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  1. the latest release version on github and the download on spacedock dont have the explorer solar telescope drag cube fix in them. just the master version from github has the fix in there.
  2. yeah im using the full reward/xmit mods. but i switched over to what you posted jognt. it takes about 20 or 30 minutes to spin up and ill see whats doing. i tried what you posted its doing the same thing. its like there is some kind of int to float thing going on. if its an int then it gets rounded up to 1 yeah float its 0.7 yeah im an idiot it has to be a float to do the 0.5 default values. doesnt it hehe. but no idea where 0.7 is coming from its not in any cfg in my gamedata folder so that means its a dll somewhere. ill just have to start pulling them out one by one to find it. and i have 29,941 Files, 3,920 Folders in my gamedata folder hehe.
  3. okay i got it going by using the ranger docking port on the station. thanks.
  4. on the ranger the back hatch is blocked when you use the ranger docking port. it seems that the back hatch is also a docking port by itself? so the ranger docking port isnt needed? i tried docking it without the port but i dont know what size the "built in" docking port is.
  5. xmitdatascalar when set to 1.0 should have the system xmit 100 percent of the science cap. im setting the base value to equal the science cap with this. I may get less science this way but i only have to do the experiment once in a given mask. @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION:HAS[~id[deployed*]]:FINAL { %baseValue = #$scienceCap$ } but right now it doesnt matter what i set xmitdatascalar to its always using 70 percent. i can set it to 2.0 and it still only xmits 70 percent. the problem is some contracts want you to send xmit back 100 percent of the science which the way it is now it can never do. and when i look at the experiment definition in the module manager cache the base value, science cap and xmit data scalar are all set to what they should be. so there is some kind of order of operation error going on im guessing since it seems to be ignoring what xmitdatascalar is set to. and this is on the pad at the ksc so 100 percent connection
  6. isnt there a green square in the stock buttons that does that already? think you need to be in the tracking station for it to work like that though. one that is usually next to it has a green square and planet and that one shows the planetary logistics system and all of your transfers.
  7. xmitdatascalar doesnt work anymore. you can set it to whatever you want and you are still limited to 70 percent science xmission no matter what connection you have with the ksc. some contracts require 100 percent of the science data from a given location. any subsequent transmissions result in 0 science. so you only can get 70 percent of the science from an area if you transmit anything.
  8. has anybody noticed that you can only get 70 percent science no matter what you set the xmitdatascalar to? all of my .cfgs are set to xmitdatascalar = 1.0 and im still only getting 70 percent science to xmit. or if you have seen this in the past or anything similiar what was the problem and how did you fix it. usually the problem winds up being a part * mm script gone wild. thats been my experience so far anyway.
  9. one thing i found was if you are running restock/restock plus and real plume-stock is to delete the squad folder from real plume-stock and just let it run the configs from restock. otherwise they step over each other.
  10. anyone else having problems with vessel viewer with rpm? maybe nows the time to consolidate all of the camera mods into just one?
  11. any idea on why the landing gear for the ranger are wiggin out? no nre's or any other errors in the logs. but if you try to open them either on the ground or in flight everything will start spinning. they work fine in the vab.
  12. dont feel like the lone ranger man . im running an i7 920 and doing fine. now granted ive got 32 gigs of ram, ssds, and a 1080ti as well. i get a pretty constant 30-40 fps running everything along with about 140 something mods. ram, ssd's, gpu. takes about 20-30 minutes to load everything but once it gets going no problems. i bought this 920 new in 2008 and have had it running at 3.3 since then.
  13. get this equip an omni tool that is both a wrench and a screwdriver. And i think its the G key to grab the item then the H key to attach it. remember the parts have to be setup to allow surface attach i think. HERE WE GO AGIN. THIS MERGING REPLIES IS GETTING REALLY OLD> Trying to answer somebody elses question and ask one of my own. Seems the AI overlord is getting stingy with posts. Anybody know what setting it is that controls the window size of the seat inventory. not the volume of the slot but the size of the display of the slot.
  14. easy to use let you fix stuff yourself. great for fixin older mods.
  15. this will keep them from getting put in those pods to begin with. I HATE WHEN THIS STUPID THING MERGES STUFF NOT RELATED> anybody been seeing NRE's with the science labs? i don think it this mod since this is pretty much just cosmetic.
  16. sunflares are borked in 1.9 as well. shows up fine in the tracking station. but looks like some kind of mask is over the sun in the flight scene. using -force -d3d11
  17. check the unkerballed MM scripts they do a bunch of stuff hiding parts etc..
  18. iva's are separate models that go inside the existing outer shell. look in the squad spaces folder for lots of examples.
  19. what would keep your sunflare from showing up? i overwrote the cfg's in scatterer. in scatterer/config/sunflares Thats always worked in the past. and was working earlier.
  20. yeah best looking motors real engines ro engine pack especially with textures unlimited going. chaka monkey and of course running real plume/ smokescreen. the only exception is if you are using restock remember to delete the squad folder from real plume stock not sure whats happening with that.
  21. try using the realism overhaul cfg's for the same motor. or grab alcentar's awesome real engines mod.
  22. nah you dont have to be dead to be declared a saint just the church usually moves like pond water so they are usually in that state by the time they get around to it hehe. somebody that does the paperwork probably miss translated geologic instead of gregorian for the calendar to be used.
  23. yeah been trying to get him sainthood or at least beatified for awhile. definitely demonstrating heroic virtue.
  24. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5whg6c1ewf4f8j7/ISS_Community.zip/file you will have make sure you add a techrequired to their cfg's.
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