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  1. H0FF1

    Universal Storage II

    Really nice mod. But why exactly did you Released a Second Version of Universal Storage? Why not Updating the Original Mod?
  2. Can you update the Version Number for AVC? It works fine but its schown Yellow in AVC. Just a reminder.
  3. @dlrk this symbol is normal. it is for the fairings.
  4. @Poodmund Yeah i was about to comment that. I had the same issue. Im back to 1.4.5-2 now until the problem is fixed.
  5. @Omega482 Looks neat. Maybe you could do a Series of good and high Quality Space Suits. Since there are not really good Suit Mods anymore. I looked for a Near Future Space Suit Pack for Duna/Mars Missions or something like that. Maybe you could take a look at the Suits from "The Martian". Would be a cool Design.
  6. I discovered a bug with the Cost. When i use the Procedural Fairing Base in its Standard size it costs 246 Credits. But when i make it bigger it costs 57. Can you fix this please? Thank you
  7. @Nertea That could replace the B9 Mod for me. Thank you for your work Nertea
  8. Is there no Inline extendable Docking port for the B9 Parts?
  9. H0FF1

    Universal Storage II

    Great Mod, but can you Add the MiniAVC into the Mod?
  10. Can you update the mod version? kOS is displayed in yellow at KSP-AVC.
  11. Since the Update to the current version, i have massive Lags in the Solar System View and in the Tracking Center. down to 35 FPS. normally i have 100.
  12. @woeller I like this mod more. The other mod hasnt even a female docking port for the soyuz ship. But i like the skin from the other soyuz ship more
  13. Hey Beale, First of all, great Mod! But there is another Soyuz Mod now that has a better "Texture". Maybe you can checkout "Kerbalised Soyuz". imo the Soyuz ship has a better design with the black "foil" thing. Maybe you can redesign your Soyuz. Because your mod is still my favorite.
  14. @DairyLee First of all, AWESOME MOD! But as you read a little above, it would be nice to have a female docking port. idk how much works this needs but i would say not so much. But the whole mod is awesome