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  1. Thank you for the reply James, I have tried to use F12; however, the resulting force arrows do not look the same as the image within the Mission I Lesson Summary. Maybe there was an update that changed how the force arrows looked on screen. The force arrows in the image within the lesson summary look more like a free body diagram above the aircraft. While the force arrows with F12 are located on the actual body of the aircraft. If the F12 aerodynamics force arrow are what the look like now then we will have to make it work.
  2. Hello, I am currently working on creating a unit for an advanced high school physical and earth science class and utilizing the EHC 1-6 missions to introduce the KSP. I have worked through Missions i and II and I am a bit confused. Both missions refer to the use of "force arrows"; however, I have not been able to activate the "force arrows" within either mission. Mission i refers to the arrows within the second half of the mission and Mission II refers to the arrows within the third experiment. Is there anyone that can help me figure out how to turn on the arrows that show the forces? Thank You
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