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  1. Hey Nertea, just an minor Question. Is there an Official Flag for the "Post Kerbin Mining Corporation"? i couldnt find one. maybe you can add the Flag. or even variants of them. since i love using flags on my Crafts this would be really awesome. o7
  2. My Solar Panels on my Satellites always break after fairing deploy. it seems like the SLIGHTEST touch of the fairing against the Solar Panel breaks it. Its really annoying. Is this on purpose? it seems like a bug to be honest. also in the "Failures" tab the solar panels are shown green. but when i click on them they're "broken". Any way to fix this?
  3. i dont know if this bug is already known but sometimes when i start a new save the commnet doesnt work. the only way to fix this is to start a new save afaik.
  4. i have no idea how it works. but i spend 1 hour to literally rule every other mod out. only when kerbalism is installed the problem appears.
  5. I discovered a pretty annoying bug regarding Engine Plate Shrouds and Engine Shrouds in general. whenever i put a Command Pod on top of the rocket the shroud bugs out and doesnt really sticks to its place. im pretty sure Kerbalism is causing the probem since i spend 1 hour to rule every mod out to be sure. heres a gallery of photos where the problem is seen: https://imgur.com/a/m23XRyl i dont know where to upload the KSP.log file but ill will provide it for sure if its needed
  6. i discovered a pretty annoying bug and i dont know anymore how to fix this by myself. so apparently the Shroud im using on my second Stage is bugged when im using a command pod on top of the Rocket. but only THEN. when there isnt a command pod everything is fine. im using a couple of mods. around 60 i think. i didnt tested it yet what may causes this bug. Some people i already talked to said it could be Autostrut. but even if i didnt autostrut any part the bug happens. here are 3 pictures of the problem and my modlist: https://imgur.com/a/m23XRyl please tell me when
  7. i mainly use the poodle engine currently. but its also the same on the terrier or swivel. i uploaded some pics on imgur with a bit of info text what youre looking at. i hope you can help https://imgur.com/a/HtmYxzh
  8. the mod is broken for me in my career mode save. when i launch a rocket and recover it shortly after the KSC seems visually fully upgraded. even if it isnt. and i cant click any buttons anymore. also every facility is closed when i click on it. odd. i dont know what the reason could be.
  9. Is it normal that there isnt any plume effect outside of the atmosphere? i mean it makes sense. but there really isnt ANY effect besides a small glowing thats really hard to see. just wondering.
  10. looks like it doesnt work on 1.7.1 hope there is an Update soon
  11. Really nice mod. But why exactly did you Released a Second Version of Universal Storage? Why not Updating the Original Mod?
  12. Can you update the Version Number for AVC? It works fine but its schown Yellow in AVC. Just a reminder.
  13. @dlrk this symbol is normal. it is for the fairings.
  14. @Poodmund Yeah i was about to comment that. I had the same issue. Im back to 1.4.5-2 now until the problem is fixed.
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