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  1. It is indeed using different lasing medium. Basically a basic laser emitter with revolver-based mechanism that mounts different lasing medium based on color spectrum. When enemy color has been analyzed, it'll switch to the most appropriate lasing medium before firing the laser (The main point of this weapon is rapid adaptability to different targets on various color spectrum on the battlefield with emphasis on ruggedness)
  2. Quote: "The main cannon is a dye laser beam cannon. A dye laser has color added to the medium used to oscillate the laser. By switching between media, the laser can theoretically create light with any wavelength, from ultraviolet to visible light to infrared. Every substance absorbs different light wavelengths (=colors) to a different degree. This weapon applies that principle by searching for the most efficient wavelength, and then sets the laser to that particular wavelength, which allows it to use the laser's energy to it's fullest potential. The principle of searching for that particular wavelength is for example applied in spectroscopy, where a light signal is used to determine these wavelengths for a specific sample and thus identify its composition. This laser cannon can choose the laser that will have the most effect on the enemy armor after it has finished its optical analysis, granting it more power against the target." Is that... Possible? Increasing the laser's power by adjusting it's wavelength based on target's armor color? Note: (For reference)
  3. ARS

    Show off your drawings!

    Some stuff Rinka Lynx and Kururu Gradd Machina Kali
  4. ARS

    Bad science in fiction Hall of Shame

    See this: And compare it with what the world looks today
  5. ARS

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I don't even know what am I doing... Launching a monolith I guess?
  6. ARS

    Show off your drawings!

    Spaceship, destroyer-class
  7. ARS

    What did you do in KSP today?

    There's no such thing as being "Too big" Right, Jeb? Today I built a warship.... Giant warship Looking at one of the quad-mount AA autocannon View from above the bridge Rear deck section
  8. ARS

    Show off your drawings!

    A little modification... And it'll be a space battleship (Haven't finished yet, work in progress)
  9. ARS

    What did you do in KSP today?

  10. ARS

    Making Future DLC Idea

    Why not? Give players prototype engine, those that's still on theoretical concept or drawing board to mess around with
  11. You should pack some batteries for head start (preferrably for 2-3 hours of driving) at early dawn using battery power, and after the sun is able to charge your battery, start accelerating in bursts. Remember, battery power is only consumed when you press W, so you can save battery power by accelerating and let the momentum/ downward slope move your rover while your battery is continuously being charged. Accelerate only when going on upward slope or maintaining momentum to avoid going too slow. When the sun sets, hit the gas (by this point your battery should have plenty of electricity) to go all the way to north pole
  12. ARS

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I'm rather bored... So I mess around with heavy weapons I made a Cruiser: IMS Arethusa (Hull Number 26)
  13. Everything permanently destroyed. My base was attached on captured asteroid. After the 3rd stage carrying habitation module smashed into science lab, the lab detaches and slammed into power station module, which creates chain reaction with other station modules. In the end, only the refueling module remains
  14. 1. Build a space station 2. Sending the next module 3. Module arrived on station with 3rd stage still attached 4. Frantically mashing WASD for precise RCS control for aligning docking port 5. Accidentally pressed Z instead of A 6. 3rd stage engine roaring at full power 7. Confetti ensues
  15. Is it possible to jam sonar (Passive and Active) by setting off high frequency noise (For example by using torpedo or naval mine purposely built for high frequency noise generation) underwater that masks other noise signature to make it difficult for sonar operator/ sonar receiver on enemy submarine to pinpoint the location of the target?