and in the shadow region. In fact, i find it more stylish ! )

    4. ARS


      Glad you liked it :)

  6. Waiting for the glorious reentry!
  7. I was cycling this morning for exercise, humming the song as my bicycle moves on the empty street (it's holiday anyway), then as the road gets inclined down, I released the pedal, and let the gravity pull me alongside the road. I feel a breeze of wind on my face, I yell in excitement, with my eyes slightly closed... Until I realized that my head almost hit a street sign. Had I didn't evade it quickly, my cycling exercise is surely gonna leave a mark
  8. ARS

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Just flying around with new aircraft, M21 Balalaika
  9. ARS

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    In general it could be said that during the world war 2, the Germans had never really understood logistics: Germany being a compact and densely populated European country, handling logistics was kinda easy for them most of the time, so they never had the need to feel it on a subconscious level, concentrating more on the tactical side of warfare. The Allies, on the other hand, included four of the largest countries in the world (the Brits still kinda had their empire back then), and, moreover, linked by the various mutual supply agreements, which forced them to devote themselves to the matters of supply in earnest. It's often said that while Stalin never really understood warfare, he understood logistics, up to personally allocating the scarce resources during the hardest month of 1941, and the Americans had to develop a whole scientific method to supply their forces through the Pacific war. This had led to Germans in the 20th century often winning battles, but inevitably losing wars in the long run. Until Speer took over, every time the engineers came up with a new improvement in a tank design they would change the production line. While in theory this resulted in better tanks, in practice it was a mess because a unit could have tanks that didn't have interchangeable parts, making logistics a nightmare, even though the tanks would supposedly be the same model. Making this even worse was the German tendency to develop machines that were "more efficient, more elegantly designed, and needing five times as many parts". The Allies adopted a more logical approach, allowing proposed changes to accumulate until there was enough to justify a new model, and keeping things as simple as possible. Even their own mass production vehicles suffered this issue. German tanks are infamous for their inter-weaving wheels, which was meant as a way to getting more axles onto a smaller tank (and thus not only allow it to carry more weight on a smaller frame, but also ensure the ride was smooth and with less bumps, as well as be essentially extra armor). This is all good for an operational tank, but repairing them were a nightmare since you had to remove the outer wheels first, effectively doing up to three times the work depending on how deep the damage was. Combined with the above (where each tank was unique in design) meant that German repair crews often didn't even have enough parts to fix any one specific tank due to logistics not being able to ship enough of them fast enough to the front lines. The fact they used horses to transport their equipment and supplies mainly because the army demands more tanks to be made, yet completely neglecting the importance of supply trucks and recovery vehicles. Towards the end of the war, germany lose more trucks per day than what they can produce to replace losses, and due to the lack of recovery vehicles, any tanks that's getting stuck, immobilized or bogged down must be destroyed to prevent capture, which is not good when resources to make them become rare during the end of the war
  10. ARS

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    During world war 2, there was an interesting case. Due to the shortage of supply trucks, German army use horses to tow field artillery and supplies towards the frontline. However, the horses are not used for combat, merely used as logistic
  11. ARS

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    The only animal that's ever useful in military is probably just dogs (and formerly, pigeons)
  12. ARS

    What did you do in KSP today?

    My craft's dimension: 180 m.... So I guess it does have a hazard of hitting runway fuel tanks (Though to be fair, since my design is flying wing, it's kinda makes sense that the majority of my craft consists of wings). I actually have't realized this problem until 7th attempt since previous attempts either ends with rapid unplanned disassembly or summoning a kraken Thanks for the info about the 150 m limit, though. I'll keep it in mind for further behemoth design
  13. ARS

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today was a long day (for me) in KSC... Let's launch this! Attempt 1: Initial design It attracted the kraken... Attempt 2: Reinforced the main wings Wingtips exploded on contact with runway Attempt 3: Moved the launch site, give higher clearance Flies for a bit, goes uncontrollable and explodes mid-air Attempt 4: Reinforced all wings, moved the launch site, added additional landing gear Come on Aegea... Please... Fly... That's it! Fly! Fly! Oh come on! Attempt 5: Reinforced all engines, added new landing gear Explodes as soon as it touches the runway Attempt 6: Back using previous configuration, make the body inclined to provide natural lifting force Aegea... You can do it... That's it... That's it... Keep going... .................... Attempt 7: Strut the main components, give higher clearance from the ground I forgot that the wings is too wide for the runway... It hits the ground fuel station Attempt 8: Moved the launch site and making sure all parts reinforced even further Aegea... You're doing great... So far so good... Losing an elevon! One engine explodes! Total system failure! Back to the sea you go... May you rest... In quiet slumber...
  14. ARS

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Oh crap...
  15. Any mod that provides new resource/ feature that lets me refuel my ship in flight without resorting to mining (basically a legitimate version of infinite fuel). Case in point: Solaris Hypernautic with it's dust collector/ refinement and virtual particle virtugenics system