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  1. Bullets have effective range (the longest range it has enough kinetic energy and still reliably do damage) and max range (the longest range it travels). We're assuming that this value is based on shooting level horizontally, and the values might change depending on the angle of the gun fired. In any case, air resistance will eventually slow down the bullet and gravity will pull it downward, decreasing it's kinetic energy the longer it travels. But what about this? Let's assume that a gun has effective range of 200m and max range of 300m (at level firing), but what if we fire it straight downwa
  2. Frequently, in space sci-fi, we can see ships (whether small or large) that's asymmetrical in shape (that is, the port and starboard side are drastically different in shape, which in turn makes one side heavier than other), mostly this is a mobile space station or space colonies, with more thrusters placed at the smaller side to compensate the thrust from engines placed on the other side. From engineering perspective, especially in spaceflight, should the spaceship being better designed as symmetrical or should the asymmetrical design be avoided as possible? I know that the aerodynamic doesn't
  3. Wait, so those SPAAG are not actually engaging the airborne target with their own targeting, but actually being 'directed' by other vehicle that provides targeting data?
  4. Does the radar on SPAAG (those spinning bits on top) works on area with a lot of overhead obstacle like those in the middle of a city where tall buildings are around it or in the forested area where there are a lot of large trees? Or is it only usable on large open areas?
  5. If a craft is flying very fast in atmosphere, it experiences atmospheric drag and excessive heating, in addition to causing a sonic boom effect. Is there any equivalent for it in underwater scenario? I know that there's a supercavitation effect that allows torpedoes to travel at highspeed underwater, but does the effect is the same like in the air, such as the underwater equivalent of sonic boom? Does being underwater mitigates the heating caused by drag or it does nothing?
  6. Because other nations knows how to do asparagus staging
  7. Does a cartoonish cone-shaped drill actually makes sense or practical to be used to dig through earth? Because as far as I know, no drill in real life looks like that, it's either long, spiralling drill or a massive flat-headed tunneling cylinder with crushing teeth lining up the front part
  8. So... Today, I revisit my old collection of games for nostalgia. Among those are Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2009 one, not the 2020 remaster). While playing it, something strikes my curiosity: In 2 consecutive mission (Contingency and Second Sun), a nuclear missile was launched from submarine base in Russia towards US east coast before detonating at high altitude to create EMP effect that cripples Russian troops on US soil. The one that interest me is the missile itself. Judging from what I've seen in-game: 1. Contingency started at August 14th, 2016 at 11:22:34. Assuming a normal play
  9. Is there any reason why firearms magazine has particular shape? (I'm talking specifically about the regular 30-rounds magazines, not drums) There are magazines that's curved forward (M4 or AK), straight (FAL or G3) and swept backward (Vector). Is there any reason for the shape or it's just for aesthetic purpose? Considering all of them do the same thing: Push the bullets inside upwards
  10. When long-duration space mission using probes are conducted (which can take years, such as Dawn mission). After setting the flight and orbit parameter of the probes' autopilot (when to do burn, how long the burn is conducted, craft orientation, hibernation mode, etc.), when the probes are on escape trajectory from earth's gravity well, does the mission control keep tracking the probe everyday for years until it reached the point for flight maneuver adjustment (such as when entering another celestial body's gravity well for gravity assist, maneuvering for rendezvous, etc.), or just do like what
  11. Why the design for reentry vehicle is always smooth-curved (like the underside of space shuttle or the design of Apollo/ Soyuz capsule). What if the reentry capsule/ vehicle design itself is viable for reentry but with highly angular design? (aka, same design, but all smooth and curved part is turned into blocky angular), compare Apollo/ Soyuz capsule with WH40k space marine drop pods
  12. Does the solar reflector satellite in the Bond film "Die Another Day" actually makes sense in context of real-life application? It's said in the movie that the satellite is meant to focus solar energy on a designated area and provide year-round sunshine for crop development. Does this makes sense in real life concept of application? (even without the laser module, someone would came up with the idea to weaponize it). I mean, crop development is actually going normally today, with current day and night cycle. It's not like the crop needs sunlight exposure for 24/7 just for increased productivit
  13. In the fire triangle, there are 3 things needed to form a combustion: oxygen, heat and fuel. Modifying any of these parameter will change how things burn. In case of oxygen, if you're increasing the oxygen percentage of the atmosphere, it speeds up the process of combustion. Higher oxygen percentage on the atmosphere will create an even faster burning process. However, like in the fire triangle, things have to be balanced: Too much oxygen with too little fuel means the paper will be burned to ash almost instantly before the fire becomes self-extinguishing because there's nothing left to burn.
  14. So... I found a stuff on Youtube that compressed a compilation of songs (around 60 minutes of songs) into 2 seconds-video. The idea is if you played the song at super ultra-slow speed, you could listen the entire song. So I'm wondering, if audio files can be compressed into shorter length (for example, to send a secret message in a particular segment of a song), is there a limit of message length that can be compressed into 1-second audio before it starts to be unreadable as a message (aka, just garbled noise no matter how slow it's played, like the pixels on "zoom and enhance" situation)?
  15. Does the heat propagation (from hot object to cold object) affected by the temperature difference between the 2 objects? Does the greater the difference means the colder object more "receptive" towards the heat from hotter object? For example: There's a hot iron rod with a temperature of 100 ºC. The temperature is uniform on the surface of this iron rod. Now we attach 3 iron rods at once (all touching the hot iron rod at the same time), but each of them has different temperature: rod A is at 70 ºC, rod B is at 35 ºC and rod C is at 0 ºC Does the rod C more "receptive" with heat propa
  16. Could tornadoes be dispersed by detonating a tactical nuke (or sufficiently large bomb) in the eye of it? I mean, the explosive shockwave displace large amount of air instantly that should, in theory disrupt tornado's vortex and causes it to dissipate
  17. Does explosive-tipped arrow makes sense or actually useful in real life?
  18. Does this situation possible considering how light reflects off a reflective surface? 2 Snipers are hunting each other. They are elite soldiers expert in camouflage. At one point, while both are under camouflage, and facing each other (they're not aware they are staring at each other), the sun is positioned in such a way that the sunlight glints from the scope's lens of both of them (basically they see the scope glint of each other, not just only one of them) Also, since lasers can reflect off reflective surface, is it possible for sufficiently powerful laser to not reflect off refle
  19. Weird, I often left my mining outpost unattended and never had any problems like that. Maybe you need more radiators? Forgot to activate it? Or maybe it's just a glitch. I don't know, but for my 3 years playing KSP I never had such a problem. Though my mining outpost is also beyond the timewarp range since the main base is very far away, so maybe timewarping while it's still in range might cause it
  20. I wish that the kerbals have specialized EVA suit based on their job occupation, complete with specialized abilities and features. I've made a concept for it long time ago Pilot: can use maneuver nodes while in EVA, jetpack has extra fuel and has more powerful thrusters strong enough to be used as actual jetpack on atmospheric condition. Suits has much more G and heat tolerance. Maneuverability and controls for EVA movement is more responsive. Parachute has more air control. More options while piloting craft such as "leveling aircraft" Engineer: can use mining auger to perform small
  21. I prefer they take their time to finish and polish KSP2, even of it means delaying the release date. Glitch and bugs at release is inevitable, no game is perfect, but there's a major difference between glitch/ bugs that occurs during normal plays and those that happens during abnormal play. Take KSP for example, if your SSTO suddenly stages it's part in flight even though it has no staging at all, then yeah, that's a very serious one that isn't supposed to happen in normal play. On the other hand, the one that happens during the abnormal play is the one that happens during action that the play
  22. This turns out to be much longer than what I expected. Ok to clarify some stuff, I have a task in my metallurgical department. Let's just say we're measuring the atomic distance of a cupronickel alloy sample (apologize for the confusion about compound and alloy) in material's lab (each group may or may not get the same sample). The goal is to find the distance between atoms in the crystalline structure of the sample, first the distance between the atoms of same types (Cu with Cu, Ni with Ni) and the second is the distance between the atoms of different type (Cu with Ni). Things go as planned b
  23. [Moderator's note: This topic was originally split off from For Questions That Don't Merit Their Own Thread, since the ensuing discussion turned out to be a lengthy one.] Is it possible to calculate the distance between molecules on a metal compound purely by mathematical calculation as long as we know the ratio of the metals used, density and molar mass of each metal as well as the resulting shape of the crystal matrix of the compound? Assuming that the metal constituent is evenly distributed in ideal condition
  24. From VAB: Stock rocket that malfunctions shortly after liftoff because of premature staging that caused the whole rocket to break apart From SPH: A horribly unbalanced plane that spins out of control and explodes before it even lifts off
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